Why did Nuance buy Swype?

I've been following Swype for quite some time. This Seattle-based company was my pick to win Techcrunch Disrupt. +michael arrington explained why it didn't, and also that it sold to Nuance for more than $100 million: http://uncrunched.com/2011/10/06/nuance-to-acquire-swype-for-100-million/

Here's my video with the CEO and founder of Swype.

One thing that they wouldn't show me on camera, by the way, is that they had their keyboard working on both the iPhone and iPad. This is one example of a place where Steve Jobs has blocked innovation: he never wanted developers to mess with his "art." I wonder if, now that Jobs is gone, that Apple will be more open to innovations like this that mess with the core functionality of the phone?

I bet Nuance is betting on "yes." Now that Nuance's voice controls are built into iOS through the new Siri assistant, I wonder if they'll be able to convince Apple to ship Nuance into iOS too. I hope so, this is one of the things that is much better about Android than iPhones.
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