SF Startups getting red tagged?

UPDATE ON SEPTEMBER 6, 2011: turns out everyone has 30 days to get off the pier: http://techcrunch.com/2011/09/06/pier-38-shut-down/

I am sitting right now in San Francisco's Pier 38, which houses dozens of startups.

Instagram started here.
GigaOm started here.
Social Media is here.
Threadsy is here.
Venture Capital firm True Ventures is here.
Automattic started here.
Many, many others are housed here due to DogPatch labs, etc.

But they are now red tagged and in a dispute with the Port Authority. I'm meeting with the landlord on Friday (he asked me to come back then after he gets some answers from the city and has a chance to plead his case).

Anyone know what's up? The offices are still running, for now, but they seem to be threatened with getting kicked out of an unsafe building. Also, there's a liability question now. If something bad were to happen, who would be responsible?

Also, where will they go? All unanswered questions.
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