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A toy both my 18-year-old and my 2-year-old approve of

This weekend I got a set. Cost? $89.

What does it do?

It lets you plug modules together that do various things. Start with power, a button, and a light, and you have instant fun. Add a pulse, or a dimmer, to teach your kids how electricity and circuits work. 

Lots of fun, and is the modern science-minded toy. Have you seen this before? I didn't until my friend +Barak Berkowitz showed me this weekend. Damn him, I'm off to buy more bits to have even more fun!

In the pictures below you see the hands of my 18-year-old son, +Patrick Scoble and my two-year-old son, Ryan. Both liked it. That's pretty rare for a toy.

How do I know they loved it? Cause they had to get me to give it up first!
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Used to have loads of these kinds of toys as a kid :)
Yes, the LittleBits team have produced some remarkable gear here. I'm ordering some for my computer classes. I've been following this line of products for quite some time now.
Wait!!!  Who's garage door did you open?  JK  lol
You ought to by some of those Cubelets Cubelets! 
I only wish my kids were young enough to appreciate being able to build robots with blocks!
+Robert Scoble yeah i discovered them the other day because my son is wanting to get into robotics, but they are probably far to simple for him :/  Mindstorms is still pretty cool, but i think i may be buying Arduino stuff
Cool. I'm a big fan of Littlebits. You should meet their CEO +Ayah Bdeir . I can intro you if you'd like.
Awesome! This looks really fun. I would play with them.
+Robert Scoble nobody will abide by that lol. Just ignore the comments or translate them yourself. 
Thanks Robert for sharing the site. I will be getting a starter kit for my kids as well.
Thanks for the posting.  Just ordered some.  Hope you're getting a commission. :)
I saw a TED Talk about these little things not too long ago, I'm glad to see them i the market now! Kids today are so lucky!
they had a toy just similar to this way back in my day 40's 50's but it worked with lights and a board which allowed kids to use their minds and be creative, I forgot the name of it?
have you seen the one with the cubes?
wanted to weigh in here. A good friend works it makerbot, we built a thing-o-matic in January and my 7 year old has been enthralled. He has hung out with Bre and profiled on their blog. He really got the electronics bug and dug snap circuits and we went to pick up an arduino kit, but it was a little too intense at this stage. Then I saw the littlebits video and luckily was able to score a starter kit from AC Gears in NYC.

Revealed it to my son today and he totally digs it, it seems like they really need to ramp up some production on parts, we want MORE....

so well put together.
If your 18 year old is interested in this sort of thing, he should check out the Arduino ( Its a powerful, but really easy to learn microcontroller programming board.
Yea, the TED video on this was awesome! 
Tom Lee
Good for your kids +Robert Scoble to have interest in this kind of toys. They should take EE in college. We need more engineers. I had great interest in this stuff when I was a kid.
This looks so cool. Reminds me of the science kits we had as kids (60's era). Thank You +Robert Scoble. :-)
This is cool, especially for younger kids. Your 18 year old ought to look into Arduino if he really wants to get into some DIY electronics.
davied read crystal set s. am radio 23& now dick smith electronics cool
I also played with similar set in my childhood and it's surely help understand electricity and circuitry very well with practice experience 
I also saw these little wonders introduced on TED. Awesome product! Can't wait to try these out with my kids!
I remember things like this from Radio Shack. Good times
Why wasn't this around when i was a kid!?
Just got ours and looking fwd to some fun time with the kids. When I was growing up there was nothing like this. So get to re live my childhood.
in the 1980s, electronics experimentation kits for kids:
"The Gakken EX System is a series of educational electronics kits produced in the late 1970s. The kits use "denshi blocks" (also known as electronic blocks) to allow electronics experiments to be performed easily and safely."
Upside it's simple and grants near immediate gratification. Down side it teaches very little about circuits and digital technology. The old 3000 in one kits had actual components as you might see in a factory before assembly.

The old kits you had to learn something about the stuff you were building to understand why it worked and how to modify it. This became very useful in Electrical Engineering. Not that it matter one bit in high school.  To bad I would have loved to have taken computer programing, Digital Electronics and Metals Shop in high school. But I missed out on Programing and only got the Metals class. Electronics was NOT part of the curriculum. Though once upon a time our school had an active foundry... shame they tore it out...
Hi Robert! Do you know more toys of this kind? Thanks! 
Yea i know all this u learn it in school for god sake
All u need is a
Piece of wire OR (cant describe) -->
youtube --> search --> scientific tuesdays
And a brain
Approved?, Is it fun....? <.< .... >.>
I did this In year five...,It was truly annoying ~ ._. and If I say something Is annoying it must be true cause ~cough~cough BEWAREANNOYING Is my youtube name/everything >:).
Saw these on when the developer/inventor was showcasing them.  They're actually quite brilliant.
As a union electrician this sounds fun for my kids. They always ask what daddy does when he goes to work to "make moneys" for them. Thanks for sharing... now i can show them a little bit of what i do, but in a more simple form for them. (7 and 2)
Thanks for sharing, definitely going to get it for my kids for Xmas.
I know this comment is not on theme , but, you have an 18 year old and 2 year old... Gap + there. I have an 18y.o son and 7 y.o son... It's great when they can find something this interesting to do together... Cool + Thanks for sharing it Robert.