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Salesforce's top mind talks with me about the future of Salesforce

Parker Harris is one of the cofounders of Salesforce, which has 90,000 people at its Dreamforce event this week. Here he talks with me about the future of Salesforce. Why does he know about that? A lot. He's vice president of technology at Salesforce.
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Saw you two filming this...good stuff
Thanks again for sharing Rob - incredible is the growth of this conference, as well as their platform.
Good interview. Thanks for sharing.
Watched the whole video waiting for an explanation of what Salesforce is. Still don't know. Sounds exciting though! 
Really Nice.. Thanks for sharing.
It was a great event. Not only for me but for the staff I sent to classes. Well worth the investment. Refreshing to be among some of the great minds from around the world. 
I was particularly taken when he spoke of developments in wearable clothing. That could really catch on.
still don't understand why Google wanted to buy Buddy Media, getting serious about their enterprise business?
Watching this and the live coverage impressed the hell out of me. Salesforce seems to be well-poised to be a top innovator in the enterprise world, especially in the small to mid-size business space. We're using (task management tool) to see how it goes.
there is a great war coming with the cloud innovators.. Oracle, SAP, amazon  and Salesforce
Great interview. +Raymond Duke Salesforce provides solutions to enterprise customers (small to large) that enables them to connect to customers in a whole new way (leveraging cloud, mobile and social).
Nice Interview.....Interesting to see the DF Event growing so big....
i LURRRRRRVE salesforce. 

honestly do not believe anything is more cool than salesforce except rackspace.... and google being a very close third place. xD
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