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A revolution in selfies

Oh, lots of people have been chatting with me and having fun at my expense due to the shower scene yesterday. Turns out there's a whole Google+ meme: Selfy Sunday. Where you have to shoot a photo of yourself and post it to Google+.  Lots of people have asked me to post a selfy. A photo of myself done by myself.

I figure I'll get into it with my bathrobe, to continue yesterday's theme. This was shot in my living room where we have a large mirror. +Maryam Scoble (I'm her husband) is seen below, probably about to wring my neck if I take any more photos of her. 

One problem with Selfies on Google Glass, though, because you can't see through the device live often I find my photos are weirdly aligned. See the edge of the mirror at top. But, that gives it a rough feel that sort of is fun. Something for me to play with and see if I can get better at capturing straight lines. 

Yes, narcissists are gonna love Google Glass.

Speaking of which, I am already addicted to watching the #throughglass  hashtag which shows photos from people's Glass.

If you want to see more about Glass, on Friday I'll be speaking to developers at BetaWorks about Glass. If you'd like to Google hangout with us, sign up for Openbeta to receive an invite 

Finally, on Sunday at 3 p.m. Pacific Time I'll be on +TWiT  with +Leo Laporte. Leo's opinion on Glass will be interesting to hear.
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Well Robert, now you must wait a new glass app to record your rem sleep moments at night .. It seems thoses glass are now a part of you ;)
You need 2 mirrors if you're ever gonna show everyone your Tramp Stamp.
Can't it just optionally show you a picture of what the camera sees for framing the shot with your head position?

Or is that a TODO item for developers?  It seems like a nobrainer to have done originally.
You look like a cartoon character with that thing on.
The expression, and awkward misalignment, sorta looks like a dude that is getting ready to get on a special bus for school, but has forgotten that he can't go to school with a bath robe on.

I imagine that Robert just said, "BUS!"
I'd assume your glasses throw them slightly off kilter as well or do they overlay alright?
I'd prefer to be able to hold my digital SLR in one hand and see what it sees in live mode through Glass.  Or, to see the GoPro stream live. Or to have a device with 2-3 lenses at the same time, each streaming concurrently.

Not after the photo is taken.  At some point, we're going to have to learn to watch something while we perform normal activities.
+Robert Scoble did ya read +John C. Dvorak's take on Google Glass? I hope he's on +TWiT with you on Sunday. It will be fun to watch. Love you both. Hell, I've been suffering from tech-bore (=money in the bank). This has at least been something new to think about. Thanks for enthusiasm!,2817,2418223,00.asp
you look like a total douche on this one!!!!
+Robert Scoble Leo's opinion on Glass is the same as the Pixel: he instinctively hates both products and seems not even willing to give either a real chance to impress him.  Yet, with both products, all I have heard is praise from those who have actually used them.
I think selfies on Glass will look considerably better than what you can get from a phone.
So is it something worth owning or more of a gimmick?  An expensive gimmick at that..
you're famous now! or infamous, depending on how you look at it :)
I believe I would like to do a photo shoot of you, +Robert Scoble , in the shower with your glass on. That might be pretty funny.
I really like +Leo Laporte because I think I can trust him. I can see why he might feel the way he does. He knows what's up.

I don't know that this can be easily said about a lot of people. We're all bias in some way. 
So, this Google Glass thing, can you use it for taking pictures? 
Yea, it's an amazing innovation. If there is something emitting photons, it can convert that information that would normally go to your eye to digital information.

Then, there is other technology that let's you transfer that information to other people. When they see the simulated image, it looks very close what you would have seen. I think they're calling it a digital 'photo.' 
I hear that they're also working on a new concept called 'windows' for smartphones that let's you have multiple apps visible at the same time, as opposed to just one.

Then they might standardize things a bit. It will be a revolution in software. 
I haven't participated yet. I may try it myself
I hate you... But only because im jealous and want one.
It's not like people haven't seen you in the shower before. ;-)
Xin Gu
Another glasshole... How I wanna be one of u.
+Robert Scoble you might as well ask your optometrist to esp fit your prescription lenses attached permanently (semi) into your Google Glass,
The glasses look really retarded.
Um, "selfies" started in the porn industry, not Google+
Has Google Glass already jumped the shark??
+Jonathan Langdale Leo Laporte is totally biased. Listen to many of his podcasts? He has his own agenda and he makes sure it gets repeated as often as possible. For instance: According to Leo, G+ is a waste of time. Glass is suddenly bad (but only because they won't let him transfer Jason's pair to his account). YouTube making their own content is Bad (because Google is not treating him like royalty). ChromeOS is bad (keeps comparing Chromebooks with chappy netbooks from 5 years ago, they're not the same. At all). Pixel is bad because it costs too much (no matter how many times Mr Jarvis explains to him that it's a proof of concept product). 
I have a question - your internet access for glass, the service that lets you instantly upload photos and access google search - who do you pay for that? I'm one of those odd types who doesn't have a data plan for my smartphone, since prices here in Canada are extortionate enough. Is glass pointless for me, or does it have internal storage? What use is it without internet connection, and have you run into coverage problems?
A sup. Those are some not that expensive glasses. Thanks for talking me. 
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