A revolution in selfies

Oh, lots of people have been chatting with me and having fun at my expense due to the shower scene yesterday. Turns out there's a whole Google+ meme: Selfy Sunday. Where you have to shoot a photo of yourself and post it to Google+.  Lots of people have asked me to post a selfy. A photo of myself done by myself.

I figure I'll get into it with my bathrobe, to continue yesterday's theme. This was shot in my living room where we have a large mirror. +Maryam Scoble (I'm her husband) is seen below, probably about to wring my neck if I take any more photos of her. 

One problem with Selfies on Google Glass, though, because you can't see through the device live often I find my photos are weirdly aligned. See the edge of the mirror at top. But, that gives it a rough feel that sort of is fun. Something for me to play with and see if I can get better at capturing straight lines. 

Yes, narcissists are gonna love Google Glass.

Speaking of which, I am already addicted to watching the #throughglass  hashtag which shows photos from people's Glass.

If you want to see more about Glass, on Friday I'll be speaking to developers at BetaWorks about Glass. If you'd like to Google hangout with us, sign up for Openbeta to receive an invite bit.ly/betaopen 

Finally, on Sunday at 3 p.m. Pacific Time I'll be on +TWiT  with +Leo Laporte. Leo's opinion on Glass will be interesting to hear.
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