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Now you can "turn down Scoble"

Oh, cool. Google+ finally included its first form of noise control this morning. Good first step. Now we need Gmail-style filtering on top of this.

Lots of other new things are up at including multiple managers for admin pages. Nice!

I'm off to be on Fox News to talk about RIM this morning on Varney:

Then at 8 I might be on CNN UK to talk about Twitter's new investor (Prince Alwaleed invested $300 million to buy 3% of Twitter):

Wow, big news morning.
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No! Will never "urn down" Scoble-- but nice to have the option! ;)
The new features today are great! The new lightbox especially.
Yeah, the original headline was, "Google+: Now you can turn down Scoble!" but we didn't want to offend our best power user... So we just made innuendos...'s a party. I say people need to crank up the Scoble!
The "Scoble Scale" of online noisiness.. I like it!
I can't find the bar to move the stuff like the video says.
Who on earth would want to turn down Scoble? Not this guy.
Turning down the "noise" would be the ability to block out random Youtube posts from people while still keeping the other content. I've already had to block out one good photographer from my circles because 90% of what she posted was what she was listening to and it drowned out the 10% that was quality photography...
If Scoville units are a measure of the spiciness of a food, then Scoble units must be the measure of the trendiness of a topic.
+Robert Scoble don't you think there is a feature missing in Google+: the possibility to share from Google Reader to Google+ directly using your Google+ page account instead of your main Google account. I have a page too, but it is almost useless without this feature..
hahaha, i wont "turn down Scoble" :D..

these are really big improvements on G+.. \o/
While I like the feature, you've made it awkward to +1 this post without being insulting.
Anyone played with Google+ Ripples yet? Click on the down arrow at the top of Scoble's post and select Ripples. It will show how all has publicly shared his post and so on. Pretty neat stuff! This is new to me.
+Google+ and other Google products may have had some kinks at their respective releases, but the company knows how to listen. G+ is now easily the best social network out there. While facebook or Twitter updates are either counterintuitive or unbelievably late, Google is NAILING IT.
I'm STILL not convinced normal people (non-Scoble type nerds) want to spend so much time learning new features of Google+ or even using Google+
Love that they added managers to pages, but why make it so you have to know their email address? Why not use their profile on Google+ and add them like you would add them to a circle? I know the pages are designed for businesses, where you would know email addresses, but they can be used for so much more, and requiring an email is quite limiting.
+Robert Scoble Let me rephrase that: I don't want to turn you down, but there are others who I've uncircled because I find their posting to be a little over the top, so I am glad the feature now exists.
+Halley Suitt Tucker What are the features that you think are keeping people from using G+? I hate facebook, but for the life of me cannot get my friends to jump ship; I always here "It's just confusing," but no one can say what is confusing. Any ideas?
Waiting for the updates to see them on my pages

I am Glad that Google+ is becoming more useful by the day
Awesome update
One question remains though, will these be available on the Google+ Mobile app?

Google+ Introduces Stream Post Controls, Improved Photos, Notifications and Page Experience [Videos]

#Google+ #Google
I don't see it in Firefox. I guess it only shows up in Chrome.
Google+ is cluttered with duplicate posts and this will NOT change that
Well, that means one less extension to use. I can stop using Plus Minus.
Ha! I love your zealous posting behavior on here. How else would I find stuff like Twilio and the other 900+ startups you bring to us commoners. ;-)
But who decides what gets picked?
Looking forward for your Fox News, please post a link when available
Make a circle for "power posters" like Scoble `;->
I wonder what happens if somebody is in more than one circle and the volume control is set differently for the circles?
+Derek Thorson I would imagine the email requirement is to help prevent you from screwing up by granting admin rights to a non-company related person who just happens to have the same name as the one you want.
I think this is a pretty poor first step at filtering. It does nothing that you cannot do already by creating managed circles and reading the circles and not the main stream. A "volume" slider on circles just means that Google's servers will arbitrarily select which posts from that circle to put through to your main stream. That is no control at all. We have been after circle filtering for months and this is not even a poor man's version of it. How difficult can it be to provide some sort of GMAIL filtering per circle?!? I am not impressed with this.
I would think this just the first release of Google+ noise control. This is their de-duplication noise control and I think they are going to study on how people going to use it while they are working on GMail style filtering ( i am assuming :) ). Releasing both of them would not be a very smart move.
Not a bad deal. Some days I think my "Scoble" knob is stuck on eleven.
Goes to show how much this is needed, that I've been on G+ for a little over an hour. I noticed this right away and posted about it and after an hour or so I decided that I hadn't seen anything from Scoble about it, even though it's a step towards what he's been asking for. I stopped myself and decided to check Robert's posts first so I didn't make an ass of myself and sure enough, he posted this at 8AM this morning, and I probably would never have gotten to it. I'm sure that's also why this post only has 56 comments. Now I need to find out which of the several circles I have Robert in that I want to turn up that knob on.
Those tools are EPIC! about time! :D
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