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Today 24 new companies will be born at +Dave McClure's 500 Startups (one of Silicon Valley's top startup incubators) during its demo day. You can watch live at at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. Here I have an audio chat with Dave about the program:

Good luck to all the startups, there's some good ones coming. If you watch, comment here to let me know what your favorite ones are, we'll be back tomorrow night to do interviews of the best for

I love that a lot of the companies are hosted on Rackspace, too. We'll be watching their servers. Thanks to +Blake Robinson for working with the startups and helping them get hosting help (Blake helps startups in his role at the Rackspace Startup Program at ). Blake will be Google+ing his favorites during the day.
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We're on Rackspace Cloud by the way after years of Rackspace Dedicated Hosting. Been great so far, and so much cheaper.
in my experience, anybody who advertises that they're 'kind of a big deal' generally isn't.
good luck startups!!! please let us know as videos are ready Robert and +Kirin Kalia will place them on the profiles we are doing at today. (sorry for plug :-)
Congrats, Dave! Exciting.... a long time ago, Dave and I were in high school together in Maryland. Nice to see a few Maryland guys make it in the West Coast tech world...
My favorite is Tout. Love what they're doing, and TK is a force to be reckoned with.
Guys, the two people who truly care about startups and their life-cycles in this thread are Scoble who wrote the post and Dave who's wearing the T as a joke. Let's focus on the startups that are being featured and cheer them on...
Lika J
+Sam, while 500 Startups is a big deal and +Dave does some really nice things for folks getting started on making their dreams reality, the T-shirt is a tongue-in-cheek example of his self-deprecating sense of humor. 
irony is good, but i just think it'd be funnier if a.) i actually believed all of them were being ironic (evidently dave is excluded) and b.) that insane bravado wasn't a major factor in the tech bubble bursting
Good luck to the new startups. Have an awesome journey!
Bob: Yup, saw it. I'm impressed at how fast and comprehensively they're tackling the problem of email -- templating, delivery, analytics, integration, even teaching. Interview did a great job of covering the multitude of angles they're hitting the problem of email.
I wonder how many of the start-ups are owned by people under the age of 25? I bet it's quite a lot. That's great! I can't wait until millenials are running our whole world and government - they'll do a much better job than the current people in charge. Thanks, Robert, for keeping us informed, as always.
who is this guy and why is he on the livestream?
Awesome, thanx for sharing
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