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The system administration service that +Google, +zynga games, and +NASA use

Google uses it. Zynga uses it. Nasa uses it. So does Rackspace and many many other companies. What for? +Puppet Labs helps you manage your computers. Here's what Puppet Labs does, and how it fits into the world. We talked with a couple of the execs at the Open Stack Design Summit (they announced support of +OpenStack at that event). has more about puppet labs.

We also discuss community and how Puppet sees the value of that community and how they tend to it.
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Still remember using this only on Redhat linux
I wish they supported the OS I already have across all my nodes :(
Thank you for doing the interview and sharing it!
I met two of the team at the AWS summit on Thursday here. They did forget the mascot though. I understand that Beaker was too busy dodging flying junk though.
I am a network guy and I love all the great videos that you've been making about networking technologies, it is very exciting.
Great this technology creates some possibilities for my company. Thanks for introducing me to it!
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