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The consumer drone age arrives

Check out DJI's +Eric Cheng (he's director of aerial photography at DJI, which just released this new quadcopter) showing me the new Phantom 2 Vision Plus. 

DJI's announcement is at

My first video is up at

A second, unedited, no-audio video is up here: This one shows a full flight and also shows +Eddie Codel's quadcopter, which is a 3DRobotics Iris model with a GoPro and a 2-axis gimbal.
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you should bring it to Coachella.  :)
What differentiates a "drone" from a remote controlled aircraft?
Good, simple summary of what a drone is as a subset of remotely piloted vehicles!
My roomate just got one and the videos are great, especially the crashes.
m gm
As far as video quality goes, do you think that camera system competes with a gopro on a gimbal?
I wanted one to dive down into the kelp beds with a camera.
Slap a solar cell array on top and this thing could go for hours.
When you say consumer drone what exactly does that mean? 
I just saw him fly it at ShowStoppers here in Vegas before NAB starts tomorrow. It's very cool. Uploading video soon over on +24k Media.
This could turn into an environmental problem...
it's 1 year and half we use and we know it ! Quite in late ! ;-)
How do you get around all the FAA regulations against flying drones?
Thanks +Robert Scoble, I'm forwarding this to my cousin, a photographer and graphic designer for a number of surf publications in Australia. 
can the camera be swapped for the one on the vision 2, so dont have to buy whole new unit just camera
I bought the Phantom Vision 2 in October and most of my time has been spent worrying about fly-aways before winter hit. Now they offer the + with nothing about upgrades for current users. When it breaks I will purchase another brand that has some customer loyalty. I am not here to beta test; if I spend this much money I expect something in return.
           What I was referring to was not free.  Sending out an email the day before release saying
 "W are sorry for the issues with the Vision 2 and the concerns it caused it owners.  Send $$ and your Vision 2 and we will upgrade it to the Vision 2 plus, or you can purchase the do-it-yourself kit."  

DJI could have done this without a huge amount of resources, and made customers feel like the product is supported.  As I said I feel like this was a Beta release.