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I was just driving to an event a Y Combinator and on 280 in Mountain View this Tesla passed me that said "Vehicle Prototype" on it. Made me very jealous! Of course I shot it #throughglass so I wasn't too distracted.

I want one but don't have the $100,000 for one. Someday!
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Says the guy wearing glass for everyone to stare at jealously.
Looks like you might be overdue for an oil change. 
I doubt the language of many texting or mobile phone-while driving-laws apply directly, but there's a lot to be frightened of with people driving around with glass. As a cyclist, I for one don't like it. We have enough trouble with people.on the phone, texting or reading a book already. Soon folks can have just about anything they like sitting just above their eye. Anyone else with me?

Before you answer, take a look at one of the many distracted driving studies that indicate even talking on the phone hands-free brings significant impairment in reaction times. 
Keep your 100,000 in the bank you are driving the same rode he is on
+Maxine Leggett Clearly you have not driven a Tesla.  They are not on the same road.  No other car is on the same road as a Tesla.  ;-)
Watch out for my Leaf! ;-)
We actually have a bunch of Tesla prototypes over by SpaceX (which is next to the Tesla design studio). You should come by some time ;)
I wonder how long it would take to ask for a $10.00 donation toward the cause?
The wait for ours is truly painful, few days to go.
There are at least two Model Ss in my home town, which is funny considering it's a small Canadian city in the middle of the country. 

They are achingly beautiful cars . . . Each time I see one I marvel at how this startup was able to go from the somewhat quirky and esoteric Roadster to this beautiful and practical sedan. 
I wonder if that's an all-wheel-drive Model S which is rumored to possibly launch this year.
Teslas are popping up all over town here in +Google Kirkland . Suddenly there are 7 model S's and a handful of Leafs filling up all the EV spots at work. I was totally jealous till I saw someone reboot the onboard system from the trunk after a botched OTA, BSOD style.
Is it legal to drive with them on?  Seems like it could be distracting and dangerous.
They said AM radios would be distracting and dangerous, too.  In all seriousness, Glass is no more distracting than a rear view mirror and watching your kids in the back seat.
Hey +Robert Scoble I think it is great what +Elon Musk  has accomplished with Tesla. In Virginia at Tysons Corner Mall they have a couple inside the mall and I got a shot of one as they were driving it out. Bummer not with Glass though only my Smart phone (-:  Pretty cool shot I think.
Since I can write tickets should I just mail that to you home address... :-) Ps that prototype is probably the ones with self drive and autonomous laser guided traffic missiles... 
Tesla and GOogle Glass doing so much right!
well at least you are driving to conditions and not exceeding the posted speed limit... 

And +Chris Van Buskirk clearly he is - but maybe we need to clarify the specifics....
People need to chill out. I see cops on their cell phones all day lol. At least Robert is trying to be safer while sharing something awesome with us.
saw one in San Antonio the other day. Very cool. I'd love to have one someday.
Nate C
Looks like he's surrounded by hybrids!
My dad is picking his up on Friday.. He really liked my Volt and wanted to one up me :). 
No EVs here in WV. Folks here are into 60's muscle cars with big blocks and blowers. Every weekend it sounds like pit row at the drag strip.
You can afford it, +Robert Scoble, they're only $71k, not over $100k. Plus, they have great lease options and California incentives. 
You could've got one for like 50 grand last year but now they removed that model and the cheapest is now 70 grand
It could be one of the new models with swappable batteries.
+Garrett Hennigan So when there are passengers in the car must the driver remain mute? Can he even listen to the conversation? Where does it end man, where does it end?

btw....  the answer to cycle safety is separate cycle lanes. Mixing fast and heavy and protected traffic with slow and light and vulnerable traffic is a recipe for disaster. As you no doubt have experienced. 
The "swappable battery" technology is in ALL Tesla autos; been there from the beginning. Very cool, eh?
So Google Glass photo doesn't get blurry taking a photo in such speedy car, objects in motion?
Ted S
Wonder how many people following you own a Tesla and if we can get some real world reviews... and thoughts on the effective cost (they suggest it's much lower with savings).
I drive 80.. its the same speed CHP drives.. then they never catch up to you...
Do something for your physical health. Get one of those 50+ km/h ebikes that are cropping up in Germany right now. Will allow you to photograph straight down with your Glass after a few months. 
Not everyone lives in downtown megapolisville +Malte Persike, so a bike is not practical for the majority of us. My round trip daily commute is about 170 miles. Don't think I can bike that.
Also I know for me being able to afford something is different than being able to buy something... I could buy a tesla... But I sure cannot afford to buy one... 
Actually +Robert Scoble I haven't forgotten how expensive the bay area can be. It's just that having been born and raised in Newport Beach I've gotten accustomed to high school kids getting $100K cars as 16th birthday presents 😛
+Robert Scoble I am a road safety professional and very interested in honest feedback on how safe/unsafe it is to use Glass whilst driving.  It looks like West Virginia, Delaware and Maryland are already looking at banning Glass.  I have seen a few articles on the subject - but is there a consensus developing within the current Glass users community on this subject? We may only have a few more months to sort out a sensible policy - and literally lives could be at stake if we get it wrong.
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