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Marketers: Understand your customers with a 360 degree view and AgilONE

Marketers can only reach their targeted audience if it is relevant, and AgilONE wants to ensure that by allowing marketers understand the customer by consolidating the customer's data through various sources to provide a 360 degree view.

AgilONE's CEO Omer Artun explains how it uses data management, marketing intelligence and predictive analysis to become a marketer's solution and not just a tool. With its smart features, it provides marketers the ability to pinpoint their campaigns to the customers they really want.
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Do you get paid by the companies you publicise in this way? Sounds like standard marketing copy rather than personal experience of the product.
+Robert Scoble Amazing how much intelligence marketers need/can get right now. +Philipp Pieper 's Proximic takes up where this leaves off. Marketers are going to have to be much smarter about technology. They'll be measured on how well they measure:-)