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Chromecast rocks

My first video I watched on my Chromecast? +Guy Kawasaki giving a talk on YouTube. Seems fitting, he sure looked great on the new 70-inch +VIZIO that I am testing out. 

Why so long to get a Chromecast? They sold out and I just didn't have time to play until the book was done. What a great device for $35, though. 

Do you have one? What do you wish it played?

Astute eyes will see I have an Apple TV too. +The Verge has a good review of the differences:
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Wish I could play back photos on my iOS devices. Otherwise we love it. Using it for Netflix right now, in fact. 
I imported one for me, one for my mate, and one for my parents. Got them from Amazon. HUGE success, so I've also got another coming from Best Buy Online. Shipping costs a bit to get to NZ, but having ours hooked up through our home theater system means we can easily enjoy Google Play Music - All Access! Its so good!!
We've got one on two of the TVs now. The third will be assimilated once I get to the local +Best Buy 
I have a Chromecast. I had abandoned the big TV as I watch YouTube now, but this brought me back to using the big TV.

I wish Chromecast played HBO. Game Of Thrones + Chromecast = crazy delicious! 
I have one, it's a fantastic device.
I love the speakers Robert. I miss my hi-fidelity tower speakers and turntable. What do you use as a source for your sound?
The crazy unintended consequence of my Chromecast...I have discovered a crap load of YouTube content. I'm now watching more YouTube videos a week than I do anything else. I mean like a lot! 

It's not what I bought the device for, but it took that to realize that there is just a bunch of stuff on there. I'm subscribed to like 20 channels now and I'm loving it. Who knew. 
I ordered same day before they sold out. I love mine, in fact I'm using it right now to stream Netflix. I can't wait for other apps to be able to cast to it, including video types on desktop so I can cast all videos to my tv. When I'm reading through Facebook, Twitter and Google+ I like to cast a video to my tv and then keep moving on through the site. Great for people with ADD :)
Just tried it after it has been sitting on my kitchen table for a couple days now. Was hesitant to try since I already have a Google TV (and hate it for the most part) and thought this would be redundant. Even though it still sounds the same I think this is better than the bulky Google TV, for the fact that I can cast my Chrome browser from any other Wifi connected device. That's all I need for now but would be nice to see more apps integrating/supporting the casting feature. Especially the ones that are embedded into a site and such (vimeo player etc.), it would be a best use case to just cast an embedded video on to the TV and move on with your browsing tasks. Would be a huge win for Google when that happens.
+Robert Scoble - subscribed! I'll see you on the big screen. I counted my subscriptions and I way underestimated! I have 61 subscriptions! Holy hell I'm hooked.
Chromecast is awesome... With the Chrome extension you can cast any tab, so virtually any Web content can be cast. It's an amazing technology.

I see Chromecast as the wireless solution connecting our personal area networks to our large screens for sharing. Cast from Android with +Koushik Dutta 's +CyanogenMod tweaks or cast from Glass with one of the several proof of concepts we've seen. Amazing.
Got mine Friday! Loving it so far, but wish it would cast from Chrome on iOS. My iMac is in another room, and it's a pain to start a video there, then cast to the den.
Soon,I'll be moving the TV currently in the den to same room as iMac (32" Vizio), and upgrading to a 55" Vizio in the den.

One unintended consequence-- my tv only has 2 HDMI inputs, so I have ordered a 3 in/1 out HDMI switcher so I can hook my Apple TV back up. 
+Robert Scoble, Chromecast rocks, while Apple TV rocks and rolls.

To be sure, crank up your sweet sound system to LIVE HD STREAMING of the free iTunes Festival that's going on all September.

Just look at this line-up:

Freaking awesome is an understatement, yes?

I hope chromecast will not be a locked platform and will get back functionality as local file streaming and cloud file streaming.
I've only used my Chromecast a few times. I love the concept but it's way more limited than my Apple TV or even my PS3 or XBox. I like its simplicity but don't like its lack of native UI and dependence on my phone for content.
The Chromecast does internet on the TV right by treating it as the second screen. All other solutions all try and get you to navigate a clunky menu system via the TV, resulting in either a bad expierience and/or a limited one. Chromecast gets rid of all that and lets the TV do what it does best: show the content.

I love my Apple TVs too and while it may have AirPlay, it really is a secondary function of the device. It's primary navigation and usage is still through the small limited remote and clunky menu setup.

Looking forward to Google allowing other developers to release Chromecast functionaility on their apps. My favourite podcasting app, PocketCasts, already has it ready to go, they just can't release it until Google gives approval.
I imported one to the UK for Netflix use. Very happy with it indeed. Even with the shipping, import and eBay price premium.
Too nad all Bay area best buy s are sold out... Wanted to buy few but no luck 
I wish it played Spotify. I'm not sold on the Google Music UI and I also haven't figured out a way to cast Google Music. I can do it from my phone but not the music manager on the web.

Also, great set up. What model is that multicolored picnic table? I imagine many meals will be had at that table while enjoying the chromecast.
I'm waiting for my 2 Chromecasts in the mail a few days from now (hopefully) :-D can't wait 
also, hopefully a Spotify update for Chromecast could appear down the road, request it to their devs! 
+1 to Chromecast making a fundamental change in VOD usage. Bringing YouTube to the TV, with a super-simple interface suddenly makes a previously personal experience into a social one, bringing people together. That + browsing together for restaurants, places to visit, photos we've taken today and more. love it.
Still debating on whether to get this or another G-Box. Anyone know if there's a road map for XBMC streaming compatibility? 
At present my great tension is that,"I have no tension."
Suggested me please-How can I recover?
I too got one imported from the USA. And I love it! Hooked up to my A/V receiver, so I can enjoy the sounds/music while the TV is off. Especially convenient to play my music from Play Music. Am also enjoying YouTube, and Netflix which just launched in The Netherlands last week. :-)
+Alex Seibz maybe you are too close to the set. Or maybe reduce sharpness and some image adjustments. 55" at 3 metres is ok with my 8005 samsung led.
I've found a lot of bugs and glitches already. I'm sure you'll start to find them as well. Kinda a nuisance for a product that technically isn't in beta testing. I'd almost say it's still in alpha testing. 
No problems with my chromecast. The caster app though can loose connection if your phone has power save modes. If so, add exception
Bought 2 via relatives in Tucson, Arizona. Works well on every LG and Samsung TV we've tried, but has an issue on our old Toshiba Regza 37X3030DB where switching HDMI ports (to watch SkyHD) and back leaves us with a nominally working device, but blue screen and no audio. Cycling the power on the Chromecast after switching HDMI channels fixes it. Reported that back to Google (their help web page cleverly attaches a log file from the device automatically).

That said, works brilliantly, even showing HD video from YouTube and Netflix over our crappy, 3 miles from the BT Exchange, 1.3Mb/s "Broadband".

Waiting for the Chromecast API to be released, at which point there should be a deluge of other apps coming out. I've heard somewhere that Google anticipate being north of 13 million sold by the end of the year, which would take them past the complete installed base numbers for Apple TV. I guess they may also be close to overtaking Kinect as the fastest growth from launch to 10 million units shipped of any consumer electronics device.

So, another Google Moonshot executing nicely. Just need to get them shipping outside the USA now!
I'm glad that it is capable of playing local video using the chrome browser.
Not sure. I have the latest v5.6 firmware in the TV, courtesy Toshiba Customer Services. Thought CEC would just allow the Chromecast to switch HDMI channels itself when activated, but will have a look.
I love it. One of the first videos I watched was a live stream of Gilmor Gang (tab streamed) with you in it +Robert Scoble . I love it but I thought development with apps would happen faster. 
New favorite thing. Agree with folks above that this is the way YouTube was intended. Also I have all access GM which is nice. Movies and TV are a mix of playstore and Netflix. That is enough to make it work great for me but am eagerly awaiting for the SDK to be finalized so we can get some new apps.
Think there are stacks of apps coming, just that the Chromecast API is a moving, fast iterating target and folks want some stability before releasing stuff into the wild.
Nice Verge article that tried its best to be fair. However, instead of showing big red X's for key third party content providers, I think they would have been better served by showing "via mirroring". Again, it's clear they tried to be fair and balanced but still clearly leaned towards Apple. They have enough of a true advantage that there's no need to overstate the limitations of Chromecast. 
+Robert Scoble I agree and I  think the Chromecast ROCKS too! Here's my video on it: Going to be really neat when Google starts to do what they plan on doing with Chromecast down the road. Looking forward to your insights on it also when there are updates and apps for it. Ciao for now. : )
Chromecast is fantastic! Netflix needs to update their Android app to support the new profiles feature though.
Google must be planning an event, probably with 4 to 6 weeks, to announce the Nexus 5, Android 4.4 Kitkat, along with a bunch of new ChromeOS devices we already got wind of at IDF.
I'm guessing that is also when they will announce the Chromecast SDK 1.0 release along with at least a half dozen new apps which utilize it on the day.
I love your living room!   Now I don't feel like a bad parent for having such a messy living room.
I love the chromecast too, but for a different reason than has been discussed so far. We only have 1 TV (and it's small). With the chromecast plugged into it I can move it anywhere in the house and still watch Netflix and YouTube! It's great as a portable wifi "receiver" for our only TV! 
I'm pissed they blocked local streaming for Android devices. They claim they'll unblock it "soon". But that significantly reduced its utility.

Still use it for YouTube, Netflix and Google Music. I enjoy casting to different TVs in the house just for fun :-)

Once Amazon, Hulu, Showtime, HBO, PBS and the other online music streaming apps add support for it, Apple should be seriously worried. So also should cable companies.

Oh and they need to unblock local steaming ASAP.
Just got mine yesterday... watched a bit of youtube, and Zoolander on netflix. Fun Stuff!!
I have been using #ChromeCast  for more than 2 months, primarily watching lots of YouTube / Netflix videos. The experience has been great but I started to loose interest. It is a nice little device with lots of potential. Many Android app developers already updated their apps to support ChromeCast, for example my favourite app Pocket Casts. +Google need to hurry up and start approving these apps so we can play variety of content wherever and whenever while people are excited about ChromeCast.
Something Apple should have made/sold years ago. Gonna buy one for my parents, kids, and me.
Lisa G
I love it! It's too bad Netflix doesn't have all the content available to stream (still have to have my DVD account) but I'm enjoying the many great series that I can watch on the TV instead of the computer screen. I love that it's small that I can move from on TV to another too :)
I won't get one until Google lifts the ban on local playback from mobile devices. Screw Chromecast at this point I can watch YouTube and Netflix, hulu etc on my ps3
+Robert Scoble I wish that it played Blu-rays. It's the only thing stopping me from a PS3 sale. If +Google Play had a content matching service for movies (akin to VUDU's deal with UltraViolet) then I could leave my physical media behind.

I bought a Chromecast before the announcement was over, and I love it. Makes a great gift, too. 
I have used mine twice since I received it 3 days after it went on sale on amazon. The Chromecast is no where replacing my Vizio Co-Star yet.
mine is on the way. Why they limited it to youtube and chrome streaming i have no idea, it should have simply cloned the phone video out like an HDMI cable... A phone is still a phone for me, and a desktop and a TV otherwise... oh technology. 
I do all my Netflix and YouTube viewing on mine now - much better than the built-in Panasonic client on my TV,

What I still look forward to -

Casting a tab from my Nexus 7 instead of going to my computer

Casting Gallery photos

Being able to send videos via +Koushik Dutta Allcast - like I could for 5 minutes.
All I need is amazon prime really. . . iv find chromecast simpler and quicker than booting up the Xbox... my primary streaming device
+Robert Scoble I recently bought a Roku 3. It works great. What do you think about it? It will be left behind by the Google and Apple products? 
+Jeremy Petzold if Google didnt lock down local content at the api level +Koushik Dutta wouldn't have needed to reverse engineer it. Quit making excuses for Google when all they care about with this product is making sure you stream from a source they can get paid on. If they wanted local content unlocked it would've been that way already. I don't see them ever allowing it. From a business perspective it makes perfect sense but from a "don't be evil" perspective it looks like an Apple move.
The thing that impressed me the most was the ability to queue up a long list of videos on my tablet (in the YouTube app) which runs and runs - even as you're adding to the list. Fed my wife's addiction to T-Rex and Robert Palmer for a good couple of hours :-)
looks very nice, i think im goin to try it even tho my tv is a smart tv i only have few apps that work on it, hopefully chromcast gives me more options.
So one programmer can make it work perfectly without the help of Google's API yet a team of the most sought after programmers in the world couldn't get it to function well enough to release? You realize your argument sounds lame and very implausible. The bottom line is that they want to make money on anything that comes through the Chromecast. 
One programmer reverse engineered a moving target. No news here, things will stabilise when the API is released. And I've no doubt it'll add to the signals that customise Googles services to me.
I also have chrome cast, freaking awesome. However Robert, I have 1 question for you.  Why is this nice 70 inch TV with an awesome sound system, is located in front of a kids table, with toys all over the place.  aren't you worried that something might fly right into that nice screen of yours???  LOL 
+Nicholas Brickhouse Google makes money off Netflix? I didn't realize that. Going by your logic, it makes no sense for them to be letting developers work on it at all. Nor would they allow you to cast local content through chrome. I do this and it works fine.

And what Koush has done is great. But if Google changed something and it broke Allcast, people would be blaming Google. I don't blame them for waiting. 
+william reynolds yes I'm pretty sure there was a deal with Netflix . They offered 3 free months and the opportunity to be the exclusive first app to launch on chromecast. Whether the deal was made just so that customers got the 3 months in exchange for it being exclusive Google got paid in the form of selling more chromecast by it being more attractive . After all when you figure in the free Netflix that made the device free, big selling point. Money doesn't necessarily have to change hands in order for deal to be profitable. 
We've been having fun using #Chromecast  for Saturday morning cartoons. Almost every Tex Avery cartoon is on YouTube, but for those that aren't, we went to +Vimeo and started casting The Farm of Tomorrow which wasn't on YouTube. So far it's been really flexible, and I love that. I have Apple TV, and I used to only use that to mirror, but I don't need it anymore. 
+Nicholas Brickhouse you ignored the other points. You can cast local content through chrome. And they are allowing developers to make apps for it. What would be the point if they weren't going to allow them?
But you can't cast tabs from chrome mobile or the chrome app which makes local content on mobile unsupported.
+Nicholas Brickhouse never said it was supported on mobile. I just remote login to my desktop and cast that way. I.can't really fit that much video on my phone regardless. Would still be a great feature. Not arguing that.
When my laptop was broken it would've been great for me. I had one paid for and everything through Google play but when they shut down all cast it made it pointless for my uses. Instead I just used the imediashare app to stream to my ps3 .
You have some set up man. Nice.
Got one about a week ago. Used it for 12 hours, and then ordered another. Great device. Can't wait until the updates start showing up for it (Hulu+!!).
Been playing with Chromecast for about a week - really interesting - especially in my home office where I tend to have Bloomberg or similar on in the background.  With Chromecast, I queue up a few recent TED talks, industry conference videos, etc. - love it.  Looking forward to seeing what developers do with it - lots of potential to pair with G+ Circles, Hangouts, etc. 
i swear - i have never been this thrilled with a product as with the chromecast! And I am not one to get impressed!
+Charles Eye XBMC is a media center itself. Why would you have it not connected to your TV directly? Did you come across this app called Yatse on play store? if you have XBMC, check it out. It a killer IMO.
I bought 3 at BestBuy the day they came out. I really wish I could cast Hulu, HBO Go and Aereo. I really wish I could cast everything actually but definitely my top 3
+Jeremy Petzold Google has a beta program for almost every product they release. If they wanted to test and QA that feature they would've done it already. Nothing they release in beta is "finished" or "stable" hence the beta. They're not opening it up for very different reasons and that reason is money. Allcast worked perfect and it's proven that Google added one string of code that purposely blocked it. No one can complain because Google didn't make chromecast open source but I will bet with my wallet. 
I have one, and I should have gotten two, because I don't like sharing this one.  The biggest problem I have now is keeping up with my subscriptions on YouTube. 
just ordered my second device. My kids love the Chromecast so I need at least one more. 
love the fact that you kept the kids toys in the picture...looks just like my house (minus the 70 inch TV part)
The Chromecast is one of the most useful devices I've bought in recent history. It works as promised and seems filled with potential. The best part is how quickly my wife adopted it. It took one weekend for her to start casting everything.
Chromecast makes watching TV more social. My brother and I were sitting on the couch this afternoon sharing videos with each other on the big screen -- each from our own phones. I love it!
Love my Chrome cast! I hook my TV/Chromecast to the amp that feeds the speakers on my back deck. Now I have full control of my streamed music while working in a large outdoor project over the last six weeks. I also take it along while travelling on business. I have been fortunate enough to be able to use it on the WiFi in every hotel so far. Goodbye to expensive pay per view!
Here are the apps I want to see Chromecast support:

1. Amazon
2. Hulu
3. HBO Go
4. As much stuff as possible! :P
I see notes of watching TED talks with ChromeCast, but no one says how? Does one have to take the TED Talk into YouTube to see it??
I have the same tv model and it looks great but can you please post the picture settings you using for the tv..i am very impress..☺
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