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Has Apple Won at TV already? 

Steve Gillmor is working the +NewTek Tricaster himself today, so it might be very rough. 
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Steve is seemingly a sensible enough guy on video. His writing, though....ouch.
+Christopher Carr, for quite a while, i thought Steve was so out of touch, but i do now see that he is capable of epiphanies; and i'm beginning to think that when he has an epiphany, it's really important. Steve's latest epiphany is that the Google Nexus 7 tablet is "transformational" — as you probably know. What i think is really transformational is that he is beginning to understand Google+ as a result of the Nexus 7's smooth interface to it.

Facebook is old. What's really new and fresh is the ability to hold hangouts using a cheap tablet. Don't you think lots of teenagers are going to love using this product in their bedrooms to talk with friends? Suddenly, everyone wants a video-phone tablet and their parents can afford one for every member of the family, and they cannot be used except when within the confines of the family wifi enabled home in this "transformational" version.

Sean Parker understands the G+ huge advantage — thus Airtime. But Airtime seems to have problems, and its interface with Facebook database "likes" is so annoying to me. Rather than take my specific likes, Facebook over time has altered certain of my very specific likes into its database entities that somewhat resemble my likes but are not precisely what i like and then thrusts them under my Airtime profile. That is really annoying to me. And by now, i'm already addicted to G+ hangouts and the amazing array of G+ collaborative tools.

I love +Robert Scoble's insightful analyses based on his rare experiences, his disarming and probing questioning techniques, and his grasp of where technology is heading, and i can hardly wait to read his new book. BTW, did you see that Robert has passed the Dalai Lama in Google+ subscribers. And i believe that would make Robert the Grand Lama of High Tech!
I'm sure Steve has good ideas...I know he's just that his prose stylings fill me with hate. He writes like an uppity, sophomore lit-crit student from hippy parents. Terrible...and he thinks it's good.