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eBay's CEO tells me why social is so important to the future of his company, er, shopping

John Donahoe, eBay's CEO, says "we're going to see more change in the next three years than we saw in the last 15 years." We talk in depth about Facebook and what it means for shopping.

They will fill in the details at their conference in San Francisco on October 12-13. If you want to go to that, use the INN2011SCOBLE code to save $200. For more on eBay or PayPal's developer focused platforms:

This 27-minute conversation covers a lot of ground, from Google+ to Amazon's new tablet.

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eBay ecosystem opening up to 3rd party developers - sounds great!!
That is a really good turnout. I'm amazed, actually.
With how much change we have seen in the last 15 years I was really stuck by this quote: "we're going to see more change in the next three years than we saw in the last 15 years.". If true the next 3 years will be extremely exciting.
thats a good interview.
That dood is a genious.
I love the ecosystem opening!! Magento rocks.
+Tony Eden - we are launching a site utilizing Magento - still have alot of additional code to write to support a plugin.
6 billions export out of China throught EBAY!! Domestic China will import how much throught EBAY? Chinese are going to be in our face pretty soon...
Social commerce is alive today on Facebook. Our solution ties directly to your QuickBooks inventory and utilizes PayPal APIs for payments. Very cool and not possible a few years back.
Hey Robert - perhaps you should have also ask people to weigh in from Twitter on some of the questions you wanted to ask John Donahoe...
This is a really cool interview - great insight into the world that is Social Commerce.
Mo' people on Facebook? Could that be the reason? It's probably been asked before, but how many follow you on FB compared to G+?
keep these interviews coming Robert.
Oh.. there goes my theory then. :)
eBay + social presents a different dynamic than other shopping sites, maybe, because with auctions you're bidding on, you really DON'T want anybody else to find out about it, or else you might not get as good a deal. 
Great job +Robert Scoble!! Truly fascinating where all this is going! I saw an awesome presentation by fellow speaker +Bryan Eisenberg in Norway in April this year; he shared some uber cool ways of shopping at home where you "try on" garments virtually and share photos with your friends via a mobile app, for instance. Then choose to buy or not.
Great to see a CEO so enthusiastic and passionate about his company. I haven't really given them a second look since Meg ruined it, but this guy looks like he could actually make it useful again.
Thanks Robert. Great video. Always love watching your videos. My company Shopon is one of the "tens of thousands" of Social Commerce companies, we took the x.commerce pledge today. Commerce is so exciting these days and I'm glad a guy like John Donahoe is helping lead the revolution.
This is not just blatant self-promotion.. I think you may find this piece I did for a publication interesting.. Apparently, VCs are looking for stand-alone companies in the social media space to invest in, and not companies riding as add-ons on existing sites like Facebook.

Do you think social commerce will primarily ride on the back of 'strategic partnerships' with Facebook or Facebook-like platforms?
good one, but I still think the ongoing the demiddleclassization of the US economy is a much more bigger and important trend. Right now only blue collar workers are under threat, which by itself is a serious issue, but very soon the white collar workers will start feeling the heat too, everywhere. Demiddleclassization I think is symptomatic of capitalism's limits.
It's true, but sounds funny to hear someone talk about Yahoo as 'old school'. Things are changing so fast.
Boy is he "dialed in." Excellent interview.
Super interview - very insightful
Outstanding, and something I think local governments should view as well. Thank you for this, Robert (and John).
eBay is one of my favorite companies - and is a big reason why. I believe they may reshape commerce for everyone (including competitors) as well as identity management. Great interview 
Excellent interview. Donahoe nailed it with social, mobile and supporting developers. Commerce is going to get really exciting and Facebook is a great partner for this. The Future of commerce is amazing! I have a lot of thoughts on this. Hit me up @GiantnerdCEO
Thanks for presenting this interview. eBay is presenting some tools and opportunity. This is a great opportunity for Main Street. I think the businesses that move aggressively with these tools will put even greater pressure on the remaining businesses to become even more unique in their product and service offerings. It’s time for another rethink for businesses large and small.
I am a noob about these stuffs..but one thing i dont understand is why doesn't wal-mart do something big in the online area..
John's comments on China are very interesting. His strategy to take a long-term view on China is very valid, and most probably the best way of gaining a presence in China. However, growth in China, and at an early stage is very important. With sites such as TaoBao now becoming so prevalent within China, the chances of eBay entering and gaining market share seems very small.
Awesome interview. One thing about eBay that I believe needs to change is their lack of a fully open API. They keep lots of data to themselves, like historical prices of sales, and I think that opening the API would make the user experience better. Would have liked to have seen this issue addressed.
+Mari Smith It frightens me that so many companies do not get how fast these changes are coming and are not equipped to handle it. Thanks for sharing this.
Thanks for posting this, Robert. I shared it with two online classes I am teaching: Fundamentals of eBusiness at Strayer University (online via Blackboard) and Consumer Behavior at UCLA (also online via Blackboard).
"we're going to see more change in the next three years than we saw in the last 15 years."

This is precisely what Ray Kurzweil has stated repeatedly. That the rate of technological innovation will be exponential over the next 40 years. I absolutely believe it. He's predicted the rapid cycle of change in technology in the same way that Moore predicted the rate of semiconductor manufacturing.

+Robert Scoble I'm still game for those drinks.
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