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Y Combinator Demo Day report, as it happens

I'll keep updating this as companies get on stage. I'm rating each company on a one-to-four "$" scale (how likely I think it will be to be a huge financial hit) and "#" scale, which is how useful it looks on first glance.

The photo below is of Paul Graham kicking off things this morning.

PlanGrid Blueprints on tablets ($$, ##).
Medigram Chat for doctors ($$$, ###)
Zillabyte Search engine for leads for salespeople. ($$$, ##)
HireArt Employment agency 2.0. ($$$, ##)
Flutter Gesture control via webcams. ($$$, ####)
Givespark Celebrity fundraising platform ($$, ###).
Popset Group photo albums. ($, ##)
SendHub SMS for organizations ($, ##)
Screenleap ($$, ####)
Coderwall Quantified resumes for developers ($$, ##)
LVL6 Social mobile games ($$$$, ###)


Midnox Video camera and hosting. ($$$$, ####) Great new app.
42Floors Commercial real estate search ($$$$, ###)
Sonalight Voice texting (you can use it while driving) ($$$$, ####)
Your Mechanic Airbnb of car repair. ($$$, ###)


Crowdtilt Kickstarter for groups ($$$, ###)
Flypad Smartphone as game controller ($$, ####)
Carsabi Car search ($$, ##).
AnyPerk Discounts as employee perks. ($$$, ###).
TiKL Walkie Talkie app. ($$, ###).
Dealupa Deal aggregator. ($$$, ###).
Priceonomics Price guides for everything. ($$$$, ###).
Kyte Kid phone in software. ($$$, ####).
EveryArt Commissioned art marketplace. ($$, ###).


Shoptiques Boutique aggregator. ($$$, ###).
Pair Messages for couples. ($$$, ####).
Daily Muse Company ads. ($$$, #).
AnyVivo Sell living things. ($$, ##).
Per Vices. Software-defined radio. ($$, ###).
ICracked Tablet and phone repair network. ($$$$, #).
SocialCam Video sharing. ($$, ####).


Hackpad. Realtime wiki. ($$, ###).
FamilyLeaf. Facebook for families. ($$$$, ####).
Ark. People search. ($$, ###).
Chute. Images/videos as a service. ($$$, ##).
Minefold. Multiplayer game hosting. ($$$$, ###).
Exec Uber for work. ($$$, ####).
99Dresses. Women trade clothes. ($$$$, ####).
MatterPort. 3D scanning. ($$$, ####).

I reserve the right to change these reviews as the day goes along.
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A really nice hall and really nice presentation too!
How does an app get a $$$$ but less-than ####? Or #### but less than $$$$? You'd think they would be strongly positively correlated...
Thanks +Robert Scoble for these updates. I'm missing YC Demo Day this year, but hope to angel invest in a couple of these, like I do every year.
+Robert Scoble Thanks for the pseudo-RT reporting on Y Combinator's Demo Day. One of these days I need to plan my SF trips around some big event like this so that I can actually attend. Midwest living has some drawbacks.
Flutter looks like something Microsoft may go after for patent infringement since it is so similar to Kinect
"LVL6 Social mobile games ($$$$, ####)"

Their website has very little information about it, and the game shown has stolen assets from World of Warcraft. I'm completely unsurprised it got 4/4. :P
+Robert Scoble But Microsoft also owns Canesta, the other major player in 3D gesture detection. So they have a lock on IP either through Canesta or licensing through PrimeSense
I am still trying to figure out how +Max Woolf can post so many places at once.
Sorry to say that they all look rather drab. I'm looking for the startup that promises to solve world hunger in 10 years, or make a super positive impact on the world. Givespark is the only thing that meets that goal to any extent. It seems that good ideas are thin on the ground this year.
RE: Your Mechanic ... "I want to be the airbnb of [x]" is something I've heard a lot of lately ... but, like with your mechanic, they a) tend to target incredibly small niches, b) utilize "active" instead of "passive" assets (i.e. mechanic services instead of real estate), and c) focus on services that don't necessarily perform well in a two-sided marketplace. Thoughts?
Seriously, though: Flutter and Sonalight rock.
The most funny comparative analogy I've heard lately was a guy who came to the company where I work and described himself as "The Michael Jordan of selling insurance."
Thank you very much for these +Robert Scoble.
+Olli Astley Tried out Carsabi as well. I like the smooth interface and the +/- market value when you hover over the vehicles.
Thanks for this. Using a few of these already.. priceonomics could be super cool.
I like the idea for Anyperk. It would be great if they included a model similar to a Groupon or Living Social but for corporations to purchase and award to employees if a certain quota were met. Vs. just getting deals from Lands End etc. At the same time this might help some of the smaller or newer work related equipment/service providers as a platform to better market their goods.
Woah, Priceonomics seems very promising. I really like the local results and notify me via email when a great price is detected. I could definitely see Google buying these guys and with a little refinement and optimization adding the results into search.
Kytephone will be a winner. With the inevitability of children having more and more access to hand me down or cheap Android devices this is a no brainer. The control factor will be huge for parents to safeguard their children, but even cooler will be the example of "do your homework to access your game apps" or "hey you've done a great job check your phone for that new app that you've been wanting." Reminds me of being a kid and receiving or losing privilege to my NES or new games based on behavior. Ohh and the educational app pushes will be cool too ;)
beggars can't be choosers (really appreciate this coverage!), but would be cool to see this all imported into a spreadsheet to be sorted by: presentation start time, $ score, # score, etc. Guess I should volunteer!
Robert, you are the grand master black belt 15th dan in listening to pitches. My brain would start to feel like mush and things would blend into one another. Any special Jedi tricks to keep focus?
+Ken Berger Better yet build an app with predictions on how well each startup will do via some type of success line. So if X company gets to this level of funding you get points or if they get purchased try to guess by who and for how much and receive more points. Would be neat to see the leader boards of who comes up with the most accurate predictions.
Just tested Sonalight. Tried saying "sonalight" 3 times but it misses the pronunciation. Was trying to send voice text to a friend on how cool it was. 3rd try is a charm. Glad to know I have an alternative solution now, as my tears don't work with the cops anymore.
99dresses could come out strong with its virtual currency model. It will need tons of advertising and word of mouth to spread and dominate. I would recommend going after the high school/college crowd 1st and hook em young like cigarettes or Apple computers in schools ;)
Great live coverage! It's exciting to see so many startups, but also overwhelming. The $ and # ratings are handy for picking which ones to check out first. Thanks Robert. Will you have a top pick list at the end of day? 
+Mason Rothman, I agree, the virtual currency model is smart. I have seen other sites for clothes and makeup etc. it's hard to find matches to do direct trade. With buttons you can find something to trade later. The rating system will also be important like it is for eBay.
+Jasmine Gu I wonder if we will ever see integration of things like Ebay ratings, Credit scores, Klout scores or FB friend recommendations into programs? Or do the parent companies keep the data private and unable to opt in and share?
+Mason Rothman, possible only when there is one dominant identification across all these different services? I don't see it happening any time soon. Our lives are exposed more and more online, sometimes I wonder how far it will go. 
+Jasmine Gu This is something +Leo Laporte and +Tom Merritt always talk about on and I agree. Right now we are sensitive to certain things being exposed or revealed and yet we become more and more numb to it as time goes by and more exposure is granted.
+Mason Rothman, I agree over time people will be more open to it. Though it also reminds me of some scifi movies, the 'system' knows everything about you and tries to control you. Then the two sides fight, and the good one win :) I think at some point a line needs to be drawn. We just need to figure it out when we get there.
Great way to rank ideas, Robert. Going to use this as a mentoring tool:-)
+Alex Schleber Very useful. Amazing how much is coming out, and how little will survive, though. Lots of creative destruction happening.
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