RIP Bill Hill, inventor of ClearType

I just learned from Microsoft's +Jeff Sandquist that Bill Hill, inventor of Cleartype, font smoothing technology that we all use today, died of a heart attack. Jeff's post is on Facebook:

Here's one of the interviews he did with me, where he forced me to change my perspective.

That got me to record this thank you to him:

He was my first interview on Channel 9, a Microsoft site that I was the video talent for. I went around Microsoft's campus with a $250 camcorder and Bill responded to a blog I wrote, asking for people who had interesting Microsoft stories.

He escaped poverty in his homeland of Scotland by reading voraciously. He told me he visited the library to escape his family's situation, and became the first in his family to go to university thanks to his curiosity about live and his love of learning. I also love that he never forgot his homeland, always was seen wearing a kilt.

Thank you Bill for improving our lives!

Here's the first interview I did with him, where he said Windows is not the most important OS:

So sad to lose another one of our greats but he played a key role in helping me learn to live my life better and he certainly made my screens more enjoyable to read. Thank you Bill!
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