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A new Google Glass competitor?

I bet you are asking "who is Recon?" and "why is Recon a competitor for Google Glass?" It's the company that makes the displays inside Oakley and Smith Micro's latest goggles.

But now Recon is showing off its next product, for this winter, wearable sports devices. AKA "Jet."

So, why should Recon be taken seriously? 

Well, first, Google Glass won't be out this year. But even taking that out of the equation Recon is going after two very fanatical audiences: snow sports and cyclists (both motor and pedal action). The athletes in both areas spend a lot keeping any edge possible. Plus they are one of the places "cool" culture comes from. What they choose is very important and could doom other competitors. 

I used Recon's tech on the slopes back in February. They have the real deal and are adept at making deals to get retail distribution (Apple, Oakley, and Smith). 

There will be more competition to come for Glass, but this definitely keeps the attention on one of the success vectors: will Glass be "cool enough?"

(I think so).
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Looks ugly. Good they made it as this will help to improve google glass's image in peoples mind. The one's here are dorky for lack of any better word
One of the beautiful things the defines Glass is the fact that it's unobtrusive.

That... that's the definition of obstructing. The guys even look uncomfortable wearing it.
Sure glad this is all just 1st generational stuff. Thems are fugly looking.
since you have used both +Robert Scoble which is better?
is the location of Glass or retcon better (seems lower in the FOV)
if both were priced the same which would you get?
This looks like wearing a PC comparing to the Glass.  What would they look like without the tinted lenses?
I don't think the idea is to beautify your face but to augment your world. Perhaps the computerized goggles that are most successful will be the ones that look the spookiest or make you look like a robot-man, the "HuMachine".
To become a mainstream object, which will be inevitable for commercial success, esthetics play a major role. Glass is fashionable, intriguing and just blends enough to not scream "DEVICE" in the onlookers face.
The Recon design...well...yeah. 
It remains to be seen whether aesthetic appeal or augmentation power will be the deciding factor.

Many think BluTooth earpiece makes you look like a jerk, but users like the convenience of it.

Best of both worlds may win: super functionality coupled with fashionable styling that makes you look cool.
going fast and being with my friends and family
They fit my helmet design. And the fact that they are android based and not some mirror api is what I need.
I would say it not the first or last we will see..... 
Attached to the Oakleys its possible I could be mistaken as a member of Spec Ops. Only from the neck-up though.
Please tell me what they are wearing on their head is not the final design.Its ugly 
Looks like the heads-up display Scottie wore in Star Trek. 
A lot of people will care if something they are wearing on their face all day is ugly, I assure you :-). 
So I still think Google Glass will take "Best of Breed" and "Best of Show" when the time comes. However, I love competition and choice within the space. It drives innovation and breeds aggressive pricing. I think this will be great for this type of tech.
That reminds me. I need to write a cycling app for glass. 
Cyclists are where "cool culture" comes from? I don't think you have the same culture. That is very different than everywhere else I've been in these here United States, where, for whatever reasons, cyclists are among the most mocked, popular opinion says uncoolest, awkward group.

And those things look awful. People forget this headgear is going on their face. Glass, even if some don't like it, has quality aesthetics.. This looks... terrible. There is no other side on that. It's objectively bad design, and on your face.
I think it's the Google's platform that's going to add the punch to Glass, and that will make it very very hard for others to compete on a level ground.
Won't see any fat men in the shower wearing those. 
Great idea it makes more sense to use this type of product when your hands are not free. 
I want to get my hands on these to review. I have the current Recon gear, but something for cycling would be nice since I do that year round.
I would like a left Eye Google glass. I don't have any eye issues. 
I thought this was the start of some kind of SNL script when you first panned over to the two dudes sitting stone faced with the star trek glasses.
For some reason I'm imagining a young Mark Mothersbaugh wearing these things. 
I want want want glass functionality in my motorcycle helmet.  If these guys or Google puts this HUD in the motorcycle helmet, it would do 2 things:  1) Encorage a hell of a lot more helmet wearing 2) Demonstrate a lot of great use-cases for the technology.  We won't be wearing them all day like you would glass, but you have much more room for the tech and bigger batteries.
in todays market speed and availability is everything, personally i think google glass is to slow in capitalizing on a brilliant idea and making it widely available 
Wow. These guys needed some prep / media training 
I thought this was a Saturday Night Live skit from the screen shot of those glasses.  I thought they were phones strapped to the sides of their heads, lol.
These guys need to hire an industrial designer. They look like douches.
They are aiming it at cyclists/motorbike riders, ofcourse it looks ridiculous when you sit at a desk demoing it ;)
im sure the styles is the least of a problem to change, it is about getting the tech right 
Just some personal thoughts here, respecting all comments made already:
Recon Jet product is outdoor sports specific. I think the design is kind of ok for that. Of course it can be improved, of course those guys could practice with media training ... But it's really cool to see this interview just after announcement at Google I/O. Concept is still very young but with some very nice features for many sports
Ok. now the women need an app that tells them when guys are looking at your breasts instead of talking to you.. lol Direct eye scanning for relationships could be dangerous.
Great stuff Robert!  One of the problems we have when mountain biking here is south Texas is oncoming bikers, runners and walkers on the trail.  Having sensors assisting the eye to provide advanced reaction time would be awesome.  Thanks for sharing!
I'm sorry, I can't even take this seriously. They look like Terminators and wearing a Super Spy Kid pair of glasses. Back to the drawing board!
The look of the glasses can be changed and molded over time. If android is any type of indicator it will only be a matter of time before you have some RayBans powered by Google and the look portion will be mute (which it will be eventually). It comes down to the software and even Apple is getting stomped on their own phone when it comes to that. Good luck.
If these are the prototypes, not so bad looking. I can remember when the GoPro first came too small, it will break, it looks like a box, who will use this? Fast forward.... it has brought us all those extreme shots that are now world famous. Plus they are expanding their market and they have competition, which makes everyone step up! Thanks for the share, Robert Scoble!!
Those are cool, but why not a flatter, semi-transparent screen that melds into the glasses.  Or a full flat overlay on both eyes?
Why do they have to concentrate on sport glasses?  Open them up to the general population...
They last exactly nine minutes before they have to take the ridiculous things off their faces.
This could run Google's Glass UI home replacement on Android also. Why doesn't Recon just say that they'd like Google to give them the Google Glass software? One can expect that Google Glass UI is going to be free and open source home replacement layer for Android, quite simply.
We should add this to the Google Glass Chapter, which you have right now.