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Tonight I had dinner with a few people who know Steve Jobs' wife Laurene Powell Jobs and/or worked directly with Steve and they all praised his wife as being both kind and strong.

This photo is one that came up several times at dinner. Shot by Lea Suzuki of the San Francisco Chronicle at the end of the keynote address to the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on June 6th shows the strong relationship they both have.

It also shows the emotion Steve had as he finished what would be his last performance on stage.

Over the next few days I bet we get to know Laurene a bit more. I have no idea if she wants the spotlight or not, I imagine that they were so private for a reason, but she will play a key role in the future of Silicon Valley no matter how public she wants to be.

I remember how the Hewletts and Packards reshaped Northern California through their daughter's interests (the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a great example of that).

Laurene Jobs now is one of Silicon Valley's most powerful women and we don't know much about her.

The press is going to push in on her over the next few days, to try to find out more about her.

I hope they give her and their kids space to move and think over the next few weeks as they grieve, but a new chapter in Steve Jobs' legacy is about to start and she and her kids are in control of that.

I can't imagine that it's an easy role to be thrust out into the public, with all eyes looking at you, the way she's about to be.

Let's all send some of this love that's been gushing all over the Internet her way. She's going to need it now.

The original photo was printed here:
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Thanks for sharing this... yes lets hope the press will leave Steve's family to grieve in peace.. What an amazing legacy he has left?
I dont want to sound crass - I am not. But I bet many are fighting over the movie rights now to tell the story about Steve in film.

Looking at the success of "The Social Network" I am sure there will be a massive movie about Steve.. I for one would love to see it - revealing his life from young to old.

Does anyone know who would have the rights to the film?
Priceless photo! Thank you for sharing this.
Robert - yes.. you are right.. looking forward to when it comes out. It was great that Google placed his name on their home page.. a great tribute too
Nice post +Robert Scoble. I too hope the press calm down for this one time and give her some space.
amazing steve for your jobs has done, with your apple to change the analog world to digital world
A moving tribute and the original images tell a great story of strength
Right now its probably better if we did not put attention on her. But I agree she will step up to the plate as one of the most influential and important women in the valley soon enough.
Thank you for this +Robert Scoble I hope it is okay for me to share. Your words are both personal and for us all
Very powerfull and timely shot. And the world did lose a visionary, either you like apple products or not...
It's been a very teary evening. And seeing this brings it all back. Love the photo. It's beautiful. My Steve Jobs tribute post is now live - It's a very extensive post about his death - have curated pretty much everything including photos and video, as well as provided personal insights & stories. Will add this shot (its too moving not to).
It's a new era. A new time. And yes, +Robert Scoble something SV has not seen but, par for the course, something that only a Jobs could make happen
~Sad and Goodbye -Steve Jobs ..We all miss you..
I never wish he should died at this age.. I was willing him to live long and enjoy
Kab Yaj
The only love she needs from the public is to give her and her kids some privacy.
I agree its just hard to go through that especially when its most likely medical, been there twice recently. Check your Skype FYI.
+Robert Scoble Thanks Robert, what a noble, warm and caring gesture on your part. Steve will be missed profoundly, that is very, very tangible. He was like fiery comet that soared across the darksome skies, lighting up our lives in more ways than we'd ever care or dare to imagine. This is a sad day indeed. Yes, let us all show our admiration for Steve by respecting his family's needs in this hour of great pain and sorrow.
I am sure that the life of this Woman, Wife and Mother it is a very inspirational story Robert, I hope she can tell us more about that, or write a book with that story, that could change many lifes again as it happened along the years. Steve is not gone, because he is in our lives everyday like Edison, Gutemberg, Marconi, and many many others. Everytime we open the laptop, the iPad, or when we speak through the iPhone, or when we are listening music on the iPod, The Steve Jobs´s vision is in front of us.

Thanks for sharing your posts Robert.

Well, I cant see any other CEO having this human and sweet interaction with his wife at a worldwide business conference! He was truly different!
Powerful Photo!

Thanks Robert for sharing!

Wish the family strength and 56 yr old Steve Jobs will be sorely missed! 
Such an tangible emotion in this photo. I'm shocked at how much Steve's passing has upset me, I'm only 24 it's not to say I've been following his career in such depth as you Robert but I think that just shows the impact Steve Jobs has had on alot of people worldwide.
I know she will cherish that photo. That type of love and devotion does not end at death. Thanks for sharing +Robert Scoble
earlier i saw a photo of him sitting alone in the park, now this. i cant stop looking at it. he knew life indeed is shot and the end is nearer to us than anything else.
this is very touching indeed, Robert.
grief is private, happiness is public, I am not too sure our condolences will help her much. We just have to leave it to MR Time the great healer to heal
Now that's a great photo. I'm touched
My father called me up this morning and said its like we have lost a member of our family. Personally, I have never been so devastated. It was a huge wish of mine to meet with him, shake hands with him or at least see him from an audience. That's never going to happen. Though my girlfriend condoled me by saying that at least I must feel privileged to have lived in the world in a time when Steve was at his best. I will wish him peace and miss him forever.
behind every successful man, there is a woman. a true saying. i agree with you Robert, completely
Farewell to you Mr. Jobs and all strenght left in this world to his family :(
This is one of the most touching Steve Jobs photos I've seen all day, thanks for sharing +Robert Scoble
This is a really nice photo. I'm in tears right now. I feel so bad for her and the kids. Thank you for finding it. 
This is lovely, thanks RS.

As a mom, this is so moving. Hope it reminds all of us that the first community is our family and the love we share, the shelter we provide, the home we make and extend to other family members and friends is where it all starts, what really matters.

Simply, this photograph is a picture of a woman living a last year with the man she loves. And when you think of what both of them knew privately about the limited future they would be sharing and the demands of the public life they had to keep leading, it's very poignant.
+Robert Scoble Thank you for your kind words. Steve said that death is the best invention of life, it brings in the new... Though this is not the time, but I wish Apple, that they may find 'the ONE' soon to build products that Steve would have built..maybe even better than him. This is what Steve would want.
yep. +Halley Suitt Tucker the photo says it all. love, how strong she is knowing that this is coming. we don't need many words to explain it all. it is all in this. i wish she keeps on moving with all the courage.
Well, holding my 1st gen ipod touch feels like shaking his hands. Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.
amazing picture, can only imagine what's in Steve's head knowing probably this is his last keynote.... sad, sad, sad...
Steve Jobs is one of the two Steve that changed my life so deeply and for the better.

Today is a very sad day and I need to tell how sad I am.

Selfishly, I now think that I'll never have the opportunity to shake his hand and tell him face to face how important he was in my life, how what he did profoundly influenced my life and how thankful I am.

I hope my tiny voice will be heard by his family, friends, colleagues, employees, …

Thank you, +Robert Scoble for sharing this touching and beautiful photo of him. Do you think it's possible to acquire a large version for print?
thats a very touching photo. rest in peace steve jobs.
Looking at this photo all I can think is at the very moment it was taken, he looked loved, the other 999 words this picture tells I'll leave to other fans,friends and family, Scoble thank you for posting this
It's so sad. He was so young... I true inspiration and game changer. If I could accomplish 1% of what he did I would be so proud..
however horrible it may sound, she probably has some relief in knowing that his pain and suffering has come to an end. its a shame he died far too young but his legacy will live on forever in those who he inspired with his thoughtful words and sheer innovation. he will be missed.
I just saw your post on facebook: amazing the difference in engagement:
fb: 55 likes - 7 comments and 18 reshared
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+Robert Scoble "Laurene Jobs now is one of Silicon Valley's most powerful women" What?! Because she is his widow? Maybe you can explain what you mean.
Today morning I made a search about Laurene to know more about her. These two photos were really striking. We never saw her with Jobs anywhere... but she must be a strong lady and we should realize the support she had given to Jobs during his downs and triumphs in last 20 years! Come take a powerful seat in the board
I think that geeks all over the world are sad tonight.
Thank you +Robert Scoble I can't stop myself looking at this photo again and again so emotional & inspiring.
That photo just oozes love, support and comprenetation. My sympathy and support to Laurene and their kids.
He is drawing strength from his wife, we all owe them both a debt of huge proportions. He will live on in both Apple and Pixar but his lost will be felt most in his home by his wife and children.
+Robert Scoble What a wonderful statement!

Thank you for calling on both the press and the public to use compassion and good judgment.

She will become known soon enough.

Give her some room; Give her some space; give her some time.

There is no need for an instant on switch.
I was watching that video from just 4 months ago, you have wonder how much effort he probably had to give to those performance out of the love of his work. Most people would've called in sick by then. Its also sad he's gone so quick.
What a fantastic statement and such a beautiful and moving picture. Very tragic :( x
really perfect photo for this moment - that Steve was able to keep his personal life so private is amazing these days - this brings hope that his family and closest friends will be able to feel and share this loss without the world's voyeurs, as it should be
may the good Lord let him rest in peace and thank him for doing such a great work for the whole world and we never forget about him Steve Job may soul Rest in peace.
+Robert Scoble rhanks for sharing this very touching photo. To me, even more than showing Steve's spouse's strength, it shows Steve's humanity. He must have known he was losing the fight already at that time, just as I knew the end was coming for him when he resigned August. I am happy to know he had more than a month to devote to his final project: be with his family and friends at the end was nearing.
Thank you, Steve, for the impact you have had on so many lives.
I am not an iphone fan, but this man Steve Jobs has been an icon in my life. He created something out of nothing. Rest in peace Steve Jobs!
thanks for sharing this, its the first time I see her.
Her husband forever changed the world. The image expresses that they had a very powerful and loving relationship. I am sure their marriage endured the many obstacles that come with the territory of manifesting brilliant ideas. I pray for Mrs. Jobs and their family. Thank you for sharing this image, Robert.
Extraordinary photo! You can plainly see the love and support Steve had from his wife.
We must thank Gil Amelio for the audacity of bringing Steve Jobs back to Apple and make possible all the great achievements that followed. This fact has been under the radar due to the shocking news of Steve Jobs passing away
If Mrs. Jobs had a G+ account, it would have been swamped by now with warm thoughts.
No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life's change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.SJ
You're wrong, +Perez Olusanjo . Death is not "as it should be". It's an unnecessary tragedy that can and should be overcome with technology.
+Rob Fisher
That means Steve Jobs was wrong too because that was his statement at Stanford university in 2005. Besides if I may ask, how will/can you overcome death with technology? 
Google Steve Jobs at Stanford University 2005
+Perez Olusanjo I didn't know that. I still think it's wrong. I want to see a time when cancer is trivial to cure and people can live as long as they want, not to accept death as inevitable or celebrate it. People are working on it; there is a good chance they will succeed: physics allows it.
I mean this as a compliment, she would have to be strong to be married to Steve.
+Rob Fisher I also want to see a solution to not only cancer but also HIV. But the truth of the matter is death is inevitable; I guess Steve was a spiritual man to some extent.

My believe is that life eternal is not and will not be available in this world but it will in the world that Jesus is coming to establish. 
This photo says everything.
Robert, not sure if you had seen this. Steve Jobs tells Joe Nocera of the NYT in 1986 that he has 5 world changing products left in him. True visionary - article is long, but on page 58 Nocera writes this..We have almost arrived in San Francisco. “I think I have five more great
products in me,” Jobs says, and then goes off on a long, rambling discourse on the joys of working on computers at this particular moment in history.
He compares it to what it must have been like to work for Henry Ford when the automobile was still in its infancy and the technological boundaries were there to be broken. “It must have been the most incredible feeling,” he says, “to know that this was going to change America. And it did!” He grins suddenly. “If we can create the kind of company I think we can, it will give me
an extreme amount of pleasure.”
Ke Qiu
touching, we miss u, Jobs...
The personal side is none of my business and I'll let private things be private and butt out. But on the business side, I wonder how Steve Jobs' shares in Apple and Disney (where he was the largest shareholder) were situated with regard to voting control after his passing. Especially in the Disney case where the Pixar acquisition happened after Jobs already had health issues, I can imagine that Bob Iger wanted the deal crafted in such a way that he didn't have to worry about answering someday to Jobs' widow, who did not have experience serving on the board of a media company. I would not be surprised if the business outcome of all this is that there is some foundation that will get Jobs' share of the dividends from his Apple and Disney stock with restrictions on selling and voting, and the Jobs family will control that foundation and can use the money to support whatever charitable causes they would like. If so, that will give them a great opportunity to do good. And I'm sure they can get great advice from people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and Michael Dell and foundations such as the Packard Foundation to help them get up-and-running and deal with the tsunami of requests that will come when the foundation opens for business.
Maybe he knew it was his last keynote :( Thanks Steve and RIP
I find this post annoying: Robert directs the focus of his enormous audience on Laurene Powell Jobs thereby accelerating the very phenomenon he warns against. But he's first with this angle. I'm sure he meant well. But I wish he had typed this out and read to himself and followed his own advice.
Nice photo. What I love about your work Robert is that you report as a human being and as a result you capture so much more than most people.
May i add that in 1984 he introduced a computer that talked to us, it is a shame his last presentation couldn't have been where he presented a system that listened!
Really emotional.................

Steve Jobs
Transformed the way we communicate
Extended our experiences through the technology he invented
Visionary, creator, innovator, a genius
Entrepreneur that entrepreneurs look up to

Just had the courage to follow his heart and intuition, and...
One more thing...
Became one crazy enough to change the world we live in
Steve Jobs.
I can't stop thinking on that. Thank you Steve.
Thank you for sharing the photo with us. Steve Jobs will be missed. RIP.
+Robert Scoble You write "I hope they give her and their kids space to move and think over the next few weeks as they grieve" - why don't you lead by example instead of posting all of this?
I was down all day yesterday...and i didn't know why, could it be because Steve Jobs died, I mean i never met the guy...But it has effected more than i would ever imagine....:((
A rare glimpse into the personal side of a very famous, yet fiercly private business icon. Great picture.
Well duh - of course his wife wasn't going anywhere - the man had several billion in the bank..
Steve created a lifestyle. He gave folks a vehicle to express themselves whenever they felt like it on a world scale. Our humanity owes him a great deal of thanks. It is rare that someone comes along with his insight and vision he will be greatly missed.
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