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Google+ still is ignoring one important group: Google Apps users. They are Google's best customers. Why are they ignoring them and keeping them out of Google+? I bet brand pages turn on soon and that will bring them in.
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App users - yes!

It still is under way, according to Google+ Help - but do you think that Google would want to brand move all their stuff to Google App Engine?

Or at least register with Google?
If so it would be a fantastic hit for Google - at last then could start selling GMail at large!
What exclusion from G+ are you referring to?
I'm admin for my employer's Apps acct, and I can't wait to get our teams using Hangouts!
That's what I'm guessing too, as Google Apps is primarily businesses or at least targeted towards businesses.... which is by all accounts "brands" as well.
God I hope so. our blog network runs entirely on Apps from a non-editorial infrastructure perspective...
patience Robert !! Google+ is getting every where !!
+Eric Leslie Google Apps accounts do not support profiles and, therefore, Google+ is not accessible.
A heavy tax on Google's early adopters. Recently, I tried to set up my mom, who's on my Google Apps domain, with G+. Way too complicated for her to use the dual account business on her own...
it's stopping me from doing anything with their api, because I want to do it on behalf of the company, - not on behalf of me. :)
There are issues surrounding Google Apps customers though, like what happens when you're not the admin and you get blocked from your own account by the admin? Things like that...
+Robert Scoble I note that you can now do hangouts around docs. Surprisingly, I think that's the killer feature. Give people something useful they can do with this platform and no other. That will get them in. Then marketing applications (brand pages) make sense. You can only market to people who are there.
See that Hangout with Docs feature? They're gonna do this right, and make social networking work for organizations with rich, unparalleled collaboration.
YES - as an Apps user with my own domain, and a non-app account with the same email address (I know - sounds a mess - but I'm not alone), the fact that Apps profiles are consistently ignored is unbelievably annoying, and means I now have three Google accounts in order to to be able to access everything I want.
It would split your identity for starters... they'd loose the identity they're trying hard to build. I don't want to have one for business, one for home, one for school... This is one area they can beat facebook at - one that facebook preemptively fixed. I imagine they will have one profile and other ways of attaching your apps logins...
They have terms of service to comply with and need to do it right. Agree that it will likely come with brand pages but don't think that Google are ignoring Google apps users. I think they are highly aware of how important they are.
+Richard Goodwin You know you can forward all the email to one account, and send email any account as well right? It's pretty easy to consolidate GMail accounts
Waiting for Brands. That sure is a big catch!
+Robert Scoble I think they will bring apps users in G+ after introduction of Brand pages, because that will make right business sense. Already most of administrator of apps users are in G+.
The fact I have to use a different browser for Google+ since my Google Sites account requires me to use a non-gmail account is even worse.
Google Apps is for stable solid products G+ is still in beta.
+James Pakele But you cannot consolidate other pieces easily between your Google Apps account and your standard Google account. Email is the easiest to consolidate. Docs, Photos, etc., are challenging to say the least.
I work at a University that is on Google Apps for EDU, and being able to automatically populate students, staff, and faculty in circles based on class, section of a class, dorm, fraternity/sorority, student org, admin department, is gonna be HUGE. Now if they'd just hand us the keys to that one. Couple that with Sites, you could even go as far (dare! dare!) to slay the behemoth of Blackboard. Save your homework as a Doc in Google Docs and share with the professor. Circles and hangouts for discussions and class assignments for off campus students. It's gonna BLOW UP, and that's the one thing that the main stream media, the tech pundits, and even you +Robert Scoble haven't hit on yet. Education is gonna devour this. I'm ready.
+Robert Scoble I know that you are using the term "ignoring" to provoke the conversation. ;-) I am certain that Google is doing just the opposite of ignoring their Apps customers. Apps customers (I am one of them) have always been on the lagging side of Google's technology moves.
I'm still waiting. One of my "customers" on my apps account is stuck in limbo with a partially converted account and has to log in with
+Dominique Walker Not only is it still in Beta, it only entered Beta today. ;) ... agree that apps customers will need to be served with a stable platform.
I think Google doesn't want Google Apps users to try beta products
I cant wait for the day when I share a document by dragging it to a circle.
+Robert Scoble +Daniel Williams what happens when to all the content created under a Google Apps account when an employee/student is separated from the company/university that owned the account?
I agree. I use Google to host my main email, which uses my website name ( as any freelance professional would do rather than But then in order to access G+, I had to resort to a gmail address that I almost never use. When using a single browser, if I want to look at G+, while logged on as I have to logout and login as If I want to read my email on the web, I need to do the reverse. Not convenient.
+Khürt Williams +Robert Scoble That's still to be defined, and I'm guessing it's going to be a coupling of policies on Google's end for retention, and Univeristy policies. But I would bet money Google Takeout comes in to play to let you get all of your content as you exit the university.
+QT Luong , if you're using Internet Explorer (other browsers, i don't know) but with Internet explorer, you don't have to log out, you can open an "inprivate" window and sign in as someone else.
+Daniel Williams what if the employer/university doesn't want you to have the content when you leave? My employer won't let me copy my email to take with me when I quit/get fired? Will they?
+QT Luong You can be logged in to both, you just need to turn on multiple account support and then use switch accounts/sign in to another account. At that point you will have both open in the same browser and be able to use both, but it is a hastle.
Scoble you make such inflammatory statements. I'm sure google isn't "ignoring" Google Apps users, updates take time.
It seems to me a lot of folks think Google Apps = personal domain hosted accounts. That was never the intent. It was meant for business use and we need to keep in mind that there are entities with employees numbering in the thousands that use Google Apps. That means this needs to be well thought out and executed. Not a beta.
+Doug Black From the cries I see from Google Plus users it does seem they are kept in the dark as to when it will be available to them.
+Khürt Williams It all depends on the employer, and the allowance of Google Takeout will probably be dependent on each individual employer.
+Richard Goodwin Forward all emails to a single account, I setup filters to label which emails come from each account... setup that 1 account to "send mail as" the other accounts... then you need to sign into only that 1 account.

Make sure you share the docs and calendars... done.

I have 4 accounts that I receive emails for and send email as, but only ever sign in to one single account...
Does anyone know if I can tie my YouTube channel into Google+?
Do not forget that a lot of Google Apps accounts are not used by companies or schools. A lot of people, including me, use gapps for their own domain. Sometimes with just a single account, sometimes with accounts for every family member. These are the folks that are left out in the cold without support for Google Profiles. It was promised over a year ago when Buzz was announced and it still isn't available.
+Patrick Schmitz That may be, however, they can't develop for just that sector, they need do develop for the user base by and large...

Filter everything through a standard account and all is well...
I have several accounts on Google. Total pain that I have to be logged in with my gmail account to use Google Plus, and the multiple account support is broken.
I agree. This is a silly oversight that should have been resolved by now. As others have said, it's not just businesses and NGOs they're missing out on but also lots of families that run family-based email addresses through Apps.
I have to agree with +Patrick Schmitz. It's a little disappointing I can't use my personal branding to get on Google+
Given the demand for it I can only assume that there is some technical challenge that is preventing Google from opening up Google+ to Google App users. Likely not something they can publicly talk about...
I was so stoked when I saw "open to anyone" - been waiting for Apps users to get in. I know there's talk of G+ being an "identity" service... and my primary user name, at my domain name is my identity. In the mean time, I'm using and supporting G+ ... and will have to recreate all of my circles when it turns on. Hopefully, the people that follow me will do it over again.
+Robert Scoble we are definitely not ignoring Google Apps customers. Rather, we're working furiously to bring G+ to them. There are complexities involved when you introduce an administrator to the equation - one who can toggle any particular Google service on/off for his/her users, as they can in Google Apps. We want to get this right.
It's the same for me +Tommy George. I would like to use my gapps account as all my other services, like reader, mail, calendar, docs, picasa and youtube are tied to iy. I don't think I will be able to migrate my profile to that gapps account, so I have to recreate everything. Using two different google accounts in the browser is also very annoying.
Robert : Finally with the G+ API there more close to attract this users. 
+Dave Girouard Agree that you should not rush things and release something that is not working, but it has been real silent with next to no information, which can be interpreted as ignoring the matter.
And if you really want to do it right: make migration possible.
I moved my personal mail to google apps 2 years ago now. So I resurrected an old gmail account for plus.
I am looking forward to further integration.
As +Dave Girouard said, "There are complexities involved when you introduce an administrator to the equation - one who can toggle any particular Google service on/off for his/her users, as they can in Google Apps. We want to get this right."

If I was a large enterprise customer I would most definitely want Google to get this right. I would want complete control over which of my employees gets access to Plus and how it's used. I would want to have audit logs of all G+ activity. I would want to be able to shutout employees who left the company. I would want to be able to block/restrict certain kinds of content.

Not every Google Apps customer is two guys in a garage.
Just updated the Android G+ app and now the widget doesn't work when you move it to your SD card....:(
I think they should have launched + on Apps, then moved to public. Better yet, they should stop the "first for personal, then for apps" stuff altogether.
Glen, that's EXACTLY what I'm talking about. My identity is tied to my gmail account, but to do the work with the intranet ... we have to use a different identity. Crazy.
Ron W
I also cannot understand as to why Google did not give access to Google+ for paying Google apps customers. Maybe they see this as a different segment of customers. They may think that Google apps customers are more business like and that initially they want more people on a social network like Facebook to join Google+. Target may have been different. 
+Robert Scoble Yeah, that is annoying several of my friends as well. I keep asking them why they don't check it more often & that is their answer... Hopefully Google will inclue them sooner than later
Perhaps it is because in the testing phase,but now,it's open?
Google+ brand pages probably will not open for all Google App users at first, but through invitation in the early phrase.
Clearly Google are testing features on the general public that they intend to bring to Google Apps. Consumer users are likely to be more forgiving of a few early bugs, especially when it's all free.

However, it does overlook the fact that many people use Google Apps simply to keep everything under their own domain and they're not necessarily business users. As many people have pointed out, these are the early adopters, techies and influencers that Google really ought to be targeting first.

The problem we have now is that we have such a mix of Google accounts and no easy way to merge them.
I wrote about my saga with Google accounts on here recently:
Anybody tried it today? Someone from a Google Apps domain "got my invite" today and we've been able to have a "shared" conversation. But I suppose it might be a limited trial.

Oh, and Google wasn't ignoring them. It's just that domains require an extra level of isolation and control. Real companies (as opposed to vanity domains) want the ability to control visibility so they can ensure things like discussions about new products won't ever be public. It takes time to implement such and make absolutely sure it's working correctly.
As a school technology director, who has Google Domains, having Google+ in the domain and to use Hangouts for virtual field trips, Office hours and professional development sessions would be unbelievably powerful.
any news on this? need to bring in three google app'ers ...
There's other groups who is forgotten, too !

The Group of Non-Android or IPhone Users like Nokia, Windows and Blackberry. They have only a not working correctly mobile Version.

I myself have an Nokia Xpress Music 5200 and the normal PC Website runs without bugs but the mobile webversion has a lot of bugs .-.

Is Nokia dead ?
I just activated G+ for my Google Apps account. Is there a way to transfer all of my circles and stuff to the new account? Please say yes.
You could try "takeout"; I think that will export your circle information. Unfortunately, it won't help with all the people who have circled you.
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