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Heh, a photo I shot of +Danny Sullivan's work space yesterday caused him to write up his experiences. I struggle keeping all these different platforms and OS's running as well as Danny has them running but I do appreciate Danny's approach to how he covers things and this is why.

Do you try to keep multiple platforms up and running and your skills up in all? How do you cope?
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I've got a Nexus S, iPhone 3G and Bold 4, in addition to a MacBook Pro and a Windows desktop. Took me a little time to adjust, but it's really easy for me now.
It sure is. And I think it is great that way.
+Robert Scoble that's a really good question. And once again shows why you are such a leader on these topics, you are not afraid to ask the questions that the rest of us think about asking but fear too, because somehow it may seem we are not cool or something...

Collaboration, and listening to colleagues and friends is one way, but nothing beats using devices yourself.
I'm a multi-platform guy myself. Makes life more interesting.
Own a Mac laptop, Windows Enterprise Desktop, Linux Parrell Running on both. Iphone and an Adriod for App Testing. I am a terrible chooser.. ;)
Let's see... between Gingerbread, Honeycomb, OS X Tiger & Lion, Win7, XP, Linux Mint, ChromeOS, iOS...I like to mix things up. It keeps life interesting.
We have outsourced an eBook reader app for our platform (which runs on 30+ CentOS Linux servers) that works on Android 2.2 and 3.1 and 4.0... we also needed to test it on the iPad and the iPhone. We have coded it on Macs, VAIOs and no name Win-PCs... we are 2(!) people developping. Could you imagine on what sh*tpile of tech gadgets I am sitting? The diversity of the marketplace is kind of tricky to address as a web company... and don't think HTML5 is any form anywhere a real help :-/
Linux, Chrome OS, and Android here
hi +Beau Grant . I need some commas, I'm using 3 operating systems on a daily basis:
Chrome OS,
Chrome OS is awesome. I've got a CR-48 Google Beta test unit that I have been using pretty much daily for over a year. But if it breaks, I would pay to purchase one of the ChromeBooks.
I used my iPhone and Nexus One interchangeably for almost two years for testing, because we develop mobile apps. The iPhone was my predominant phone because its just better than N1 (more polished).
But when I got the Galaxy Nexus, ICS is as good as iOS, but after having a large screen I couldn't use the iPhone anymore, things just seem so tiny, almost like using a BB bold after trying an iPhone.
So I am now carry mostly my Galaxy Nexus.
iPad, is of course the only tablet I can use. All Android tablets just suck in terms of performance.
For desktop, I only use Windows, Visual Studio is by far the best IDE for developers, there simply is just no competition for that.
I don't do the iOS development myself, otherwise I would need a Mac I guess :)
Firefox is my main browser, but chrome, Safari and IE are installed and I use them for development/testing.
Sounds like how I roll. I run windows 7 on my MacBook pro and my main phone is a lumia 900, previously a galaxy s II. For me, its whatever the best tool for the given task at hand is, brand be damned.
I love that there is choice open to me. I use Ubuntu + Vm's for win XP and 7 now. Android phone.

I use web based tools where possible, google services except Docs because most people I work with are stuck using MS office.
I do try to keep up to date on at least knowing how to use several OSes because I find myself being asked to fix people's computers when they get in a pinch. This is why they recommend that you not tell people your good a fixing computers.
I've got a Mac desktop that I'm running VirtualBox on for Windows, and a Dell Studio 17 laptop that has Ubuntu 12.04 on it (that I also run VirtualBox on for Windows). Visio is the app I can't get away from...
Two well used laptops, one with Windows 7, another with Ubuntu 10.4, one dusty iPod Touch that I rarely use, one well used HTC Incredible and 2 well used Kindles - a Fire and a Keyboard edition.

In the Cloud I use Google, Dropbox for most general stuff, Amazon, obviously for books and video, but have my toes in, and SkyDrive as well just in case.
At the house, I have an iMac, a Macbook Air, two Macbook Pros, two Solaris service hosting 10TB each, in mirrored ZFS pools, VirtualBox hosting Windows Home server for PC backups of a three PCs backups. My work PC, is Windows 7 with a Windows XP VirtualBox for a particular clients VPN. I also have two other Solaris Servers each hosting 3 Linux instances for a 6 machine system that I use for misc stuff.

Overall, this is quite a few things to look after, but I use windows home server to not have to worry about the PCs. I can restore any of them from a backup as needed. I use ZFS on solaris to "bullet proof" all of the associated file systems. They are mirrored, plus another machine has a complete copy of the same file systems, so I have 4 unique devices with the same data as backup.

WHS 2011running as a VM on Solaris with disk images on top of ZFS fixes all of the problems that Microsoft had with how to expand storage on WHS.
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