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Pulse moves to HTML 5: awesome news app

The competition for news apps heats up as +Pulse moves to HTML 5. What does this do? First it brings Pulse to desktop and laptops for the first time (it started out as an iPad app). It also demonstrates how Windows 8 will be cool for developers. Get it now at

Very awesome stuff, don't miss what's going on here. +Flipboard killer in the works? Sure looks like Flipboard has serious competition!
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I used to use Pulse, but then switched to Google Currents. nice to see it expanding to the desktop might have to give that a try.
Haven't used either in a while.  Their novelty wore off quick.
Pulse is already superior for offline use. Flipboard is better eye candy.
+Pulse might just be my favorite Android app (and among my top 5 most used) - it has always had a great phone and tablet interface and is always the one I come back to after trying other news aggregators. Finally getting it on the web is a huge win!
I loved it when it first came out, but even many of my friends said the same thing that they don't find it usable anymore.  I'm gonna fire it up again and see how it goes.
flipboard shows less content. I hate having to flip over and over again just to see more. Pulse is better IMHO. I can see more headlines on a single page. News 360 on the other hand is better on tablets.
Ok, I just checked it out - am I missing something? All that pulse has are preselected news sources, and I can't add either my GoogleReader-feed, or twitter, or anything else I would like, for that matter. Maybe I didn't spend enough time with it, but at first glance this is nothing at all like flipboard. Meh.
+Ernest Marvin Esteban - I agree. While I do think Flipboard is definitely the prettier of the two, I like being able to see as many stories as possible at once. This is why I always get impatient with Flipboard - I'm never quite sure what the next story will be. Maybe I'm not using it correctly?
I used pulse on my xoom initially as they were the first to optimize for the tablet. But like others have noted the novelty wore off really quickly and I find myself using Feedly on a daily basis to read my news (I am beta testing the new version and its really nice)

The only time I use Google Currents is when im travelling because the offline reading is very good.
Now that's Responsive Design working right there! Developers should always target their web sites for all devices, screen sizes etc.  That should be their first point of call.  Not getting an iPhone app out... then worry about the mobile version of the site! 
Great effort +Pulse I think "Share with G+" would be a good addition once you open the news article. 
+Robert Scoble looks and runs great as a FluidApp on my Mac. The only problem for me is the Internet Explore logo at top right :-)
I seem to have been using Pulse much less over the last year. Currents, Feedly, Flipboard and the Pure News Widget have taken over the news feed responsibilities.
A quick test run on three devices has been a little underwhelming:
1. Galaxy Nexus JB -  Doesn't render with any meaningful usability at all. The big sidebar and a stamp size picture scroll next to it.
2. Desktop - Big Wall of articles. Looks nice. Scrolling is a little jittery. Will an HTML5 app get the smoothness of the original Pulse? remains to be seen.
3. Galaxy Tab 10.1v JB (CM10) - It was pretty unusable on this but I'd forgive it as I'm running a pretty experimental build on a device long forgotten by Samsung & Vodafone! :)
I've had Pulse on my Kindle Fire since the Fire came out.
I prefer my news feeds in a linear stream. I can't stand the "wall o' content" look where points of entry are here, there and everywhere. 
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Where's the Taptu love?  I find myself going back there as often as I do Flipboard and Pulse.  Currents was pretty bad at initial launch.  Seems better now, but first impressions and everything....
I want a news reader that takes all my RSS subscriptions and uses smart AI and social signals to REMOVE stuff, not add.
Just tried it on my Nexus 7.  Definitely not as fluid as they mentioned but still works well!  
Pulse in HTML5 looks awesome, especially for photography based content. Though I still think there is room for someone to come along with a mind blowing new competitor. Flipboard, Pulse and the others are beautiful, but I don't feel like the ultimate news reader has been developed yet.
About time desktops got more visual news apps!
My console says "FB" is not defined. For one, I don't have a FB, but 2, my wife is logged in on her FB account and her session is good. Looks like a JS error... not off to a good start
Works in Chrome for me. Interested to see how much backwards compatibility there is. I'll have to see if it works on older IE browsers for pure interests sake.
Doesnt open up on my browser. I am running Chrome 21 :|
I haven't used Google Currents in months, even after really trying to like it. Then, I purchased a few magazines through the play store and noticed that when you click "text view," it turns the magazine into a gCurrents-styled article that works surprisingly well. It gave me a new appreciation for currents (not enough to reinstall it) and seems like a perfect fit.
Awesome! Another laggy app to collection of lag-html5-fest. :)
Pulse is a cool news platform with engineering chops but missing deign chops. It's a better problem to have! The flip version of it would have sucked.
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