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OK, I'm trying this community thing out. Here I created a community for those of you who are building a company. 

Already I'm tired of the notifications but I've long ignored notifications from Google+ because Google just refuses to give us noise controls (I can't see private messages sent to me here because of the flow of notifications, for instance). 

But looks good, we'll see how it goes. 

Anyone have any great communities that are already rocking and rolling? Post yours in the comments below.

What's funny is it wouldn't let me invite my circle of entrepreneurs. Says I can't invite so many people. So I posted it to 2.9 million people instead.  Sigh. Who makes up these stupid limitations?
Building a Company
Discuss culture. Tools. Business plans. Funding. Anything that goes into building a company.
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You can turn community notifications off...
google is probably trying to prevent spamming
The Photoshop/Lightbox community is already pretty active.
"An Englishman makes up his mind best when it is almost too late." Thanks for drawing our attention anew to the microcommunity aspect of Google+, Robert. :)
I'm not sure how a Community differs from a Circle. I could start a Community on some interest I have, but not sure if it will be worth spending a lot of time on it.

Is it good for SEO? or gaining clients?

If not, I'm too busy to mess with it, or join any communities, right now. Maybe later.
+Steven Streight  Communities are like "inverted circles" - they allow people to join your interest, instead of you having to circle them to give them targeted content.
I joined +Robert Scoble's Building a Company community. Just click on the image, right above "View Community".
Working fine for me +Steven Streight , you may need to disable some extensions if you are using Chrome as some aren't compatible yet.
Yes I just said it is working fine. I said I joined the community.
I think communities are a great addition to Google+, and take it a step further to being an interest network. I suspect that the best communities will ultimately require a fair amount of moderator attention to prevent them degenerating into trash.

I hope Google are also developing content channels (aka public circles, facets, sub profiles), as a means of noise control for the stream. It would be good to follow individuals' topics as well as join communities.
OK - it's growing like *! From 39 to oder 150+ in 20mn... Probably will be overcrowded and thus useless within an hour. Is that one of the burdens of being +Robert Scoble? 
I still do not see communities around a lot of topics I am interested in, while there are too many communities focused on fewer topics. Waiting for the excitement for communities to cool off so that we can get something real happening. #Communities  
+Robert Scoble  Yah - I know. But it seems to be incredibly hard to "organize" such a huge crowd and get things done. But I assume you see yourself more as an initiator (less a manager) - So thanks for that! 
Too new to recommend any communities at this point.  I've had invites to 4 and 2 of those are for Firefly so I've a feeling this is going to be messy before things settle down.
I will join this group...but a little later when things settle down here. I just got my stream & notifications somewhat under control. And will be waiting for google tweaking this one. (Agree it will be messy for a while)
+Michael Meehan The thing I have learned using google products over the years is patience, especially being in the UK where we get updates, minutes, hours, days, months or even years after the US.
+Michael Meehan Google's blog post calls it a preview, which probably tells you why there isn't mobile support on day one.
Its a great idea +Robert Scoble If properly maintained, many good developers might create nice services. Most open source developers are really not  aware of all the points, like funding. 
I started one +Robert Scoble just because I need some comic relief these days and doesn't everyone need a laugh now and then? That said, I don't usually post humorous content here so I don't necessarily want the things I post there going to my profile page... I hope some funny people join & post so I can just visit for a laugh ;)
So far, I reallly like the Communities, Robert! Too early to tell, but the feature would seem to solve two massive problems: [1] That isolated "ghost town" feeling that some non-techies experience on g+ because their friends use other services; and [2] G+ Trolls (hopefully, please dear heavens. Make it so!) LOL :D
The 2.9M you posted to all subscribed to view your posts by circling you. The large list of entrepreneurs you were unable to invite were not necessarily subscribed to you, so it makes sense to me there is an invite limit as it would otherwise surely be exploited by spammers. I don't however agree that anyone who has you circled should count against your invite limit.
There will never be noise control for heavy users like you on a public forum like this. And communities kick ass.
There could be. It's just a design thing. 

Blizzard, one of the most successful game developers around, build their games first for hardcore users--the people who will play the game the most, find all the corner cases, etc--and then they make it accessible for everyone else (something known as the donut principle, or something like that). 
hey rob, really cool to see people like you helping others gain knowledge when they are branching out on a new venture, keep up the good work..
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