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Salespeople: here's a way to make better proposals

Are you a salesperson that needs to make good sales proposals? Quoteroller at makes it easy to make nicer proposals. What do you get in return for this new approach? Real-time analytics so you know if your proposal was considered Collaboration with clients, so you can update a proposal in real time.

This is another example of how everything in business is getting rethought by startups. Will this be useful for you? If you ever need to make a proposal to a potential client, I think so.
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I guess we all need to improve our sales processes.
thanks - Awesome +Robert Scoble We have spent nearly 100 hours the last 6-months on a moving target style budget+contract with a major hospital and anything, that would reduce this time requirement, improve adaptability to change orders, line-item approvals and trackng, client-collaboration tools and ideally project management and billing post-booking would be worth its weight in rare Earth metals. We have the booking, but as a small business, the cost of both pre and post sales administration is onerous!
as someone who is in sales full time, this sparks an interest. The pricing model doesn't match the need though. If your gonna do 50+ proposals a month over unlimited people, you are also using some from of CRM like Salesforce. For 900 bucks a year for their Enterprise plan, I'd rather use the tools that the CRM tool gives you then something that is not integrated with my sales process. Also, if I am going to give my sales data over to someone building a solution in the cloud, there needs to be a lot more published info about security. To turn over that data, I want to feel 200% confident. I don't from their website. I look forward to seeing how the product evolves.
Hopefully they will have Salesforce integration at some point - I would imagine that would be a sticking point with my organization as well +John Head
Dan O
Security and integration are hot topics. I hope they will address them directly on their web site.
+John Head I'm with you on both points; certainly a great idea however I see it more as a CRM add-on than a standalone offering.
This is really cool for most small/solo professional service firms. Wouldn't work too well with RFP processes, though. Love the fact that it integrates with Freshbooks, etc.
+Brian Hill I agree reason I went on my own to stay away from RFP Processes. :)
This looks like Proposable from a few years ago.
+Thomas Speck I agree - if I am going to spend money on this, I want it from the CRM vendor. Like buying an app on the app store vs. going to the app directly.
Robert, thanks a lot for the interview. To all - the url is and, yes, we are going to integrate with Batchbook & Nimble. Cheers!
Great to see you on here Mikita. Really impressed with Quoteroller from my own review of your application and it has proven to be a popular integration here at +Xero Accounting Software keep it up!
Thanks Ronan! Waiting forward to see your team in SF.
+Raul Colon I see. With +Nimble free for for single user account it's a great solution for family & friend contact manager.
Ok, enough about Nimble ... back to the Quote Roller conversation. +Mikita Mikado appreciate the confirm once again. Have a great day wherever you are!
Looks like it could be useful for small businesses
You are welcome +Nimble! Need to wave the pompoms for your software as it has helped me "break the ice" numerous times now.
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