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I love IFTTT: lets you control the Internet and now mobile

Before we start, yeah, yeah, not on Android yet. I now give everyone crap about that (I don't have an iPhone anymore) but forgive that. This is worth watching and learning about, if you don't know about already.

What is IFTTT? It lets you build scripts that do wild things. Too many to explain.

If you are a geek and haven't at least tried IFTTT give back your geek stripes. Watch this to see just what kinds of things IFTTT can help you do.
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All I want is for IFTTT to be able to let my WordPress posts auto-post to Google+, but every script I tried didn't work.
I love IFTTT, the only problem with the iPhone version is that the app has to be active for the recipe to work.
Still doesn't aggregate tweets based on a hashtag and SMS them to my phone, which is what I really need.
+Robert Scoble needs to upload a quick version of his videos. I never have enough time to watch these long ones.
Whoa.  When I opened this post I got the IFTTT Newsletter via email asking me to download the iPhone app.  Super convenient, privacy concern, or coincidence?
Yeah. Get back to us when you have an Android version. 
Did you also notice that they have added 3 new iOS channels with it?
For Reminders, Photos and Contacts. 
Make an app for iOS does not mean you're going well. When they make an app Android we talk abou it.
IFTTT is amazing but totally wasted on iOS as apps can't run in the background properly. They'd have been better just making a Tasker plugin and forgetting iOS.
I have mixed feelings about IFTTT. On the one hand, it's genius. On the other hand, it woke me up at 4 AM way too many times when the web server decided to try to kill itself.

But still, nagios + IFTTT phone call alert = great. Just have to convince the servers to only die during regular business hours.
I seriously don't understand why they put a free app with this sort of functionality on iOS first. This screams Android. I would love to try this, come on IFTTT
this is a riot.  or will be.  gonna watch it.
I've got like 30 public recipes and just love that site. It powers my entire networks. I use it for so many things. I still can't believe it's free and I do expect premium levels soon. 
IFTTT is genius in that it's programming for the masses
IFTTT is awesome. This is like a recipe based version of tasker that integrates with social apps. 
I can't live with out IFTTT.  It automates my automations.
They need Google+ integration and an Android app. Until then it is not that useful to me.
Why iOS first?
Because... reasons.

iOS users seem to be more engaged/dependent in their device usage.

I have yet to read an Android equivalent of this EBay study:!/entry/ebay-studies-app-culture-finds-iphone-users-highly-dependent,51df70f8da27f5d9d0f6a235

Mobile/tablet browsing share is massively skewed to iOS:

Jason Grigsby on cloud four blog tries to explain the observation that though overal browsing is skewed to iOS, that Android tends to match iOS browsing when you filter only for cellular usage

"People at lower income levels are less likely to have access to Wi-Fi networks on a regular basis. I believe a lot of differences between iOS and Android can be attributed to income level differences between the users of the devices. Last year, Comscore published data showing that 81% of iPhone owners in the United States were above the median income level."

iOS users buy more apps, spend more on them (5 times more on games than Android users), spend more on in app purchases.

However ifttt plans to monetize, they aren't yet wrong with an iOS focus.

I started using this years ago and the novelty wore off very quickly. Maybe that is because I can code properly and what was on offer was very limited. Maybe it has improved?

+Craig Bowers - I disagree. Apple users buy more simply because they buy into gimmicks more.... hence they are willing to pay the "Apple tax". From my experience (granted in the uk) there are more kids with iPhones than adults.... maybe that explains the games. 
Does anyone know a way to use iftt to "If G+, then Facebook"? WIthout involving external services like Gplus?
I use IFTTT quite a bit and really enjoy it. I have a few WiMo's from Belkin so I can use my iPhone to do things like power off my cable modem, then power it back up - even if it is 4am and I am in bed. Not having to walk across the house to find the right cord to pull to get my Internet back online is really very cool.

I've also used a lot of other recipes to do things like send me the weather at certain times (and for various places). I get a text message and don't have to go look for information I know I'll need every day - instead that information comes to me.

Very cool stuff and getting more powerful all the time.
when are they going to allow us to use more than two variables?
+Richard Hall if IFTTT is gimmicky and limited as you seem to imply,and iOS users have an affinity for that, there's another reason for them to focus on iOS first.

But let's not try and resurrect the Apple tax myth.
The markup on the Microsoft surface RT (until they saw it wasnt selling) was far more than the ipad.
My Lenovo ultrabooks at the office are substantially more money than MacBook Air's.
HP and Lenovo (comparable models) all-in-one's here are no cheaper than the iMac.
And the HTC One 32GB smartphone unlocked is the same price, to the dollar as the iPhone 5 32GB, here in Canada.

Now look at the Microsoft tax when it comes to the price of Office apps, App Store licensing, Server OS costs (with Microsoft it's a different install which starts at $1000 vs a $20 add-on which upgrades your workstation into a server).
+Craig Bowers - I said IFTTT was gimmicky and limited a couple of years ago when I used it briefly. I asked if it had improved. I will check it out again.

There is still an "Apple tax". It might not exist so much with phones anymore (is that because operators can control prices??), but it does with laptops and tablets. I notice you focussed on the MS tablet. Why when the main competitor is Android? Android tablets (of which there is a choice) are cheaper and do more than iPads these days. There is really no denying that. Laptops are interesting to compare. The cost of a bottom of the range MacBook can get you a far more powerful PC without even trying. 

There was a time when Apple was maybe worth a bit more money. Now, since they have forgotten to innovate in favour of litigating, that time has gone.

Anyway, I was only really replying because of your implication that poor people use Android. My point was really suggesting that more kids go for iPhones these days while adults are switching to Android (in the UK especially). Kids are more likely to download paid games whereas adults tend to be more selective of what they download. On Android there are a lot of free apps that cover a lot of adult needs. SO why pay?

You are probably right about them selecting the right operating system anyway. If it hasn't improved since I last used it then on Android Tasker will still easily beat it for use with a phone. 
Use PushBullet for Android connected to IFTTT all the time. But an IFTTT app would certainly be nice to do the opposite (BTW- it can be done via Tasker already but takes more work than many would do).

I do like IFTTT but for the "Internet of Things" / Contextual, it needs the be expanded a bit to be truly functional. For example, a recipe like IF Phone is Home THEN Set Nest Temp to 70 is great but not perfect. Contextual triggers needs to account for more than one node data point. Example is it should allow for IF "Mark's Phone OR +Robert Scoble's Phone are in the Office" THEN Set Temp to 70.  Adding simple AND/OR statements really expand the power of IFTTT. I understand simplicity but I don't think this would kill the simple design of IFTTT by any means but opens the tool up for world domination!  
+Richard Hall Things must be radically different on the other side of the pond.  The demographics here in North America is that I see more iPhones in adults hands.  Android phones tend to fall into those who are price sensitive, replacing feature phones, or on the higher end with those who know exactly what they want in a phone.

Games:  I don't see many "kids" paying for their own apps, at least until they're in senior high.  It's the parents disposable income paying for those.
I see a lot of 30's-50's folks in the mobile game field, because it's a bit like the Nintendo Wii demographic.  More approachable simple games that don't take a large time or learning curve commitment.  Their something you can fit in for a few minutes in a bank or checkout line, or on the commute.  Stats show "lots" of people are paying.  As for me, I'm an IT dad in his 40's with daughters.  Our iTunes account has topped 900 apps (free and paid, and a few specialized occupation related apps have been $20, $50, $90).  I typically roll with about 400 apps on my phone and tablets.  But the perhaps dated stats for the average/norm iphone user was 10-15 apps added to the base load.
+Richard Hall" There was a time when Apple was maybe worth a bit more money. " And you suggested the Apple tax still applied to desktops and laptops.  I'm not sure you're seeing the industry reporting I am.

Apple still tops J.D. Power and Associates customer satisfaction survey in phones and tablets

Apple again topped the American Customer Satisfaction Index, for desktops,  laptops, and tablets. -

Apple tops Forrester's computer manufacturer customer satisfaction surveys.

PCWorlds index ranking

Desktops - (generally matched or beat all other PC brands):  best score in reliability categories "least significant problems" and "Satisfaction with reliability"

On "Performance for the price"
Matched: Dell for Home, Compaq, Acer for Home.
Surpased: Lenovo for Business, Dell for Business, HP for Business, Sony, eMachines.

Apple topped the list for desktop owners "most likely to recommend"

Apple posted top spot in:
Display quality
Pointing device

Tied for top in:
Performance for the price

Customer support:
Best score in "Overall satisfaction with service"
Lowest count in column "problems left unresolved be customer support"

Best score in:
"laptops easiest to use"
"most likely to recommend"


Yes, you can spend less for a PC desktop/laptop, than an Apple desktop/Laptop, but that doesn't mean you should.

And that's not me speaking, that's the collective polled, all of us speaking.

But back to mobile, since the IFTTT app runs on iphone and ipad.
Previously posted that you can spend the exact same price for comparable Android phones, and you felt that might be carrier controls.  Again if we look at tablets.

Restricting to the highest rated ones at Best Buy (Canada, so perhaps not as cheap as US prices).

Sony Xperia Z 10.1 16GB - $499
Apple iPad with retina 16GB - $479

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 32GB - $499
(agreed here that Android wins by a bit)
Apple iPad with Retina 32GB - $579

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 16GB - $350
(Android wins by a hair)
Apple iPad 2 16GB - $379

Samsung Galaxy Note 8" 16GB - $429
Apple iPad mini (7.8") 16GB - $319

If you go slightly smaller, the Google Nexus 7" 16GB can win at $240

I don't see your case that the good Android tablets are much cheaper.  Doing more? depends on your needs.  Not mine, generally.  And at least today, it does less with IFTTT.
Really? Are you feeling that protective of your brand in decline that you need to cling on to every "stat" compiled by Apple users of Apple users for Apple users? Its like a cult :-) I'm an IT professional and can see for myself what is happening. Apple have lost a big chunk of customers to Samsung because they are better. Simple as. Apple retain custom from mugs who refuse to look elsewhere because they have entrenched themselves into a position of only buying Apple or losing face. THAT is what keeps people coming back. That might change with the new Mac thats coming soon. It looks very nice and I might buy one.....dual or triple booting it though. However, unless Apple innovate with phones and tablets soon Samsung will run away with that market. Apple may keep some loyal sheep, but I have seen about 20 of my friends go from iPhone to Samsung 3 or 4 over the last 2 years. Not one has complained and every single one of them has said Samsung is better. Of course what they actually mean is Android is better.
Nice try but that's not it.  Just stating fact.  You seem like you may have some blinders on or some "la la la, fingers in your ears".  If you're going to differ though you'll have to cite as well.  If you actually read the links, it's not Apple sources, it's 3rd party unbiased industry standard reporting sources across all users.  Sorry if that's a hard pill to swallow.

I've been an IT manager for over 20 years.  I fix both.  But more actual fixing on the windows side.

You could maybe make a case for your theory here and there.  But not the track record of year after year after year, and for me, seeing it line up with my own experience with the gear.

While even Scoble (original poster) may have shifted to an Android phone, it is also he who spoke to one of the pointers to the reliability numbers we see show up. where he said:

When I visited China two years ago I got a chance to visit an Apple product line. The guy who ran it swore me to secrecy (his contract would be cancelled if it ever got out that he let a journalist see inside) but inside this factory several computer brands were put together side-by-side. “Look at the Apple line,” he told me. I did, and noticed that it had more steps, and better equipment, than the others.

When I visited Seagate’s factory where they manufacture 1.1 million hard drives a week for notebooks, one line was getting tested more often and longer. The line? The labels at the end said “Apple.”

Many PC's may share an "Intel Inside" or Seagate label.  But that's not the end of the story, or the only indicator of the expected performance.

You have to care about the product inside and out, and about the customer experience, not just the sales margins.  Very few companies care about their products as much as Apple.  And that's the backing for the Industry numbers I posted.


And just on the ecosystem side, just this hour I migrated some older to current iPhone hardware and an LG optimus to an LG Nexus 4.  User experience is still not comparable enough.  I live with my fingers in all rivers.  But I'm not too blind to be able to say objectively based on needs, to "come on in, the waters fine".
You've been an "IT Manager for 20 years". That means "people manager". That generally means "move him to an area he can cause little harm as he has no idea what he is doing but hasn't done anything bad enough to be sacked". Seriously, you have NO idea what you  are talking about. You are simply rehashing the same old iSheep bollocks. Yes, Apple products have in the past been good, but they don't stand out anymore. The brand is kept going by obsessives who have more money than sense. That might change. Who knows. As I said, I like the sound of the new Mac, but if I buy it it will be because of the product, not the logo. I will also get rid of their operating system as (for an IT professional) it is pretty lame. I'll get a proper version of linux on it :-)
So you continue to spout uncited inaccuracies. Holds no weight.

For me, I continue to choose to manage tech not people. So even there you make inaccurate guesses about things you don't know and state it as fact.

We're done. A conversation requires a higher standard of participation. 
There was no conversation. You simply tried to bombard with propaganda implying that anyone not using Apple is the "poor relation". I think you need to check out what "cited" actually means and the relevance and legitimacy of your "cited" material. My observations are supported by the numbers that are purported by handset distributors, but I tend to go by what I actually see. I see more people on the train and tube with S3s and S4s than iPhones. A few years ago everybody was using iPhones. Simple.
You can lead a horse to info but you can't make him think about it.

Quote (a passage, book, or author) as evidence for or justification of an argument or statement, esp. in a scholarly work.

Citation has several important purposes: to uphold intellectual honesty... allow the reader to determine independently whether the referenced material supports the author's argument in the claimed way, and to help the reader gauge the strength and validity of the material the author has used.

You're just spouting.
Put up or shut up, as they say.
Put some weight behind your claims.
Balls in your court. convince with researched backing and authority or don't and move on.

If you cite bs what can I say? Did you not understand what I was getting at? Your "citations" were of no use. You were "citing" cherry picked articles that were arguably written by another brainwashed Apple groupie. I will go with what I SEE. More S3s and  S4s than iPhones mate :-)

There is little point continuing this. I only replied to you because of your ill informed opinion that it is poor people who choose products other than Apple. I will look at devices on an individual basis relatively agnostic of brand. Therefore I might buy Apple....if it is the best option. For phones and tablets they may have been, but certainly aren't anymore. Their new Mac might be though....we will see.
Yeah, what was I thinking. Forrester, PCMag, ACSI, all bastions of biased Macism.

Or actual in store prices. Not objective at all.

The point remains that it's easy to spout a "nuh uh", and it takes more effort to research and bring info and industry research and trend indicators.

Without a single link from your side, there's nothing to discuss. No one cares about your or my individual opinion.
If you take exception to anything I said, counter it with information which has more trust or authority.
And you cite so the reader can make their own valuation on the source.

The errors in your posts and the points not addressed leads me to conclude you couldn't exert the effort to follow and read links never mind go research and contribute.

So far you've proved nothing other than that you're opinionated. Aren't we all...
Each to his own I guess +Robert Scoble. My issue is not with people choosing Apple, it is with people implying or coming out and saying that you are wrong, poor, etc, etc, if you don't. I actually recommended an iPad to my mother and grandmother because it would do as they wish and be easy for them. However I happen to prefer the Android interface and see many people that are choosing it too. As I said, I quite like the look of the new Mac that is coming out. I will buy what is best for me and no amount of fan propaganda is going to sway me. It will however annoy me if it is used to imply some sort of inferiority about my choices or the depth of my pockets. That was my point.
Gut check for thin skin maybe mr. hall.  Jason Grigsby (the attribution for that hypothesis you're stuck on) might be flattered how important his opinion of you is.  There's always the risk when lingering on a point that the methinkers will dust off the doth protest too much summary judgement.

If collected data seems to confirm a hypothesis in a direction you don't like or agree with, one can always collect or post additional info and make a convincing case for the cause and effect to be something else.

And maybe we'll be convinced, and post blog entries about it, and main stream media will pick it up, Analysts will rework theories - selling it to their clients, and we'll all make tens of thousands, on it.  It's possible.  The atomic bomb of social media is still reading us this far down the thread.

But it does take a wee bit more than just pointing out at the interwebs , "there, that's why."

But if we prefer to arm Text Expander to the ready and hit back and forth with "I'm wearing teflon, no YOU're the non-tech informed, non-app buying low income earner", until Robert locks the thread... Sure.  That's another way of going.

Otherwise, where am I wrong (with sourced contrary data)?
+Craig Bowers - run along and fill in your gant charts with your iPhone app. I really have no need to be lectured by a pseudo intellectual about how he can assess wealth and intelligence by spotting apples. 
another morning without any sunshine in your orange juice?  Do you have a paypal account that I can make a donation to your happy fund?
+Richard Hall So even I'm surprised the Android version isn't out now.
But the fundamentals of my original points still seem there.
Venturebeat/Nanigans (largest Facebook ad purchaser):

Points to 1800% returns on iOS vs Android. Revenue per click on iOS 6 times higher than Android, return on investment on iOS 18 times higher than Android.
With 80% global marketshare, it feels like Android users may indeed be using their phones more as phones, or for on-device activities rather than Global Marketplace related activities.

In a Sidebar: since ad related revenue is behind the Goal of Google's Android push, one wonders how it's working out for them.
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