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I feel so bad because this is how I charge all my gadgets. How do you charge yours? Any neater than this rats nest by my front door? 
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I have all of my chargers in the top pocket of my suitcase, so that I never forget them.

Also this way 'only' the ends of the cables are sticking out, while the chargers itself and the bulk of the cables are hidden within the pocket.

At the office I use docking stations.
Extra battery (at least one) for every device I own, and standalone charger for each of those batteries helps with the mess for me. 
Theres a product here as I do it the same
I always start off with good intentions but it inevitably ends up like the rats nest you've got there 
Fire hazard in the waiting
Have a look at this holder. It is meant for mobile development but can easily be adopted to your case. At least it holds your mobiles and tablets and cleans the cable mess. Pre-orders available. Just send me a note. I still have some from first production lot. What do you think +Robert Scoble  +Brad Chasenore ?
+Robert Scoble universal wireless device charging can't come soon enough...the status quo is just so backward!
My main charging station for all of my toys doesn't really look entirely dissimilar to this.  I know I need to do something about it, but by my own admission I'm too lazy sort it out.
What +Victor Panlilio is saying!! Universal cables for any device. Apple would go out of business however if that happened
Frankly I am glad that in Europe almost all gadgets have a standard connection. (usb, mini/micro usb)
That is something you should try in the US.. ;-)
All the companies know how to fix that problem. That said... They have fixed it already for us... 
Hope some company creat a new way to deal with this problem. im on the same situation.
I have tried many over the years, monkey battery, etc. but always come back to the same mess, not very environmental friendly, I have 6 mobiles and refused to move to new iPhone because of the number of new cables and chargers to add. Induction has been available on tooth brushes and rasors for many years now. There is a definite need for a product were are these silicone valley and silicone valley north smart people???
I would probably have a panic attack if I looked down and saw that,
Yes, I hate cables :)) almost same here.. moreover, the worst - I have to carry them when I go away...
Looks familiar then I have too share with the wifey, lol??????
Why not put some of them in another place to charge?
Mains PSU to 4 USB socket charger. Handful of short leads and lead adapters.

But of course annoyingly, Apple keep screwing around with the USB power standards[2] and their own connectors. And sadly, so do Nokia[1], Samsung and others. And now there's USB 3 as well.

It ought to be possible these days to charge pretty much anything at 5v-500mA from and too a standard USB or mini-USB port. Sure it may be slower than 5v-2A but it should work. And a mini-USB should fit on anything, there's no need for Micro-USB or any of the other USB variants. And sure, your proprietary connector may have extra function, but can't you fit a Mini-USB as well because 4 pins should be enough for almost all tasks.

[1]Nokia. Micro-USB AND a power connector. And the phone won't charge from the USB. Come on guys, really?
[2]No Apple, A USB to Lightning adapter is not the same as a mini-USB port on the device. And yes Apple, this should be a supported charger even if it's only bog standard 5v-500mA.
Kids are terrible +Robert Scoble ! ;-) :-P
And if they would only need a tablet each that would no have been a problem... 
With the kids a tablet and phone each it's a little like a core banking system upgrade, the cable problem upgrade needs to be properly scheduled. 
in an ideal world leads would come bare ended and would not need plugs
using cabelmanagement would help, just use rubberband to fold unused cabellength…
I think kinetic energy best to use. They are using it on watches, why not on phones?
A small board and a set of cable ties could do magic here.
Depends on how old your kids are, but if they're old enough to have their own phones they can be responsible for charging their own gadgets. Then you wouldn't have to have them all in one place, right?
Yes, actually, we have a solution to all that mess. Unfortunately, G+ won't let me put an image in a comment. How stupid is that? 
This seriously is a first world problem
Lol, do you really have to charge them all at once ? I usually try to limit the number of wires or chargers, but if you have that much gadgets, then you don't really have the choice.
I know, but that's so ugly, and insecure as well. My crap old blog has been able to have images in comments for six years at least. Why not here?
There is solar power too.. especially on calculators. 
+Julian Bond there is a problem with USB charging.
The problem is in the 'hubs' and chargers.
Many don't give enough power to really charge them.
I noticed that the first time when I needed another charger for in my car. There is a great variety, where the expensive ones not necessarily are preforming better than cheaper ones.
(and the same applies for normal USB hubs with their own powersource) 
I have them in different spots around the house and have to go visit to deposit and then collect them everyday.
The worst is I have to carry the cable of my mobile everytime I go to sea side. I am taking lots of photos overthere. Then I have to sit at coffee and charge it.
+Robert Scoble May I suggest a single 8 way (or 10 way if you can find one) power board, and several short 1/2 metre usb cables.
+Robert Scoble : First, why not using a multiple ports USB charger, it would be less messy!

A good quality multiple ports charger would reduce a lot your wiring. Another idea. If the MBP USB ports are powerful enough, you could "daisy chain" some device to it, using the MBP as the "charger" for a couple of devices. I personally do it with my Dell laptop, it can even charge devices while off (needed to active this feature in the BIOS).
this is not rats nest, this is a mouse nest, it needs to be messier to be called a rats nest.
Sadly Robert, I'm nowhere near as organized as you. 
OCD can't let me past the fact that your laptop appears to be sitting on a pillow... YOUR BLOCKING THE CPU VENTS! MY GOD MAN, IT'LL BURN UP! 
You might try a powered usb hub to charge most of those devices. Some USB devices will recharge without having to use AC mains. Also, check your laptop to see if one usb port has power when it is off, you can do an emergency rechange for a needed portable device that way.

For the hub, you do need to make sure that each of the ports delivers 0.5A.
+Robert Scoble  I swear that looks like my wife's office. Mine on the other hand is OCD. I have all the wires routed and wire tied to keep them neat and hidden. I'd go insane just from looking at this cluster. :)
Install USB outlets with surge protectors(pretty cheap). Use devices with universal charger connections. Buy short cords. Easy and neat. 

Your current situation is cluttered because you've added on as needed, without forethought, it appears. 

Also this is why new devices have wireless charging capabilities. ...cept apple.
I seem to remember seeing something earlier this year showing what Woz does when he travels. It seemed pretty good.
It reminds me of my sitting room beside my TV. A mixture of games consoles, TV receivers, a broadband router and a jungle of cables. My wife wants it all neat and tidy, but my kids want it accessible. There are no winners.    
That can't be your only outlet friend
I don't charge everything all in the same place, but I have charging connections set up everywhere (placed as subtly as possible).  I'm always charging something--in the car, at work, while sitting in my chair at home, in my office downstairs, at the kitchen island.
I prefer switching out the wall socket to have two USB ports for charging and avoiding the wall warts as much as possible. Doing this also forces me to split the mass of electronic devices up into different areas for charging. The cat keeps me honest if I have too many things charging in one location it becomes a new cat bed so the spacing all works out.
Wireless charging station for my phone., then several discrete micro usb cables running from a hidden power chord, up through a hole, showing only about 6 inches of actual cable where devices get plugged in.
Add me to the distributed charging camp.  I have a couple of tables with multiple chargers because those are the places certain devices are put at night.  There are individual chargers spread around the house for convenient access and several external batteries for those few places were a cable is not close or would be in the way.  I also have chargers at work were I make a point to suck up company power while I am sitting at my desk. 
Maybe the real problem is too many gadgets? 
I use a Powermat travel charger (uses one wall outlet) and have tiny adapters for the new iPad/iPhone and everything else. Charges up to 3 devices at one time. I don't bother with any of the Powermat cases. I have kept Glass on its original charger though. Guess I'm superstitious. Looks like you could use 2-3 of these Powermat doohickeys.
I invested in a 4 usb charging brick.  I plut that right into the wall outlet over the kitchen counter. Then I bought a bunch of 1 foot usb to mini usb, micro usb, and 30 pin ipod cables.  Add in this little wire desk organizer tower with a few small phone size shelves to hold the phones and we are pretty well done.  I can't charge as many things as that but it gets the job done for all the daily devices and then there is space to drop a kindle or ipad for their weekly charges.  The only time it is hard is the night before going on a trip because everyone waits till the last minute to top off their gear.
iPads charge in the kitchen, same goes for phone of GF.
I take my iPad to work and also take the charger. I keep it topped off. iPhone charger next to my bed, another one in the car and a small docking station on my desk.

The game room however... 
Wire salad everyday makes you healthy and happy :-) 
That looks like a household fire waiting to happen!
The rat's nest is by my bed, but it's impossible to have that many devices, and not get a rat's nest. Just can't keep that many chargers organized.
+Robert Scoble

You're our tech guru and you're showing us this !?!?!?

NO !!!



; )
Seriously, wireless charge technology is available. Why can't company adapt it.
+Mafer Yu Wireless charging still requires a giant pile of cables. (Which is why it's a stupid technology, largely.)
Well, my setup is only neater because of one simple thing.  I have way less stuff that you do.  If I had as much stuff as you, I'd have to build some kind of rack or all the stuff, or modify a bookcase and dedicate it to gadgets.
I don't feel so bad about my nest now....
I normally wouldn't comment on something like this but I feel your pain on this and have something that I use that would work perfectly for you.  You can leave all those bricks behind except your laptop charger.  Get a couple of these Monoprice 4.2a 4 port chargers and just bring your usb cables.  To make it a little neater, use little velcro things to take up excess length in your cables.
I use a portable power strip and a large USB hub that I bought in the Apple store. It has 7 ports, and the power strip as four ports and 2 usb hubs. But then I hide it somewhere that isn't the front door:-) Like unplugging the alarm clock behind the bed.
And I tought ours was the only horrible charging mess
I have 2 separate ones - one at the side of my bed and one at the computer desk. The cords are neatly organized on the computer desk, but the one at the bed is kind of like this, but with only a few things because it's less than half of the gadgets.
The primary composition of the rats nest madness are all these cables. I drilled a hole on the back of my furnuture, and stored all the power adapters and extra cabling in one drawer. The rats now rest in the darkness and only showing their tail tips on a clean (ok less messy) surface.
I'm not a neat freak by any means... but that pic gave me a chill down my spine.
same way you do except I use plastic twist ties to keep the cords coiled and neat - and I don't charge them all in the same place.  Phone and iPad get charged in the kitchen, everything else in the office. 
Looks like you already got a lot of good device suggestions but for the time being, grab a couple of wire garbage-bag ties, rubber bands, etc, coil up your cords into shorter lengths and secure them with the ties. 
For all the mobile devices and remotes, I use a powered USB hub (not connected up to anything) and just use the USB cables supplied by the devices.
there,s gotta be a better way...hello spaghetti lol...
I have the same type of thing next to my bed and in various other tech rats nests around the house.
Can you tell me approximately what time you took that photo?
Certainly, an untapped market waiting for a solution.
Your smart enough to find a simple solution, but I think your just comfortable with it the way it is! Smart people are like that, and everybody knows that smart people know how to find a better way! I think you know you can do better! :) 
Why does your macbook get the cushion? Kinda bias isn't it? I charge all my USB powered devices from a powered USB hub that's also hooked up the desktop/laptop. 
That's a fire waiting to happen!

Simple solution: charger for the MacBook;

USB hub to charge the tablets. 2 plugs max.
You should see my desk... It is like a huge plate of wired spaghetti. Oh, if only manufacturers would all introduce wireless charging at the same voltage/amperage. I would just change my desk into one giant charger and be done with it.
At least everything is in one place in case you have to leave in a hurry.
I hope you have a fire extinguisher nearby...
I'm sure there's an app for this...
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