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This freaks me out. You? Our brains aren't meant to be fed such visual imagery so quickly.
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Woooha! I thought I was tripping for a moment lol!
haha I loved it and had shared it just before! MJ did this but slower.. did you like the celeb one better or the same ?
Our brains can adapt. It is well known for its elasticity.
It give a few of the paintings a 3D effect. But I need an aspirin now!
+Robert Scoble I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam - now - you've brought it to me... See.. You're the darned INFO FAIRY... I'm telling you.
This is exactly what it feels like to talk with my wife's family at Christmas.
I was going to say "Cool!" but mesmerizing is a better word...
I made a comment in an earlier posting of this that said, "After watching that, I can now completely calculate pi." Watching it again, I think I can chart out the way to travel faster than the speed of light.
Ironically, the image loaded very slowly for me, so immediately after reading your comment, I saw a very slow morph from one image to the next. Now that it has finished loading, it's morphing quickly, but having seen the individual steps, it's not weird at all.
This may actually interest the sensation-saturated in one of humanity's oldest kinds of art. It's a rapid fire and arresting compare-and-contrast of forms, colors and techniques. That said, it's still not going on my bathroom wall.
Very cool but kind of gives me a headache.
it's kind of interesting. If you watch it for a minute, the faces start to look 3d.
I don't know but it's badass if you're listening to Radiohead's "Paranoid Android" at the time! Seriously - have to try it!
If you like visual over-stimulation, watch a Peter Greenaway film, especially one employing montage technique.
the stationary eye position make it extra cool/creepy. I like it.
Swayin' like a dance: Needs music, but I like it . . . looks like a lot work invested for fast rendering. Encore!
yeah, this is a bit crazy....
Try watching this while listening to the Beatles Hey Bulldog post that +Robert Scoble just posted below. The music goes surprisingly well with the moving images. (I'm still seasick, however...)
+Amelia Wood if you press play on "Hey Bulldog" which Robert also posted above, then scroll down to all these faces flashing by I think you might enjoy that effect.
Wow, this is one of only 3 animated gifs that I've really liked. Nice job.
+Robert Scoble Did you catch the Van Gogh Exhibit when it came to the US? The cherry and almond blossoms painting blew me out of my shoes.
Ooooooh...I think I feellllllllll........................................................
Who needs LSD when you got Scoble sharing animated gifs?
I think you need a disclaimer on this for epileptics, those prone to visually induced seizures, and those susceptible to hypnosis.
What is weird is that for a short time, mine played slow before speeding up... and then you discover there are multiple transitions between each of the major faces.
Xah Lee
mute it, quick.
crazy how 9.4MB animated GIFs are now all the rage. if you tried this i the dial-up days of '97, you'd get run out of town. :)
+Jason Salas I remember the "under 10 under 10k rule" - no more than 7 - 10 images on a page, and no more than 10k each.
I wasn't epileptic until I saw this but now I'm in a grand mal seizure on the floor. But I am curious if the effect would be the same at a slower rate of change. Most of my headache seems to stem from the fact that the eyes remain in the same spot while the spasmodic changeomatic goes on around the eyes at a high rate.
i stared at it for 5 minutes. i enjoyed it. now i must mute it.
Weird! I watched that, and suddenly I can pick foreign intelligence agents out of crowds, call up extensive dossiers on top-secret weapons systems from sheer memory, and fight in 27 different forms of martial arts. Oh - and I have the oddest compulsion to work references to Subway into my conversations.
If I would be the kind of guy who shares Gifs, this would be one of them. I love it.. though I admit I can't watch it for too long, but in short bursts it is just pure awesome.
Kinda nauseating for me. How do I make it stop? lol
try and watch it with Enter Sandman cranked really LOUD! lol, whew.
for some reason I am drawn to the noses
The only way to make it more unsettling is to have hang it on your living room wall.
I would love to have this on my wall - but I would make it cycle at a slower pace.
unconscious impacts are generated.
My brain can't understand what's happing...great!
Make it stop!!! Must...turn...away....cant stop...watching
Sure they are. If they weren't we wouldn't see it.
this gif could cause seizures.
Morphing has been big fun forever, this is a good one too.
interesting the eyes are always in the same position on the canvas... looks almost 3D too!
Oddly, I prefer this to the earlier film stars one - it's not so hard on the eye :-/
We know all of you. None of you can hide behind face about. Anyway nice try.
stare at the eyes
I may share this with "people I dont like as much" circle, to give them a headache. I feel sea sick.
That fascinates me !... seems to be 3D without any 3D technical tool.
Cool, interesting how the eyes seem to be almost universally spaced, wondering if that was organic, or image size changed so eyes would be somewhat fixed focal point?
"Our brains aren't meant to be fed such visual imagery so quickly." Your children will adapt. People said the same thing about "Sesame Street". Or go look at a 1960s sitcom. They are so slow. I remember how overwhelming the scenes of multiple TVs on at the same time looked in "The Man Who Fell To Earth". They were supposed to demonstrate his alien difference -- the ability to process many feeds at once. Now it's our standard.
This is incredibly unbelievable. Thanks for sharing!
It's too much, too fast. Yet, I just can't stop staring at it...

I think I'm flashing back to an acid trip I haven't had yet.
That makes me dizzy!
I'm almost certain there's a subliminal message in there telling me to go buy a hat.
BTW, you can't post an animated .gif on a Facebook wall. #JuzSayin
Coolest part about animated .gifs? When they aren't posted.
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