UPDATE: the Verge covers this rumor. Andy Rubin, over on Twitter, denies that he's leaving Google: http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/10/3077212/andy-rubin-google-cloudcar-900000-android-activations Oh, and Andy himself, on Google+, posted here: https://plus.google.com/112599748506977857728/posts/CSrQoqmiY1N

How a rumor takes hold: Andy Rubin, here's one floating around about you

By the time I hear a rumor, usually sent to me in email or on some chat system I have open (like Google's or Facebook's) or on my phone it probably has already been around to a few dozens of people.

Today I heard that the head of Android, +Andy Rubin, will soon leave Google and head to a new startup called http://www.cloudcar.com/

Now, that rumor has two purposes: one, it might be true, in which case I start thinking about what that means for Android. I certainly will be looking for those signs when I attend the Google IO conference.

It has another purpose, which makes me interested in +CloudCar -- a startup I know nothing about. But if you look at the management team that startup has a sizeable list of Silicon Valley stars building up on its team. Definitely one to watch!

I thought I'd write this in public as a form of journalism. If it's not true, it's easy for someone like +Larry Page or +Vic Gundotra to signal such in the comments here, not to mention Andy himself.

If it is true, well, we all get to participate in the story together. 

That said, wow, what a job Andy has done at Google the past few years. I remember talking with Vic about Android in the early days and he said something like "no one thinks we have a chance here." Today more than half of the smartphones sold have Android running on them.

Funny, he recently told me the same thing about Google+. Makes me wonder what Vic and team have planned for Google IO. 

Let the rumors begin! Oh, wait, first we have to talk about Apple rumors, right? The big WWDC keynote is tomorrow morning. Ahh, the fun!
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