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The mother of all demos

I just bought the 107th pair of Google Glasses AKA "Project Glass." Cost? $1,500. Only available to USA attendees at Google IO.

I then interviewed one of the guys behind the scenes: GoPro's Kris Jamieson.

Listen to that at

He explained how Google got the "mother of all demos" to happen perfectly.

Congrats to Sergey Brin and his team. What a mind-blowing demo!

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Worth the money. Wish I were there so I could have ordered my own. This is the next great computing device. 
They are SO MUCH FUN to use, enjoy! Nice to finally see a price, too.
107 is my favorite 3 digit number!
Now let's launch an On Air Hangout form my mobile phone...
Don L
I was hoping to see a post like this.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts when it arrives.
Let me know if you don't like them. I can take them off your hands... face ;)
Can't wait to see how glass changes your posts here on G+ !
What a crazy demo. We expect awesome sky diving videos from you too Robert!
To be any cooler would have required explosions and sharks with lasers on their head.
I remember when I spent $1800 on a digital camera those many years ago, and now I look at where we are now, and laugh at how big, cumbersome and clunky those first ones looked.

Bring on the future, eh?
Looks like google sold you a small piece of glass for $1500 (with a tentative promise)
Was so awesome to watch this live
Cool.  Is this the actual device or just a pre-order for the eventual product?  If the latter is there anything you can share about when they'll be out in the wild?
That's expensive but worth it. Congratulations :-)
Nice Robert.  I hear you won't get your Glass until early next year.  Please let us know how it works out.
Congratulations! I would have bought a pair as well, and then apologized profusely to my wife. Forgiveness is easier to get than permission, and all that
Lucky you. Would love to take a pair of Google Glasses with me next time I go rock climbing. Having a hangout while climbing sounds both really cool and actually pretty useful.
No way! I'm so jealous right now. They probably won't be commercially available for 2 years!
Erik Kim has a point developers, doctor, police. People working in a safer environment with the proper and safe use of this device. Even if these can be designed to regulate light and focus for people with vision problems. The direction these will go will be pointless. I do hope I am wrong. Android is slowly updated and hangs as much as windows. I like google above most. Like most companies it builds bigger without mastering its base first. Good luck though. 
Also forgot to add there is a episode of futrama that shoul clear this up. Google futrama eye phone. No pun intended. 
How is this "the mother of all demos"? It was only video-streaming. We didn't see any of the other features in action and most notably, we didn't see the UI.
Surely nobody expects the consumer product to cost anywhere near $1500? Mass production will drive the price down. The 'Explorer Edition' is really just a developer prototype. $1500 to get early exposure to a completely new device(/category?) is good value for deves.
Hope you have a good vision plan.
Looking forward to her your review of how they works. 
¨How much does google subsidised the Project Glasses. When we we the Android pack for IO attendies then there must some subsidization on glasses
Do you see how green (with envy) I am?  That was the most amazing demo I have ever seen. I was watching Leo's TWIT stream and that was exciting, but the audience seemed astonished and "blown away"
The demo gods were certainly in the keynote this morning. Very cool coordination. Clear airspace -check, Land safely -check, Maintain wi-fi - check.
Interesting product.  I don't see myself using it, but very curious to know how it feels and works - wow the future is here 
Project Glass reminding me more and more of ' Rainbows End' by Vernor Vinge.
Projects like this really make me wonder what life will be like for my 4 week old son when he reaches adulthood. We can only wonder. And look forward to it :)
That was one heck of a demo. I was impressed at how good the video and images looked from this device. You may not even look like a cyborg wearing them. Congrats.
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