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If you are looking for funding, I am creating the ultimate list of investors over on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lists/10150896117899655
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Why not build it here, on your Community? Why make us leave G+ and go to Facebook? :^)
Because Facebook supports this kind of list better, presumably. This is a great resource; thanks, Robert.
What? That doesn't make sense, no offense. Why would Facebook support a list better than G+? 
+Robert Scoble   Actually, I think this Facebook "list" is confusing. It seems to be a compilation of the latest status updates from those on the list, so it's more a montage than a list.
Hmmm. Okay. I guess. :^)

But the Facebook "list" requires a lot of scrolling and skimming through all those comments. Not an efficient way to "list" people, IMHO.
On the right hand side "Featured on this list" 475.. and click "see all". It gives a view of everyone on the list. Great list, thanks.
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