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Here is +Mashable's report on the upgraded Highlight (an app for iPhones that shows you other users who are within 100 yards). I used this as at the Flipboard Party last night. This continues to be one of my favorite new apps of the year. I'm not alone. Famous investor Ron Conway told me it's one of his too. If you look at my account there I've already Highlighted 2,700 people, many of whom are a "who's who" of the tech industry. 

Definitely makes Highlight more useful.

Why? It lets you add notes about each user. The UI got lots of tweaks. It seems like my battery is being used up less (although I really don't care, I have three Mophie packs now).
Location-sharing app Highlight is seeing the biggest update since its launch.
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+Robert Scoble I've enjoyed highlight here in Portland because of the connections it shows and what I have in common with them. I am known for my crazy "within 1 degree" of separation of so many people and this just makes it all come together. Sweet.
Now that Flipboard is on Android, this is the app I'm waiting to make the leap. We had Glancee, but that didn't last long, and the few other varieties miss the mark completely.
+Robert Scoble Good to know. I hadn't seen much about the development for Android, but it seems to be a smart move for any developer these days. I was blown away when Flipboard made the decision. That was one I had written off completely.
+Robert Scoble Have you had a chance to use Google Now much? I'm almost curious if Google has something like this planned, but baked into GN. I could see it pulling info from latitude and g+, along with analyzing gReader feeds and +1s, or shares to give a pretty solid list of "People with Common Interests Nearby." 

That, or they could just open up the APIs, and let Highlight integrate directly into it.
+Robert Scoble The exact same thing was said by the Tweetdeck devs. There was a pretty good article written by them about the development process when creating Tweetdeck for Android. They said it was difficult and frustrating. I still have my iPhones (original iPhone, and 3GS), but I'm really happy with the direction Android seems to be headed (ICS and JB). Hopefully fragmentation will soon be a thing of the past.
+Robert Scoble  it's more than just the Valley. Many of my Australian contacts and even advisor John Margheriti of BigWorld Pty have the same mindset. They treat the App Store as a validation barrier to get a product out and establish traction before making the investment in Android.
+Caen Contee I'm not a developer for either platform, but isn't there a shift of going to places like kickstarter as a "Validation barrier," then using those funds to create the app?
+Shaun McLane No. Just because people don't donate to your project does not mean it would not be successful. Not everyone in the world visits kickstarter. If you do decide to try out kickstarter, you will need the funds to make a nice video.
if only more people here in UK had awareness of apps like Highlight.
I've been using it since it was released in App Store and have only ever been nearby 4 people despite travelling up and down the country every day!
Did Google Latitude come under Marissa Mayer's remit? If so, maybe it'll get more development love now she's gone?
+Shaun McLane +Robert Scoble well put. Games are the sweetzone for kickstarter and developers. I predict that will change soon or that other crowdfunding platforms will target this group more, but the quo is as stands for now.
+Shaun McLane Great point on Kickstarter and the funds for a good video. Some people are already recognizing that and making it easier (read cheaper) to create a high quality intro video...
+James Pearn Latitude has had pretty regular updates lately. It's now almost real-time, has a very random, bizarre scoreboard that doesn't seem to tie into anything yet, and has tweaked the settings to almost eliminate battery drain.

I use Latitude for one of my service businesses (as a GPS solution). If I get a call from a potential client, I can see which of my techs is close, and send them to the property. It's good for what it is, but it's hardly social at this point.
+Shaun McLane right. I use Latitude everyday too and it's great. The one thing missing is discovery of people nearby. If that were strictly opt-in only then there's no reason for non-users to freak.
+James Pearn I agree completely. But, how many latitude users could there be? I'm not sure I've ever seen a count, but I guarantee it's low (which is a shame). Rolling out an opt-in discovery machine on top of Latitude would probably have the same draw as Wave had....actually less. 
it is indeed +Paul Newport. It's not just highlight that suffers from peoples lack of awareness.
How many average users in the UK can honestly say they've heard of Yelp? Just wait until iOS6 is launched, they'll have heard of it then!
It's times (and apps) like these that make me wish i lived in the states.
+Robert Scoble, since Highlight seems to be the canonical context-aware app these days, and it's not on Android, how does that jive with your "iPhone sucks for the contextual age" statement? Do you think we'll see Android apps (maybe based on Gimbal) leap ahead next year?
+Ben Reierson I'm pretty sure Android's use of Gimbal is what prompted Scoble to make that statement.
Latitude/Local check-ins can be public, shared and commented on. Check-ins can be automatic or manual. This is the current social piece of Latitude.
+Shaun McLane right, which is why I'm wondering if this update to Highlight shows that they have enough of a headstart, or are Android/Gimbal's advantages really enough to help it catch up. A context-awareness platform/sdk seems much more compelling from a tech perspective, but that doesn't always translate to popular products.
How is Highlight doing outside the US? Will it be usefull to use in Israel? It seems to be a great app. Thanks! :-)
Alright then, I guess I'll wait for its DB to be a little bigger. As it seems, it'll probably be much bigger. Thanks!
Seems like only those in the Tech Industry know about it and use it. How can they break through to the mainstream? Or would it better off as a niche app?
+Tal Hoffman usage in UK is very limited in my experience so in Isreal I doubt you'd ever come across somebody else with it ;-)
+Robert Scoble Right on que I just got an update message from Highlight. Will check out the update and see if anyone in my location is using it. 
+Grant Matthews not quite sure how that's a fail? How else can they know what you have in common with the people around you? 
+Barry Jarvis Gee I did we ever do that before FB??  +Brad Chasenore that I wont but my likes have nothing to do with it...not when we're discussing the merits of the app and it's relative success, it's excluding users right out the box
+Grant Matthews I'm not quite sure i understand where you're coming from. The whole point of Highlight is to show you who is around you and let you know what you have in common with them. They have to use Facebook for this.
Yes, prior to facebook we still managed to do this, but nowhere near as effectively.
I do get the feeling you're not going to come round to the idea of Highlight, so i'll make this my like comment to you if all you can manage is one like comments like "fail..."
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