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WATCH LeWeb live here.

I will be on stage tomorrow showing how a new startup, Quake Labs, and Smart Bluetooth beacons will change the world. So honored that I get to help launch a startup on stage. is the page for the new startup (the CEO is +Andy Grignon who was on first iPhone team at Apple and then ran software at Palm).
Watch now live LeWeb London free. Europe's Leading Tech Conference gathers 100+ speakers in London to discuss the Sharing Economy and tech and entrepreneurship.
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What is Quake Labs about? Can't wait til tomorrow :)
You can't SPAM with beacons.  Read the spec.  And if anything, Beacons help reduce the amount of SPAM by allowing people to opt into ads.  Beacons are not any worse than being bombarded with a bunch of pointless printed advertising in your mailbox.
+Tim Harris Are people opting into ads now? I thought we would only try to opt out of all ads... So, printed ads in our mailbox are pointless, but somehow beacons will be awesome? Can't wait!
Beacons are about micro location, but honestly there have been geo fences (GPS based) in iOS forever but I've yet to see anyone leverage them very well, so I can't see a massive shift to beacons (which require a hardware component) happening anytime very soon. 
On transiency, LeMeur just said "hopefully we're not all like Scoble" (pronounced " scobble") 😯
Hmmm i was underground the impression that #leweb tomorrow is Paris not London. Hope so...
Rocking the house - good luck!
...and here I was thinking "Quake Labs" might have something to do with the game:/
anyone seen anything really super duper cool with Smart Bluetooth beacons?
+Robert Scoble I just don't see people running 10+ Bluetooth beacon apps simultaneously eg starbucks app, Macy's store app etc....I wish there was a way around this but someones yet to explain to me how it will work where the quid pro quo is worth it. (apart from the mlb ...turn it on when I get to the ballpark app). 
Hey +Robert Scoble, you seemed a little nervous which I found charming. It was nice of you to share your time with Mr. Eightly, but it did squeeze your talk a bit.
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