Marc Andreessen on the age of context, er, the future of the tech industry

At +Rackspace Hosting we care deeply about where startups and the future is going, especially since so many of the technologies we use will require new kinds of cloud computing technologies.

For instance, how are sensors, wearable computers, big data, social data, and location data changing Silicon Valley business? We keep hearing big changes are ahead so we went and visited +Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape to talk about the future of the tech industry. He's on the boards of HP, Facebook, and many others and is largely seen as one of the best investors on Sand Hill Road now. is where you learn more about his VC firm, Andreessen Horowitz 

Some things we learned: "we are going to have a virtual overlay on the real world."

"All markets will liquify," (AirBNB liquified real estate, Uber liquified car travel).

He wants to fund a peer-to-peer drone-based delivery network. Anyone want to start a company?

More shortly, but I wanted to get this video up fast because it's so significant. Andreessen rarely grants video interviews.

"You are going to know your customer in very deep detail."
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