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Marc Andreessen on the age of context, er, the future of the tech industry

At +Rackspace Hosting we care deeply about where startups and the future is going, especially since so many of the technologies we use will require new kinds of cloud computing technologies.

For instance, how are sensors, wearable computers, big data, social data, and location data changing Silicon Valley business? We keep hearing big changes are ahead so we went and visited +Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape to talk about the future of the tech industry. He's on the boards of HP, Facebook, and many others and is largely seen as one of the best investors on Sand Hill Road now. is where you learn more about his VC firm, Andreessen Horowitz 

Some things we learned: "we are going to have a virtual overlay on the real world."

"All markets will liquify," (AirBNB liquified real estate, Uber liquified car travel).

He wants to fund a peer-to-peer drone-based delivery network. Anyone want to start a company?

More shortly, but I wanted to get this video up fast because it's so significant. Andreessen rarely grants video interviews.

"You are going to know your customer in very deep detail."
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+Robert Scoble I bet he is. I mourn Netscape Communications (I am a branding whore), but it's great to know those who started it are still changing the world.
Great interview. Probably a sign of my current focus, but the Tejava looks like a product placement to me. :)
wow. mind=blown. Thanks for posting this.
what about couchsurfing ? that's been done in a massive scale...
This is super, Robert.  It's really validating to hear Andreessen talk about more than just the gee-whiz aspect of wearable sensors and how we can process the information they capture by being "on" us and "with" us.  Healthcare is so exciting.  For the B2B or B2C business leader, the trick is to hold the data firehose steady -- figure out which bits of the customer information flowing out of the firehose is valuable -- and decide how to keep the business true to its own value proposition.  Companies will have to pivot but discern between distractions and the real opportunities to sell and serve.
Can't all this data about people be used to exploit them, though? You will know their likes but also their weaknesses. The elites who have access to this information will have power over others and I'm not sure I'm going to like the consequences of living a world like that.
absolutely the best in some time. Thanks Robert
+Robert Scoble probably the best interview i've enjoyed so far! it takes skills to keep a guy like Andreesen engaged. 
+Robert Scoble what a great coup for you to interview Marc! Congrats and thanks for putting this interview together. Great lessons and future gazing ;)
This is the best interview I've seen by any video blogger EVER.  The freely-shared insights into our future were incredible.  Marc is a rare individual with ideas like a "firehose" being shared with him daily.  What a great life he has, indeed.  Thanks, Robert!
Some notes:
- Everything we invest in is already running in University labs
- NSF and DARPA for Computing Science
- NIH for Bio Tech
- Number 1 predictor of startups is research universities
learned & enjoyed!  thank you
Thanks for the interview; super interesting
Possibly your best interview yet. Amazing stuff. Wish there was someone like Marc in the UK to explore visions with.
Maybe in the future Crowdsourcing will turn into Cloudsourcing.
Robert - GREAT interview. Important, I'd say. Kudos.
+Robert Scoble -- Dude. This interview just melted my brain! I literally had an out of body experience where I was transported to a very special moment... When I sat in front of an electric blue, SGI computer (somewhere in the mid 90's) and opened a web browser for the first time. That logo. The "N" appeared to be stepping over a planet. And the world opened up... Amazing interview and thanks for sharing!
Great interview, the  first 3 minutes alone provide such a succinct description of where we are about to go ... time to read Neuromancer again.
Interesting comments on fully instrumenting products before fielding them drawn from the recent Tesla flap with NYT.  About 7 min mark +Skip Spearman 
Software is eating the world. And all markets will liquify. I guess the future is smoothies.

All kidding aside, great interview.
ANDREESON WOULD BE WELL ADVISED TO see the intersection of DIABETES as a huge growing health market/problem and ITS BIOLOGIC NATURE as a biologically damaged/missing bio-info system that somehow needs HUMAN TECH replacement.    a Marriage Made in FInancial Heaven for those who get the configurations right.  
Excellent and watch worthy interview, +Robert Scoble.  

There are a few challenges with the brave new world we are heading into, which prolly would have been too complex to address in the interview...

From the top of my head:
- Who owns the data, and who decides what data that is kept, and for how long?
- Who pays for the transport and storage of the data?
- Who ensures that the data are accurate and secure against tampering?
- Who ensures that your right to privacy is respected and that others only get to see the data they actually need?
- Are we heading into a monolithic content infrastructure, i.e. not monopolistic, but where each point of access will refer to the same content, conceptually like our DNSs?

Also - Who defines how the data will be shaped and exchanged?  Have we arrived at the semantic web where our data is understood well enough across systems to be assimilated into a monolithic recorded transcript of our lives?

Will we need regulation that prevent the data from being the commodity, instead of a service present to those that have a commodities to offer?
I really enjoyed producing this interview. The level of brilliance around us was top shelf, making the vibe / tone a perfect cohesion of excitement and masterful insight.
What a great and insightful interview.
This was such an exceptionally exciting video to watch. I honestly enjoyed this a lot. Thanks +Robert Scoble for sharing this with us.
Excellent interview Robert.  I agree with the comments.  One of the best interviews I've heard in the last 12 months on several levels beyond just contextual computing, but also the importance of research, proximity to research institutions, and referrals.
This interview provides the reason for encouraging your creative kid to be an engineer or computer scientist. 
just watched again as engadget decided netscape was hot property
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