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Another human router: LocalUncle helps you find what's going on near you

The Next Web's +Drew Olanoff just wrote about +LocalUncle : . Says that humans help you find what's happening nearby. Here's my interview with +Philip Estrada Reichen, CEO and Founder, about his app.

In the interview we cover competitors LocalMind (which came out earlier this year) and even Aardvark, which Google bought and then killed.

Do any of these have a chance? I'm not so sure. The algorithms aren't good enough to make sure people like me don't get overwhelmed with questions.

Plus they have a major chicken and egg problem: if no one uses these things they are useless.

But, interesting pitch and love entrepreneurs who try to do stuff with local and mobile. Someday one of them will find something magic. I look at +Waze which had the same chicken and egg problem. But now users are showing up and that service has passed Google Maps in accuracy in San Francisco and it's only getting better.

That's why I watch these things. Many will fail, but if they succeed they will provide a lot of value.
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Machines + humans seem like the best approach
I have to agree, waze didn't seem like it wasnt going to make it there for a while. Now there are a ton of users in my area.
Isn't that somehow very similar to localmind?
Is there any real business model in any of these cute things that are asking me to post about local stuff ? I am enjoying tinyreview and socialcam but having runway from an investor to get a free app circulated isn't the same thing as building the next Google... maybe something they hope will be acquired ? they'll insert "sponsored answers" to try to direct me to do something other than what I wanted to do ? Hm.... I appreciate these web services but localuncle - neat name I will give them that - how will they make money ? I don't see ads, I don't have to pay... are they going to try to give me coupons or something ? I must muse about this, and about the investors who fund things like this. I thank you for attempting to benefit humanity by helping me find out if there is a line at the bar right now. But isn't this supposed to be about starting a business ?
+Srini Kumar classic answer: when you don't see any product, that means that you probably are the product :)
Risky, but a great idea. What would localuncle do if Foursquare adapts this feauture to their product? They need further integration with other platforms.
Anything different from +localmind or is it basically the same product ?
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