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I am at Apple's WWDC. You will want to watch both Facebook at as well as here.

I am not allowed to do live video or audio.

A few of the press were prebriefed and say the new maps and turn-by-turn are mind blowing. Google looks lame is the way one guy put it.

More later. 
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Well, message me if they launch the new Mac Books. I'm itching to get a new one :)
man they're secretive as a mug!
i have to laugh at that maps claim, was that guy Gruber or MG?
was this picture taken with an android powered device?
Ugh, wish they've broadcast these live... actually, broadcast them at all now that I think about it.
Lol they only claim Google looks lame because Google didn't spend 6 months coming up with fancy transition effects trying to trick its users into thinking its better because its cute. Apple guy: give me a side of cute with my underpowered hardware. Android guy: So, you say that thing has that new quantum computing chip huh?
I guess it was the same people who said that Siri was mind blowing
Siri's a lot like the ex-wife: distracting while driving, doesn't listen to anything you say and just doesn't give you what you want.
By mind blowing you mean: pretty but not functional?
if they think google looks lame abviously they themselves are rocks! screw facebook
"The way one guy put it"... kind of begs the question who is the one guy and why do I give a rodent's butt about his opinion?    Are you the guy?  Is it your dry cleaner? Some iOS fan you passed on the street?    Does he maybe not exist and it's link bait to your FB page... lots of questions, few answers.
If it is anything like Siri, it might look like this:  In 500 ft turn...connecting to server...In 250 ft turn...connecting to 100 ft turn....connecting to server....make u-turn...connecting to server...
Um, yeah. The king of mobile turn by turn directions looks lame. Apple can put lipstick on a pig, but it doesn't stop it from being a pig. :)
"A few of the press were prebriefed and say the new maps and turn-by-turn are mind blowing. Google looks lame is the way one guy put it."

Would that be from Apple Insider?

Google Maps is a top notch world class software.  For anyone describing it as “lame” is someone I'd question their motive(s) behind that lame comment.  Sounds to me this person have little credibility in objectivity.  
He is at WWDC! Inventions will keep everyone on their toes and under pressure to develop much better products! It is all good.
the new Apple laptop costs $2,199, that's like a month's pay for a whole lot of folks where I’m at
I'm really loving watching how Apple has apparently just today invented Google Voice, unified search, etc.
Let Robert have his opinion about Apple and Facebook. I'm certainly no facebook fan and apple fan but love Roberts comments on many of the new technological stuff that constantly pops up. Robert, hold on to your opinions because they are the ones that make you interesting to follow.
Isn't Google's new maps 3D and amazing? Hard to top. Turn by Turn sounds like old news!!!
So an Apple fan says something disparaging about Google.  Shocking.
Reply with message: Stolen from ICS.
At family gathering yesterday. 4 Androids, 1 iPhone. “Ask Siri something” “Oh, it’s a 4, so doesn’t run Siri.” (iPhone fragmentation)
Looking forward to your 'more later', Robert!
Looks like a lot of the same from maps... Apple just wanted their own version to distance their dependance on any Google service.  Google Maps/Nav/Local still looks nicer to me, not to mention all the features for walking/bike directions, public transport, etc.
The whole release has been a rip-off of existing services, just like iOS 5. Stolen from Google Maps, Google Voice, Google Chrome, Android, etc.
Siri was mindblowing. At least in the demo
When you enhance apple's idea its patent infringement. When apple enhances every working idea it is innovation.  Ha Ha Ha...
Google should have taken patents on android features, and  sue the crap out of apple!
+Jake Weisz
And that is good, but it would also be awesome if they could give apple a taste of their own medicine...
+Adrian Helle See, but that's also called "sinking down to their level". And there, they can beat you with experience.
+Jake Weisz Ahhh, I see what you mean but Apple cant be called Idiot or stupid. :-)
I obviously can't comment on the new iOS Map and Voice features. I'm sure they'll mostly work fine. My iPhone buddies are pretty evenly split between "glad they finally got that feature" and "crap, this isn't as cool as I was led to believe".

But through it all the comment that I make that virtually ALWAYS kills the polite conversation is "...but why in the world would you have been willing to wait 3+ years to get these features"? I never get a good answer.
+andrew cool You "don't need them", until Apple releases them, and then you suddenly need them?
LOL > +andrew cool  < LOL I was hoping someone would come in here and raise the level of conversation. I wasn't bashing, just relating my experience. But I agree, screw me anyway.
Of course the Siri demo was mindblowing. Easy to do on a system where results can easily be manipulated. Remember Siri's answer to the best smartphone a few weeks ago? See how quick that result got changed? So the demo is also very controlled and predictable because it was practiced and tested. Just like the old travelling conmen selling their magic potions. You buy it, but it doesn't work like you saw previously.
+andrew cool Dude, both iOS 5 and iOS 6 are entirely comprised of features stolen from Android. Apple hasn't innovated in three years.
What innovation every product apple made was plagiarized from existing products in the past.
+andrew cool Dude... Android doesn't even use icons with rounded corners. Lock screens have been around long before the iPhone. Learn the basics here, dude.
And then there will be an Apple kool-Aid party where hoards of followers will follow thinking the next visit of Hale-bob comet is followed by an invisible UFO flown by Steve Jobs with rotten apple logo. and will take them to Apple cider heavens gate. :-)
+andrew cool It's A. Not banned, and B. Not stock Android. Android itself does not have rounded corner icons. That being said, squares with rounded corners have existed since prehistoric times. Apple didn't invent them, they stole them from math class.
+Google Maps is lam and missing innovation; they dominated the map market for so long time... users or usability is not in +Google Maps top priority. I love +Google but i love my users more !
Go Apple Maps (or what ever the new name is ...) ! 
remember Siri? that was mind blowing as well.
what a load of cobblers, if you look at the small print, the navigation function will only work on ip4s   whats all that about.  
... +andrew cool No it hasn't. It was temporarily delayed at customs. And then resumed shipping.
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