Does Facebook hatred hurt Google+?

I'll be honest. I post a lot of interesting stuff over on Facebook that I might want to link to from here, but rarely do. Why? Because whenever I do link to Facebook, like here: there usually will be someone who comes along and bashes Facebook.

Why don't I post everything here? Because my family, friends, and most of the VIPs in the tech world, are over on Facebook. Part of social media is, well, being social with people you care about and most of those people are, sorry to say, over on Facebook.

Which got me to think. Maybe we are coming at this all wrong when we get so evangelistic about things. Maybe we're hurting the things we love (and I do love Google+) when we take such strong stands against other networks (and Facebook is the easiest to kick because it's the biggest, but I've seen similar hate against Apple stuff or against LinkedIn and Twitter, too, here).

Doesn't it hurt Google+ when I don't link to all of the stuff I do on the Internet? It sure does.

Anyway, just a thought. I continue to post my videos and stuff here, because that all works and isn't very noisy (Facebook can get very noisy due to likes, comments, and all that). 

I also don't like posting two different places with the same thing. Why? The services are different and have different audiences on them and, well, I simply don't have the time or mental energy to argue things out on separate social networks.

I'll link here from Facebook and Twitter and see where it goes. What do you think? (Facebook post is here: ).
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