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Imagine Tagwhat on +Project Glass, showing you stuff about the world as you walk around

Tagwhat delivers rich content about the places around you. Now it goes further, bringing you actionable messages from Facebook. See offers, etc, while you walk through the world. 

This could be very useful when we get Google Glass, those wearable computers that will show us stuff as we walk around. 

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it will be essential when Glass arrives..
This is amazing, i'm a biker and would totally use this site.  Specially with Geocaching adventures with my boys.
Unfortunately Google is always 3 lines of code away from implementing location aware/ contextual apps on there own.
The military applications are profound; next round of funding...

Downloaded! Looking forward to testing esp being in NYC area. I expect it will be popping! Happy to send feedback. See you in Austin, too!
Sounds cool! :)
When I read the tag line for the app, I was thinking of a parody app called: "See-It!: The mobile app that shows you the stuff right in front of your face" .... that would simply be a basic camera app ;)
I'm sure you'll get a pair before most of us. If you don't already have a pair ...
The ad revenue that could be generated by Google Maps selling ad overlays to your navigation is insane. They would list all "places" and still be able to sell Logo overlays to the chains and large businesses and perhaps use a link there to offer specials or hotel deals to passing motorists.  The beauty of augmented reality is that it is currently a fairly blank canvas and can be what we want and need it to be. Oh, and games like Ingress will be a much bigger part of our lives as they will integrate more completely into our natural vision vs a handheld device.  This technology will hopefully revolutionize and improve voice control and new input methods as well. Can't wait....
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