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How to protect yourself against "Scoble virus."

1. Put me in a circle called "noisy buttheads."
2. Unfollow me on all other circles.

Sorry, but this is a problem with comment-based systems. People like me who have lots of connections to lots of people will show up in lots of places and cause lots of conversations.

Oh, while we're talking about this.

3. Change your email settings so you don't get email notifications everytime I cause a hot post to happen on your account.

4. I don't care about who is following me. You are defined by who YOU FOLLOW not who follows you.

Sorry for the noise amidst the news.
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We wouldn't follow you if we weren't interested in reading what you have to say, Robert. Nice guide, though.
I thought they had a shot for that.
Can we do something else other than "Noisy buttheads"? Ideas? Suggestions?
+Robert Scoble It's not a problem with comment-based system, it's a problem with activity streams that reorder based on activity interaction. Hopefully they'll add a reverse chronological option soon.
totally agree, looking forward to all your thoughts on Gillmor Gang, I am trying iOS 5 tomorrow, heard its amazing.
The "Mute this Post" function is a good one too. I always like learning from you Robert, but I mute the occasional thread. Your remarks here are spot-on.
What do you mean, "unfollow me on all other circles"? If I'm reading through my main Stream zone, that shows me everyone, including my Following circle.
I just submitted a feedback along those lines that may help address this concern. Google should allow selectively enabling/disabling certain circles/threads in the activity stream.
It would be nice to have only direct posts from Scoble, not all the following conversation.
It is an interesting stress test for G+.
@alok The tiny inverted triangle at the top of the thread provides just such functionality.
The other thing, it's really easy to just MUTE a thread
We need the ability to attach media to comments~
beats nosey buttheads. :) WE use this for the noise
Tis a sad day when my pal Robert Scoble thinks of himself as a virus. Ever read the origins of the word virus? "late Middle English (denoting the venom of a snake): from Latin, literally ‘slimy liquid, poison.’"

I have never seen Robert slimy, nor is he poison. The liquid part is debatable ;)
And the noise is not limited to 140 lmao
I guess I'm not following... I only want to view the circle I have you in when I specifically click on it. Is that possible?
1. Add to Blocked circle
2. :)
It is amazing to me that you already have 2290 on Google+, you are a guy in the know!
A comment-collapser would be all the prophylaxis I would need
Good idea, but you (and +Leo Laporte and +Louis Gray , etc.) will still take over the global stream. It would be nice to be able to exclude a circle from the global Stream.

I guess I have to create my own Stream' that is everybody minus the "noisy buttheads".
LOL! Nice one Robert. Keep on being yourself!
Scott Jangro has a very good idea. Good post, Robert.
Created a circle named 'Boisy Nuttheads' and added you to it... :p
I view +Robert Scoble more as a Virus Scanner than a Virus. Has all the great intent to keep you up to date but slows down your activity of other activities as a result. I just need more RAM to keep up with this guy along with everyone/everything else!
I am not defined by a list on the Internet, if I created it or not.
Noise is signal without purpose/focus. This isn't noise... Highly active, surely, but noise? Only when you talk about Apple. ;)
Thank you for your sense of humor and helping to deal with "you", now that is being a do I have to call you a noise butthead? what a hoot!
How does this solve anything? Confused.
They need to definitely collapse/expand comments for a have so many comments I had to scroll down the screen a lot just to see the next post on my stream.
In addition to muting the thread, there should be a way to collapse the comments so I don't have to scroll down into oblivion to reach the next thread.
Ha, I actually did this when using Friendfeed! (Minus the circle label)
the trick seems to be having a circle with everyone except the noisemakers in it. This is all very similar to friendfeed.
I'm just supplementing my Google+ activity with your noise until I get enough invites to create a social network of my actual friends!
Just use mute when a thread doesn't interest you or you don't want to follow it anymore.
You can also Hide people, too.
How do you keep all of these comments from getting into your gmail...this thread will do forever...
No, Robert, I depend on you and +Louis Gray to be the canaries in the coal mine for any new social network. If all I get is either of you all the time, I know that everyone else had died off. If other voices are coming through, it's healthy and will keep breathing.
being your own psa robert - love it :)
I wish there was a way to limit what circles show up in the main stream. A way that you can see most of your circles all at once, but maybe not all.
So, is this the 'Scoble' effect? Sort of like a 'slashdot' effect?
To reduce frequent notifications on a hot post - you can also create a filter in gmail to selectively filter out that post based on the subject line. That way you do not have to turn off notifications for all the other posts you are following.
Keep doing what you do, +Robert Scoble. I'm sure you know the little jabs I take at you are in jest, but if you don't know... now you do. I've always approved of the Scobleizer. We need people to jump in the driver's seat and punch the pedal to the floor; you benefit us.

The only problem I have is when people that do that complain after crashing into something. When offering critique, as a pedal puncher, I think it's very important to constantly remind people (especially the tech-writers) that you are a pedal puncher. Sometimes that little factoid gets lost a little too often.
Scoble IS in a single circle of mine, and he is still at the top non stop :/
I kinda agree... followed you on buzz and it was overwhelming
The Slashdot effect is like a hurricane. Scoble Effect is a tsunami.
That's what the gods invented post mute for , Mr Scoble
Robert, you are dominating my feed!!! :)
Following you is a lot better here than it was on Buzz, +Robert Scoble. Over there, it was either mute or be overwhelmed by Twitter/blog feed. Here I can go to your circle and read at my leisure.

Much better. 
Yo Mr. Scoble, we should hangout.
They should have created Google Venn diagrams, with possibility of intersecting circles...that would have really made for some serious fun stuff...I can just imagine reading the type of confused and outraged posts and comments from people trying to figure out how to create inner or outer joins with the members of their circles...;-)
Are you suggesting we unfollow you, unless we like "noisy buttheads"? I'm confused. Okay - I guess it's true. Sometimes, I'm in the mood to read posts by noisy buttheads. And you can't see what circles we put you into anyway... ::evil laugh::
@David Goldstick I totally agree, need to have the chronological / top news switch.
I love it. I will make a "noisy buttheads" circle to replace my "tech bloggers" circle.
+Jayson Elliot It doesn't fix anything... I have him in a circle, zero difference. Let me know if you find it different.
It'd be nice to be able to 'mute' specific circles from our main stream... A bit like putting people in a Twitter list without following them... we could still select the circle and see it's stream, but wouldn't get bombarded with stuff amongst our 'closer' friends and family... perhaps a way to 'distance' ourselves from certain circles, have an 'inner orbit' for our closest friends, and outer orbit(s) for others?
they say that's the challenge right now, finding people where they actually read the comments and reply. "You are defined by who YOU FOLLOW not who follows you." good quote!
does it show all the noisy butthead circles you're in? ;-)
don't worry, email filters work fine on google ;)
Oop. And best use of inevitable "Circle Jerk" goes to... ;-)
And, of course, defriending becomes nonplussed.
Hey, at least there's something in my stream! Keep on posting :-)
Is there a way to block "noisy buttheads" from my Stream?
They need to make it so that a new comment doesn't cause the post to jump back to the top of the stream. We are already getting notifications for it. No need to keep bumping it back up.
Aaron, thanks for bumping it back up with your comment. ;) 
You shouldn't have to apologize for it Robert. I love that every time a new service is release, you're there and have already populated it so we can see real world working examples. You have interest :)
Wait, wait, can I put you in a circle called Jerks? (wait for it...)
Wait. You were serious? Dude. Your "volume" and "frequency" are part of how the rest of us can measure whether or not a service is flying. This just reminds me of FriendFeed only easier to tweak.
I did something similar, but the label I chose was 'Industry Experts' :) I can still go with the noisy... :)
If we don't follow you Robert, how would we know where to go next? ;)
Snap, before seeing this post, I already put you in your own circle to prevent 'top of stream dominance syndrome'.
I love the "Scoble virus" :P bring it buddy!! haha
This doesn't work. You'd have to have a circle called "people I want to hear from all the time" and just watch it, as you can't exclude a circle (AFAIK). It's the same problem with most places RSS services, you can subscribe to one channel, or all channels, but can't subscribe to all but one.
Lol! I'm not following +Robert Scoble to read what Robert says, I'm following to watch what everyone else says. :)! Many laughs
Ah yes I added you and it is Buzz all over :-)
I don't see how putting anyone in a private circle not specifically designed that way by Google would affect my feed differently
new network scoble effect. when you interview 3000 nerds, you officially become a scoblelord.
+Keith Barrett I think the suggestion is that you then use a different circle as your primary feed - like I said, it doesn't work for anyone with a network more complicated than one, or maybe two circles.
"How influential are you?" - "100% - if a social network names a virus after you, then you are definitely influential."
As Ben said..WOW you are influential! *-)
Just posted a mockup of a possible solution for "comment induced post hopping" aka the +Robert Scoble Virus to my Stream. Check it out ;)
And make sure you buy a 65" display so you can see all the comments. :-)
The problem with your plan is that you still show up in the "global stream", which would be fine if that stream was total noise and garbage I didn't care about, and always look at circle streams, but that's not the case. Hmmm...
Robert, I just gave you your own circle! Seems like the thing to do, so far.
There is always the consideration that some folks who post too much or generate too much buzz (if you'll forgive the point) aren't worth following personally. I mean if you publish something awesome enough one of the other people I follow will reshare your item.
Yeap, you're in my "firehose" circle. Great reading, keep it up!
It's super easy to mute a post, no worries here. Jabber away.
We definitely need some kind of fine grain settings in circles. Being able to disable comments in the "Following"-circle would be a good start :)
Noisy Buttheads created! You and Leo added! :)
Actually, I believe the "Noisy Buttheads" Circle is already created; it's called "Following"
I passed on Twitter the number 4 of your list. That's absolutely true.
I just mute the posts that don't interest me. :)
You create noise that is easy to listen to
I put you in 'Tech Pundits'. Seems fair, right?

I live the scoble virus.
This is brilliant. Please put on a laminated business card I can hand out!
This should be an easy fix. All they have to do is give us the ability to micro manage which Circles show up in our Stream. For example, I have you, and others, in a "Loud & Famous" Circle, which I would rather not see in my Stream.

Hey, is there a way to "mute" people so that they only show if you are viewing their related Circle?
That is such a good soundbite Mark Heiner :)
maybe what G+ needs is an 'everything-but' stream. So you can define a stream by saying which circles to ignore rather than which to listen to.
I think it needs to be finer tuned than that Robert. I have this issue with FriendFeed too. I'll go awhile and realize I haven't seen a single post from some people I would really like to see more of. The display algorithm needs to be parameterized and opened up...ideally, even replaceable.
Peter: I would love that feature as well. Would make G+ a sort of Facebook/Twitter mashup the way I use it.
Someone at Google+ posted a video describing how they were going to address this by trying to show a popular post again only if your friends have commented on it. I don't think that's going to cut it. (Said it was rolling out this weekend.)
Yes a sort at the top of the stream should just be "sort by post date" or "sort by comment update" (which it is presently).
Is there a way to pull a given circle from you "all stream"?
Mobile app doesn't let you sort by circle from what I can tell.
thanks for the noise again.. this is fun indeed :P
Anyone know if there is a "Public" feed? And what the definition of "Public Feed" is on G+? I'll post back if I find the answer. :)
i just put you in a different circle. Did the same thing on Twitter. that way when I want to hear you, i look there, otherwise you're busy in your own little corner and out of mine.
I'm only following you because everyone else is. Also it gives me things to scroll through when waiting on friends to arrive at the bar, so I can look cool using my phone, instead of just standing there awkwardly.
I don't see how putting you in a 'noisy butthead' circle helps. As long as I have you in one circle, it means your updates show up in my general feed. No?
I am not defined by who I follow on a Social network. That may be the most ridiculous thing I have heard from a tech reviewer.
i adjusted my settings before i started following people and havent had any of the problems mentioned here
Robert Scoble is in a circle I named Robert Scoble. There's only one person in that circle :)
I've got Scoble and Chris Pirillo in a circle called Social Media Viruses (SMV). Now, if I could only remove SMV from the main stream!
+Robert Scoble Greets - Try to access this post (or any in this trenche of time) directly, without using Search, or RSS, or Export.
I suspect you're in for a shock.
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