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News360 is the best news app on my iPad now

I'll be honest, I'm still a raving +Flipboard fan (even after getting tons of competition from even Google+). I still like its mix of news and social and even podcasts from Soundcloud.

So, when +Roman Karachinsky came over and said his app was better for news I was pretty damn skeptical. See that interview below, sorry the audio is a bit low.

That said, it impresses. 

I don't have another app that's as nice to use and is as good at picking news as this app. Try it at

This week they shipped an upgraded iPad app, but they also have an Android app, which will upgrade within a month, and it supports other platforms, too. But the iPad app is the best for now.

Have you tried it?
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been using it since last year on iphone and ipad. awesome
I really like it, especially the Facebook connection to personalize your news and the option to share every site with the Chrome extension.
I have used News360 in the past on my xoom and even then the interface looked solid and quite cool

Might have to give it another spin
I love Flipboard's design and the fact Google+ have taken design cues from them. However, there's still the duplication problem where the same story is repeated across different sources. Keen to check this app out.
I was a huge News360 fan until the desktop version stopped showing updates for some news sources. It was incredibly frustrating that sites like the Verge or TechCrunch, just would not show new content.
+Robert Scoble haven't used it on the ipad yet. few months back my wife stole my ipad and i don't use it as much.
Big news junkie, so thanks!  This sounds great...  
Dan O
Yes, but on my Android phone, I personally prefer the clean layout of Zite.
A smart, beautiful, useful app. Downloaded and installed, thanks for another great tip +Robert Scoble.
Dan O
+Robert Scoble I realize most people like others, and perhaps their discovery engines are superior (I can't say), but for me, Zite has a clean, uncluttered look. Maybe I'm crazy, but it just seems easier on my eyes, and I can scan the list of articles much easier. Flipboard is easy to read when you get into an article, but the home page is more cluttered. The G+ Android app is a hog... 70 megs on my Android (so I dumped it).
Wow it's even available for Windows Phone 7-- Now I'm impressed
Agree. News360 is one of the best news aggregators for the Ipad. 
what happened to your love to Flipboard dude ?
I know this will sound petty, but I just do not like reading my news in dark-themed apps.  I like Flipboard and Google+ because they are amazingly beautiful, intuitive, and have stellar performance, are free of administrative clutter, but also simply because they are white.   And I think there's more to it than just taste.  I am perfectly happy with dark-themed multimedia apps (music, etc).  But for reading, I just enjoy it more if it's white.
+Dan Martin The app itself is dark-themed, but it only introduces the content. The reading takes place on the news site itself - which is usually white.  
Amazing UI. Good timing. Getting a little bored with flipboard. 
I'm still getting by with the Google Reader site on all my devices, its a bit ugly but is functional, minimalist, perfectly consistent and in sync between all my devices.

It also doesn't try to suggest new news sources or pull in unwanted content from other sources.
Just downloaded it on my iPhone. One word: Amazing! Thanks for the recommendation 
The best news app indeed! 
Don't have an iPad (yet!) but I have been looking for a new hard-news app. I'll have to check this one out, thanks +Robert Scoble !
I had been a huge fan of Flipboard but now it's too confusing to use.  Too much going on.  I want simple, clean esy to use and understand NEWS!  Using News360 for the time being although I may give Zite a try as well.