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A 3D video of 3D printers at MIT's display at the World Economic Forum

I think this is the first 3D video done inside the World Economic Forum and my subject is MIT's display of 3D manufacturing techniques. If you have 3D glasses or a TV you can watch this in 3D. If not you can turn off the 3D.

I filmed this with my new Panasonic HDC-Z10000 camcorder (retails at $3,500).

I'll talk about this on today's Gillmor Gang, starting now: Join us live.
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Almost broke my eyes, but eventually I was able to get it in 3D without glasses:-) Cool stuff.
i really cant tell if that was like that or not i have veary bad eye sight
Ever thought of using a LAV mic to plug into your Iphone? Would give you better sound.
This video makes me sea sick
+Robert Scoble true that. I found just using the ball mic from a LAV and plugging it in to my Galaxy S2 gave me great sound. The mic itself is smaller and can bundle well with headphones.
+Robert Scoble , I think I should go back to my pc-seller and buy the 3D computer he offered me :P. I love your posts. Great video.
And my husband made fun of me when I walked out with the 3D glasses from the movies. HA!
+Robert Scoble I have a Google+ Page dedicated to 3D Printing but it seems I can't share your post as a page.
+Robert Scoble With the permalink I can share your posts as a Page. But when I check out your profile as a Page, all your posts are marked "Public (locked)"
Simon L
3D is terrible on my eyes!
Watched this without glasses on my LG Optimus P920 3D phone and love what is happening with 3D tech
The only real downside is that stereoscopic cameras chew through the battery but it's only a small issue :-)
Is it just me or are the colors reversed on this video? For me, it works best if I use the red lens on the right instead of on the left.
cool - even without glasses you can get an impression whith the preview pic. just let the two pictures overlap.
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