Nice seeing +Eddie Codel  this morning. 

I shot us with my new, unreleased, drone. In showers. Hah. It was raining lightly this morning. This is a photo this new drone shot of us.

Eddie brought his drone over and we talked about the "Do it Yourself" drone movement (details at ) and he showed me his drone, which is made by 3D Robotics:

Don't know who Eddie is? He's the one who made this beautiful drone video of Burning Man:

For those who missed, I'm playing with a not-yet-released drone, coming next week.

His feedback after getting a chance to fly the drone? "XXXXXX is gonna sell a bunch of these."

I wonder if we should try it over water? Remember when +Chase Jarvis  had one of his drones fall into the ocean? That video is at DJI Phantom Drone Crash! | Chase Jarvis TECH | ChaseJarvis
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