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Why can a little startup do noise filtering right but the big boys can't?

Lately I've been addicted to a new app on my iPhone: +Bradford Cross's Prismatic. Get it at Right now it's for the web or for iPhones. They just got $15 million in funding so expect other platforms to come soon.

But don't miss what this little startup has done: filtered noise very effectively. Much more effectively than even Facebook. I'll be visiting Facebook on Monday and will bring this up with them. Why can Prismatic learn within a few minutes of me first trying it last week what I wanted to see, and then it does a damn awesome job of giving it to me? 

Compare to the noise that comes through Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. This little app is just amazing at the quantity of tech news it finds (that's all I care about, I'm sure if you use it you'll find stuff you care about).

Unfortunately it's pretty tightly integrated with Twitter. Most of the items I read I can retweet, but can't push over here to Google+. Yes, I used the Facebook signon so it learned a lot about what my reading behavior was over there. Shows just how powerful a platform Facebook is for enabling apps like this to learn quickly what you're about. I spent another two hours reading things, adding tags and stuff and playing with the app, but now it's magic.

If you follow me on Prismatic, though, you can see everything I read.

Yes, +Flipboard  has real competition on my iphone now. The quantity of interesting items it brings me is amazing.

Have you tried it yet? Is it as magic for you as it was for me? 

I wish Google+'s feed worked like Prismatic does.
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Try it and you'll love it (if you give it enough time to get to know you)
+Robert Scoble I will download that today and try it out. Always looking for great apps, and apps that reduce noise even better ! 
How does it compare to something like #Zite? Is it in the same space? I'll have to download Prismatic an try it out.
I've made note of it and will download it the moment it is available for Android.
What is their business model? How do they make money?
+Robert Scoble - My concern is about how intimate they get with my content to adapt their advertising, and who they let have access to that information.
The app has some very smart Machine Learning behind it, we had a talk on some of it from Aria a few weeks ago. I've been using Prismatic over the last few months and I've only seen it get consistently better and better with both recommendations and the UI. There is something magical happening inside the company.
+Robert Scoble - That was what I feared, and it places them in the same category as the services that offer to filter your inbox. Unusable.  I want to buy a service, not to be the product.
I've been using Prismatic for a few weeks now and I really like it. I still use Flipboard due to the integration with my google reader feed and all my social platforms... but I agree. Prismatic delivers fresh and relevant news.
Got it a few months ago but have not developed the "muscle-memory" to click the email reminder.
Amazing quantity, but what about quality? Are you seeing higher signal/noise than on Flipboard?
The newsfeed is interesting for sure, but I still enjoy the flip better
...because the little guys focus on one task, filtering, while the big guys have multiple concerns such as "filter, yes, but let our affiliates through, and let x through and let Y through and don't block stuff that might match this and and and..." ?

Just a guess
It's quite brilliant. App of the year for me. 
They could, but won't. Advertisings bucks are made by pushing junk I would never ever want in my life in my face. Fb would never give that up.
Amen! It is a great experience.
Still too graphic-intensive, which is too distracting for me and slows me down. I still prefer the text-only Google Reader, where I get through feeds quickly, starring articles I go back to later, for in-depth reading
Prismatic is the only news app on my homescreen. I read it multiple times a day. It's the best curated list of news that I'm interested in and it's blindingly fast too.
I like the gestures too. Really powerful way of navigating once you get used to it.
I would like to see a graph of how much funding new startups are getting over time. I have a feeling it has been going up over the last 12 months which makes me wonder whether we are heading towards a bubble?
I am confused Robert - I thought just a couple weeks ago you wanted to see everything - now you want it filtered - just better filter than FB gives you? Sorry if I missed something.
I am a big Prismatic fan as well and use it daily. My biggest concern is lack of any type of API or export of data I favorite, share, etc.

As I find and share interesting content I really need the ability to take it with me.
I use the send-to-email function in Prismatic to store articles/URLs in Evernote via my Evernote email address. Works well enough.
+Robert Scoble

I've started using prismatic today and its fantastic.

I only wish that they would let me post to Facebook and twitter at the same time. 
+Robert Scoble  agree...though in truth, most people don't get enough noise to really be bothered with it. I imagine for someone like you, who has many followers, it can get annoying. I've really surprised that Google hasn't listened to your feedback as big as you are G+.
+Robert Scoble Prismatic is awesome after having it used for a while now (via Twitter).  Never had such a good stream before. Thanks for the recommendation.
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