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Karma gift app shows why I sit through so many pitches -- this is an awesome app

When I first got the pitch for Karma I almost turned it down. After all, I just didn't see the need for having a mobile app that helps me buy gifts for other people. I'm actually not that nice of a person and I hate buying gifts. Just ask my wife. Plus, why would I need such a thing on my mobile phone?

But after getting it it's blown me away. Here's me sitting through the pitch where Lee Linden, co-founder, shows it to me.

Some other things that turned me around about this company? Funded by Kleiner Perkins. The apps those folks fund are usually unique (it also funded Flipboard, which is still my favorite iPad app).

Then, when you listen to Lee you understand how important having a good team is and a clean, consistent, vision. "Beautiful design is the minimum bar," Linden says. Absolutely! Great job.
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Did he say social commerce or social karma experience?
Viewed the video - sounds unique but since they curate the gifts that would limit the options instantly. I could go on Amazon or and order unique gifts for friends as well. Sure, I need more details, e.g. address, and the experience is most likely not as unique or smooth as on Karma but isn't a little bit of effort worth it for your friends?
An honest crumudgeon turns gift friendly ... must be a full moon or something. ( BTW i found it and signed up )
Looks really cool. They really should have it be available in other countries as well, though, even if you can only gift to US people. There's plenty of us who have family and friends in the US and this would be absolutely PERFECT for us, it's really difficult to get gifts out to people, shipping, US credit cards required etc, all the hassle of trying to send a gift to a person in the this really would help people like me a lot. +Robert Scoble , any chance you could mention this to them? I think they might get a lot of business from ex-pats and others who don't live in the US but want to send gifts there.
I was a beta tester for Karma. The gift experience is very smooth and it's a nice selection of curated gifts. Go +Lee Linden!
this is junk on top of junk(fb), way harder than just using your brain for 2 seconds to think of a gift,
this app is a jumbled mess, only reason i said something is cause Scoble and app creator claimed it simplified gift giving, demonstration shows exact opposite,
+tim peterson thanks for the comments. We'd love to hear more of you feedback so if you're open to it, feel free to shoot me a note and I'll give you some credit on Karma to try the service.
+Lee Linden Hey Lee, great to see you commenting here. Any chance you'd get the app into the Android, err, Play Market in other countries as well? See my earlier note for reasons, I do think it'd be very useful for cross-country gifting from abroad into the US. Sending gifts to the US is often a big production for those of us who live outside of the US, I'd even think it'd be a nice way to market it, "send gifts home easier", etc. What do you think? Any reasons why it's US only? (or maybe not but at least wasn't installable here in Finland)
+Risto Rossi Thanks for the feedback and awesome use case. We're seriously considering this. The conflict is that we can't currently ship overseas so we don't want to frustrate customers in other countries since only a subset will be the ex-pat case. That said, I'd like to make this happen for you and your counterparts; please stay tuned.
+Lee Linden Thanks for the reply! Totally understand you don't want to introduce it and have people disappointed to find no shipping to wherever, etc. Still, hopefully you can cook up some great solution for those of us who'd benefit from this, this really would come in handy several times a year, it really would. I'll stay tuned =). Thanks!
+Lee Linden i don't use fb cause it poorly represents what actually is important to me (high school acquaintances showing pictures of their dogs) but thanks for the offer, i admire your enthusiasm, i'd be happy to chat more in detail about your app if it would be helpful, just not sure how to reach you directly?
Hey there, next time you do an interview, grab an external mic for you. Its kinda hard to hear the questions and there is a dramatic difference obviously between your level and the camera focal point. Keep up the Great work!!
+Robert Scoble +Evan Aagaard my original point still stands, this app involves way too much effort, the demonstration involved so much clicking and decision making, it just appeared way harder than using your brain for 2 seconds, a willing target audience on fb for this app-older women- wont want to jump through all those hoops, and while you guys may spend all day pruning your social networks most people do not so I was trying to warn +Lee Linden about being overreliant on poor quality social graphs, morever many people prune in misleading ways including my wife!, because gifts are so important to people i don't think any gift giving app can make even slightly off recommendations too many times, once seems realistic, before people disregard it.
+Lee Linden : I would instantly use it if you start supporting cross-country shipping. It is so hard for me to send gifts back home and actually it is one of my biggest pain points.
Cool, but video is way too long to explain how a gift can be given.
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