Karma gift app shows why I sit through so many pitches -- this is an awesome app

When I first got the pitch for Karma http://getkarma.com I almost turned it down. After all, I just didn't see the need for having a mobile app that helps me buy gifts for other people. I'm actually not that nice of a person and I hate buying gifts. Just ask my wife. Plus, why would I need such a thing on my mobile phone?

But after getting it it's blown me away. Here's me sitting through the pitch where Lee Linden, co-founder, shows it to me.

Some other things that turned me around about this company? Funded by Kleiner Perkins. The apps those folks fund are usually unique (it also funded Flipboard, which is still my favorite iPad app).

Then, when you listen to Lee you understand how important having a good team is and a clean, consistent, vision. "Beautiful design is the minimum bar," Linden says. Absolutely! Great job.
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