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Want some publicity? These folks are PR folks and social media experts. They are the ones who constantly bug me to cover their clients. I don't hold it against them, though. Most of them bring me good companies and are good PR folks. If they aren't, I remove them from this list. Do you know PR folks who aren't on this list? Please let me know!

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i didn't add,too a lot people~
Thanks +Robert Scoble - do more social media expert stuff than PR, but the boundaries are blurring a lot as marketing channels morph. (I have never asked you to cover my clients, but if you are attending the PayPal/Ebay/Magento XCommerce conf at Moscone tomorrow I'll remember to introduce you to one :>) ) And you are invited to "cover" TEDx Berkeley ...
+Robert Scoble TEDx Berkeley is Feb 4, 2012 at Zellerbach. Theme is Inspiring Innovation. We are looking for good speakers by the way - good exposure (as you know). Can be innovative in a lot of areas. Any ideas?

By the way at XCommerce Katie Burke Mitic Facebook's Director, Platform & Mobile Marketing and John Donahue, eBay CEO are keynote spks. Hmm, ...
Social commerce anyone?

I have another interesting client at #emetrics in NYC next week but I am guessing you'll be home by then ...
+Robert Scoble I'd love to be part of it although I mainly build distribution networks for my clients (Sales & Marketing). Anyways, thanks for sharing your circles! They are a great way to get to know people who I might end up working together with.
Thanks +Robert Scoble for sharing this group. I am working my way up the (mostly) Social Media and PR ladder. This will help a lot and I'll hopefully will be able to learn a lot!
+Robert Scoble Look at me! Look at me! So, dude, I got this amazing startup I'm working with. They're like Facebook and they're like Twitter, but they're totally different and gonna kill it. They have this awesome group video chat feature that hasn't been done ANYWHERE else!

We should totally hangout and do a video interview.

This comment brought to you by the letter "S" which stands for sarcasm.
Thank you +Robert Scoble! Greetings from Finland. If ever you make it to Helsinki, Let me know.
Okay, now I understand the gazillion people circling me during the dark hours of the Finnish night... I've been Scoblerized! Haven't been bugging you at all, though +Robert Scoble ! :-) Thank you for including me in this illustrious bunch and giving me more nice new folks to circle.
Hi Robert. I would love to be considered for the PR and social media expert circle. Keep up the good work
Now I understand the adds - thanks :)
Ah, now this explains all the adds. Thanks very much, Robert! Happy to share new social strategies in and outside the automotive field =)
+Robert Scoble I've been Scobleized! Honored! Thx! I'll be sorting new followers into circles today. :)
I have LinkedIn 22,000 1st connections, Twitter 35,000 followers, Facebook Fan Pages 30,000 participants -- and had pagerank 8 for long. Am I a specialist on social media marketing? :D > +Robert Scoble
Thanks +Robert Scoble. I figured that you sharing a PR/SM-related circle had something to do with the flurry of new followers I got overnight :)
+Robert Scoble 299 people? Did Google increase the limit from 250?

I thought people were having difficulty sharing large circles because 250 were seemingly randomly chosen from among the larger circle to be shared. This is a great improvement!
My circle adds nearly tripled overnight thanks to this. Wow, thanks Robert!
I wish when people requested to be added, they'd explain why they belong. Sometimes people randomly ask to be included in my #CircleSunday shared Circle and I don't bother replying, but if I did, I'd probably scold them for not understanding the concept before asking.

Not that you did that, +Osman A -- your G+ tagline sounds like maybe you do belong in the above Circle. Your comment just reminded me of that weird phenomenon.
+Christina Trapolino you're completely right, it is also more polite. Still, I did read the OP's post before placing my previous comment and no such thing was requested - not to merely defend myself but to highlight that that criteria should be posted along as well if it had to be the case, right?

As a new user this seemed to be the right protocol, but I'm more than willing to adapt if it is seen as a more correct way of respondig to these posts!
+Osman A - I don't think you did anything wrong, and I don't think it's well established as polite to say why you should be added to someone's shared Circle. Actually, +Robert Scoble is one of the rare folks who does his research when someone makes such a request, which is why his shares are so widely adopted and appreciated by the community. But not everyone is as thorough as Scoble, and not everyone is as polite as you appear to be. :)
Thank you +Christina Trapolino - Btw Off-topic: I like how your comments here are in line with your tagline! I happen to have sent G+ feedback about content quality issues myself today!
Thanks for putting together and sharing Robert. Feel free to add me too as a PR and Social Media Marketing person from the UK!
As Program Director/Producer for All Fired Up Radio, would you please add me to your media/marketing circles, Also political, Conservative. Thank you Robert!
Uh +Robert Scoble wut?

"These folks are PR folks and social media experts. They are the ones who constantly bug me to cover their clients."

I am neither in PR nor have I ever asked you to "cover my clients" because I don't have any. Did you mean a different Erica?
+Erica Joy - I can see how Robert may have labeled you a social media expert, though! You've been doing awesome stuff on G+ since day one. :-)
Thanks +Christina Trapolino. Unfortunately it may give people the wrong idea about me or what to expect when they circle me.
Would love to be considered for the circle, if not too late +Robert Scoble - I'm a social media manager and work PR outreach for my clients. And thanks for the great resource!
+Robert Scoble Please add me. I am regional marketing manager for a Middle East and North Africa for an Internet business.
HI Robert, Thank you for sharing! Would it be possible to add me to the circle?
Hey +Robert Scoble - please add me to this list! I can bring a Vermont perspective to the conversation. We are doing good things up here. :-)
Hello Robert from Charleston, South Carolina. I'm an Online Marketing Consultant helping small businesses in the Lowcountry. Would love to be added to your circle. Thanks. P.S. Love Half Moon of my favorite places in the world...besides Charleston.;-)
+Susan Bridges Half Moon Bay is delightful!  I'm landlocked here in Austin, and it makes me crazy.  That said, I do love ATX!
Very nice list. Thanks for sharing it with us.
 Can you add me to this circle? I am a Social media and SEO expert from the Netherlands and also owner of - Dutch social media, online marketing en SEO blog and trainee etc.

Let me know;)
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