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Last Gillmor Gang of the year join us.

Then I'm going to drink at the Half Moon Bay Ritz with a CMU grad. You are invited. True story!

It's been a great year. Thanks to everyone here on Google+ who has made it so!
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
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yes - we were 'upset' that you backed away from blogging - so glad you're back!
Google+ should add more functionality for bloggers to get more content. I hope they do!
All they need to do is to integrate G+ as the commeting mechanism for Blogger - and you get the best of both worlds.
For me I have a different experience than +Robert Scoble I think. I have tried blogging for several years, but never though I had the time to write rich content on my blog. Google+ in the other hand, makes me automatically want to write more rich content, cause I know it will automatically show up in the search, because I only post Public posts. I don't have to do all the Google Search optimization to get my content shown on Google Search.
haha friends on facebook doesn't mean we're really friends... I admire your ability to manage your facebook "friends" +Robert Scoble ... 
+Robert Scoble Love the way you keep TGG announcements quiet till the last seconds (or even past the event). Why don't you use G+ events a bit more? I do like listening to your chitter-chatter, sorry market analysis.
Why doesn't Facebook use hashtags +Robert Scoble ? Wouldn't it make sense for public posts?
I love that Blogger now can do +mentions in blog posts.
+Robert Scoble I remember you going ballistic about it on GG. Very funny to watch... Though I can imagine the nightmare with your number of followers.
wrong - gmail on mobile is great / 2012 = the year the big G found the perfect mix of muscle and beauty on mobile.
+Euro Maestro  At the beginning Events automatically added an appointment to your calendar from anybody in your circle. Imagine, when somebody has 3mil followers (was fewer at the time but still)... that would tip over the edge most of us.
Thank you! It has been a great year with the Gillmor Gang!
so I missed it, can any please post a link to the recording of the show. thanks.
PS- If I need a fb account don't bother.
Seb, the recording is usually posted mid-day Saturday, and announcements tweeted 
Next time pick a drinking event when I am in SF +Robert Scoble :]

Have fun and Happy New Year Robert!
Imran ali.... eres de marruecos??¿¿
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