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Welcome to the community for entrepreneurs and executives who are building companies. 

I just invited everyone from Twitter and Facebook into here. 

The problem with these kinds of open communities is they usually start out fun when they are small, but as they grow they lose their utility. I call this the chat room problem.

I think Quora is a better place to go for advice on starting your company, actually, because it has defenses against the chat room problem and makes sure the quality remains extremely high.
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I also wonder how long this will last before it becomes a spam magnet... But definitely worth a try! Thanks for setting it up ;)
For some reason the "View community" button has a bug that's appending /community/<id> to the end of the url breaking the links.
Let's see what will happen - probably 1000+ members after a few days. But the hole Open-Innovation-Approach is interesting, so let's try it! 
The problem I have with groups - and have had since the early days of the Internet is the mismatch between how posters and lurkers answer the question of "where should I post ..." (or for lurkers - "where should I read about ...") as groups proliferate answering this question becomes random and nearly impossible - resulting in content and people missing each other. It also is why there is frequently a "power law" around groups - the bigger the group, the more comments & responses - the bigger the group gets (but also the harder it is for people to find each other)
Will be interesting to see how quickly this community grows. 73 members as I post and I thin you created this a few hours ago. I've also created the video marketing community here: https://plus.google.com/communities/102716006391373803460 . Just trying it out to see how it compares with LinkedIn and will blog about it in a couple of weeks.
Categorising the discussion helps and is a nice feature, but I am sure this will get just like other groups, too much noise!
I concur with Robert... Quora is better for Q&A... but these could be cool for sharing resources... until it gets spammy and out of control.  But, it will be a cool way to surface interesting people worth circling and I just noticed the thread topics on the left.  That is very helpful.  This should be an interesting tool.  I wonder how long until they bring in some "Google Wave" elements into Communities.  lol

+Robert Scoble building culture is something she is interested in.  Midwifery has somewhat of a stigma in the United States.  She is very interested in changing peoples impression of it.
+Robert Scoble this made me smile from ear to ear!
The ink is still drying on the paperwork signed by myself and business partner +Jeff Wood We met here in a hangout a year ago a month from now. Then in a HIRL in NYC months later with friends.

Id invented something for tablet devices... something that does not exist anywhere in the marketplace, and solves a very real very annoying problem. Even debilitating. I made a prototype, and then it sat on my desk and was used just by me.

It wasn't until Id met with the amazing and super intelligent and equally friendly inventor +Bob Nagy. Bob heard my idea and inspired me to pick it up and just do it! Considering hes sold his inventions to +NASA I was quite motivated!

Later continuing what would be quite the serendipitous year long journey on Google Plus towards my invention being brought to fruition, I met along the way +Rose T in Australia who had years of experience in exactly the manufacturing field I needed. Her expertise was monumental in helping to arm me with the knowledge Id need to align a final prototype and manufacturer. It also like those that came before and after her, gave me tremendous inspiration to continue!

The google community, my friends from around the world have helped prove quite globally, how it truly does take the village to raise the child! My product which will solve such a real problem for so so many people, would not have become reality if it weren't for the ability that Google PLus and its wonderful Hangouts afforded me to connect with like minded warm hearted driven people whose friendship is so genuine and whose support could find steel wings afloat on clear blue skies.

In venturing out towards any new endeavor, it will eventually become apparent, that the road between where you are and where you wish to go is simply paved with a bunch of unanswered questions.

You may not have all the answers, but if you simply focus on what you DO know, and ask the right questions...the answers will come... almost synchronously, and the distance you will travel to your completed goal will become a memorable journey of friends made and knowledge gained.

I think this is a wonderful idea for a group... and I look forward to all that transpires here!

This seems a great initiative. Easily accessible, more social and could be less noisy if content is moderated periodically?
+Robert Scoble You're awesome.
+Robert Scoble two friends and I are trying to build a company around an iPhone app (http://scapehouse.com). We're having trouble garnering media attention. I'm 110% positive that we've got a wonderful, unique product here that can help many people. Really desperate for any help and tips.
Rose T
This is a great place to start for those that feel like they are just bumping into walls and furniture... or caught in the "White Noise"
Well done +Robert Scoble 
If a page posts on your community it asks for moderation. 
+Robert Scoble, I was just looking at some of the twitter replies to your link to here earlier.  It's strange to see so much visceral hate for Google+, especially when they have released a new feature that will do nothing but help to bring groups of like-minded people together.
+Robert Scoble you should try creating a community - a Tribe - on Kumbuya... you might think of it as a "group Tumblr + controlled commerce." We've grown past 8,800 users with 1,200 Tribes in 11 weeks and the pace is increasing - but I'm pretty sure "scoble" is still available as a Tribe name :) http://www.kumbuya.com
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