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My wife deleted her Google+ account. Why? She was getting too many inbound requests, and saw too much noise here and not enough signal. She also says that the engagement I drew to her was too much, too quickly.

Those who say that Google+ is going to beat Facebook are just not facing this reality. For many Facebook is better than Google+.
Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post...
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Beta Root
Her facebook wall is private... can't read anything
Melina M
Wow. I hope she'll change her mind and try it again eventually.
Considering it's only the first couple of weeks, there's bound to be a bit more noise than signal as everyone experiments and works out things.
I'm finding it awesome for sharing exclusive comics! I just launched one tonight called "CIRCLE JERKS" but people have to go to my wall to ask to be in the circle in order to see it if they're interested.

I could totally see why it could be overwhelming with your following! hah.
Goldarr !
So this begs the question. Why are you still here instead of Facebook? Just curious.
Interesting. I had a friend join and quickly unjoin today, saying (essentially) "I already have Facebook, why do I need this?". I don't think the differences are plain enough to novice users (or maybe there aren't enough differences?)
i can understand that... i am keeping my FB too - i have to say, i have discovered more cool and fun content way faster on here, but on FB i see what my friends did today in a slower more manageable format..
You ask me thats just not enough time to really sink your teeth into what G+ has to offer.
Interesting observations - thx!
Is there really such a thing as too much engagement? :-)
It might help if you didn't have so many friends Robert.
obviously your spouses aren't going to be a good fit for google+
Until they find a way of letting Followers filter content the noise will keep rising
She'll come around with you as her husband!
i hope she finds it useful!
I think it's too early to be making pronouncements either way.
is a different game, I think we will find different kind of players in G+ if they keep it as it is right now, more like twitter
What reality? It's not for everyone. Neither is facebook. That doesn't mean it's going to flop.
Can't read her Facebook wall :-( +1 for Google!
These live comment updates are very chat like interesting.
I think fundamentally for now Google+ will be for geeks and work circles. Facebook where mortal men live will still have most people in it.

Also i think it is a matter of really putting people in their proper circles.
For Google+ to win over facebookers there needs to be some kind of connector between the two. Then you can switch without feeling like you are leaving your network behind.
high cognitive bandwidth folks go to G+, low cognitive bandwidth folks should stick to FB or better MySpace
Why do we live in a world where one has to beat the other. Hell, if Leno and Letterman can coexist, there's hope for everyone.
Too soon to tell, she probably got in because you find it cool, and will return once her friends jump on-board. Noise control here is more straightforward than on FB, were a machine decides what I want to read.
My biggest fear with google plus is what is going to happen to my incoming feed once this thing goes live. Spam fest?
I'm a power FB user and digging Google+. I don't think G+ is for every FB user, but there are a lot of us plugging in right now and enjoying it as an upgrade. And your wife's wall isn't open so we can't read anything there.
The community's too young to make a qualifiable judgement at this time. I say give it a few months after a total rollout, with all the games & business accounts, & let's see how it compares to Facebook then.
Yes, we really need communities and better methods of following people. I would recommend sending feedback and showing Google what she wrote. Google+ is young and in heavy development, if they don't know about the problems, they can't fix them...
If all my Facebook friends where to move over right now i wouldn't use Facebook ever again
Why is this surprising anyone? Scoble is anti-google in about every fashion. 
Im betting on this reason.."She also says that the engagement I drew to her was too much, too quickly."
I think there's a pretty big difference between "G+ isn't good for the wife of a hugely popular tech authority who gets too much spillover from his followers" and "G+ isn't going to hit the mainstream." Perhaps it's not great for edge cases, but I think the average person could use Circles and appreciate G+.
I love the fact that her rant about Facebook superiority is completely locked down and none of us can read it, thanks to their incomprehensible security & sharing model.
I think G+ can succed without "killing" Facebook. In fact, a bi-polar social networking world would be preferable to the current unipolar Facebook world we now live in.
Jason O
I thought the point of the Circles were to manage all of that? I think they are a great filter! Much better than Facebook.
You are getting so many comments so quickly. That has to be a positive sign for this platform.
'beat' facebook? no, probably not, but it can be a solid alternative that gives google a substantial presence in the social space.
Being able to receive critics for her attitude in real-time, like Twitter is awesome. I don't recall having inputs on a thread this fast in FB.
Robert, to read your wife's explanation, we'd have to friend her on FB - you have many followers who will be interested in what she has to say, and therefore send FB friend requests. If I were you wife, I would not be happy with you right now ;)
Personally feel there is too much Google+ vs FaceBook. Not mutually exclusive to me. Don't expect to see my mom here but still like sending her pics of my kids for example.
It is not Google's fault she can't handle the attention. Fine to personally dislike it, but that doesn't mean there is something wrong with it. Sorry, but that is the reality.
New Car Smell aside +Robert Scoble, how G+ is over the next few months will be what the Google+ community make it. With the tools Google's provided here, there's still a lot of positives that can be managed.
That is why it is called Beta! It is trial mode, I could understand reaching a conclusion with an open system but it is not. To either be saying this is or is not a Facebook killer is way to fast to reach a well thought out conclusion.
I understand that if you use Facebook correctly, you can get a great experience from it. And by that, I mean to only accept friends request from people you actually know (and by that I mean already touched). You get a stream of news you almost always care about ;). But I do not understand how you can't get a great experience with Google+. It's not just the same!!!
Given that G+ is still beta, I can imagine she wasn't thrilled with it. She was overwhelmed in an environment that I don't think is ready for everyone yet. I talked with my wife about G+ and she was less than thrilled. I gave her an invite and she hasnt done anything with it... why because she already has Facebook and even if she doesn't love it as much as she used to... everyone is on it.

That is the big hurdle for G+. I LOVE it but think it will take 12-24 months before it can truly compete with FB, I just hope Google has planned for this to run that long!
One big difference is how facebook grew versus where G+ is coming from. Another is the state of social between then and now. Everyone wants to use and post right here, right now. But facebook? It's new-ness is long, long over. People don't have the need to post everyday. So even if you do connect with a lot of people, there isn't as much noise. On facebook, you usually know people who try to connect. Here? Doesn't matter. No need to "follow back" if you don't want to. They can still follow anything public of yours...
That's her decision. I get information different from here and facebook. So I'm gonna keep both...
This is precisely why Google tried to get the early-adopter social crowd in here first to work out the kinks and see what we'd use it for, rather than an open public beta.
G+ is Facebook for tech geeks. At least that's what it feels like now. I like it for that reason.
In all fairness most people won't be having Robert Scoble driving traffic volume their way. Definitely should have got her to turn off all email notifications etc. before pointing her out ;).
I'm digging how smoothly and quickly this comment stream is updating! No freaking "show more comments". It's a live conversation. +1!
I think that at first, you are correct. BUT, if you are to create a Circle with the people that you want to keep up with, it can contain much less noise than Facebook. I'm excited about G+ right now, but more so for what it will be in 6 months, a year, 3 years.
Mat Lee
hahaha too much too quick, so go ahead and post her facebook. Nice dude!
I have never understood the ideology that it has to be "all or nothing" for some folks. Either they have to be fully immersed and constantly using it, or it has to be deleted. Why not just leave it set up and leave it active in case you need to come back to it. I see people do this on facebook all the time week they proclaim they are deleting their account because they hate facebook and need a break. A week later they're back and using it like crazy. If it's not working for you or you need a break....just leave it and come back to it later.
She wasn't actually getting 'inbound requests' though, just notifications that she was being added to a circles. Her familiarity with the symetircal nature of Facebook likely made her feel like she needed to reciprocate, or she misunderstood the notification for a request that she needed at act on.
Not everyone is married to a public figure such as yourself. Just because she is a normal user in that situation doesn't mean that Google+ is a bad tool to have. It just means that she isn't as equipped to handle the traffic you threw at her, especially if notifications weren't being redirected in her Gmail account. It's kind of a fail to blame that on Google when it's your own fault, really.
How could she not expect a mob scene after you told the world she was here Robert? I feel sorry for her.
I think that for those that are early adopters and techies Google+ will be popular, for the average FB user I don't see them buying into this. I think it's great I like the level of control as to who I can post pics, comments to etc. The hangout out feature rocks as well.
I just added her as a Facebook friend. Just kidding. :-)
you can always get a new wife
My FB stream is way noisier than my G+ stream. And I follow Scoble!
People like different things. I wonder if G+ in the early days appeals more to extroverts.
I think the great thing about google+ is that if you ARE finding that there's too much noise and no signal, it's very easy to tweak.
I just hope google+ does not ever support importing twitter streams into g+ . i dont mind them coming in via sparks but i dont want to be spammed like we were in buzz wheb people linked twitter accounts to buzz. it ruined peoples feeds
You can turn off email notifications under settings.
I hope she comes back as well, even Facebook was a bit much in the beginning and especially around reunion time. But the noise in my wall has fallen off considerably a lot of people stopped using it as many will do here once it isn't new anymore but I expect enough will stay to keep it relevant an the feed will be manageable but than again your feed is much faster than most maybe you should break out the articles about how you manged FriendFeed and Twitter might help those new to the fire hose of info
robert, you are certainly an outlier and your wife's case does not count :)
Mat Lee
that's whats cool though, you can check out a stream for each of your circles. That way you only get as much noise as the people you have in your circles. We have to get away from thinking it's a numbers game, and whoever has the most people following them wins. It's not. It's about the content, and how good the people you interact with are about posting and communicating things that interest you.
+Roxy valkyrierisen does that explain why I hardly post any longer at Tumblr (since Google+)...I still use FB and Twitter
Is it possible the "noise" was originating from one Robert Scoble?
My partner is on G+ too, but I'm letting her work out her own circles and who she wants, without drawing a lot of traffic to her. That way she gets more signal than noise.
Google + will fail because some users can't or wont scale? Interesting. 
Completely understand, and for that reason have not invited my wife or others in my family or even friend "circle" yet. We're early on the adoption curve here. It's new. It's got some quirks. And it does not have the familiarity of having almost everyone we know already on it like FB does (which is both a + and -!). Let's see how this grows over the days, weeks and months ahead. It will be interesting to watch in this house and yours!
My wife and I have the same split. Personally, I love Google+ and find that it meets my needs in a much more satisfying way than Facebook. To her, it's too cumbersome and more 'in your face' which she doesn't like. That's why I feel both social networks will serve a valuable, unique purpose. I don't think Google+ is a Facebook killer. It's definitely going to take away a good chunk of Facebook users, but it's not for everyone.
You probably drew too much attention to her, that is my take. Google plus is I believe a better tool than Facebook. Many would disagree with me which is a good thing! At least now there is an alternative to Facebook for peeps like me!
A major issue people are having right off the bat with G+ is misunderstanding the privacy issues. We think of G+ in Twitter or Facebook terms, and panic at having a pile of strangers "follow" us. There is a public post on my profile that I wrote to explain G+ privacy for the recent influx.
Easy fixed, create a FACEBOOK circle with all your FB Friends ONLY, and live in that circle. 
Ted Orr
Wait until the shine wears off. We'll all know where this leads once G+ is not dominated by a select few.
sounds like she was overwhelmed with the celebrity you brought her...
the important thing about Google+ is it is the beginning of an integration of Google's disjointed services that have still held good value in SEO, Social Media use. Google's juice will still bear fruit to those who play in the game.
+Robert Scoble sharing only certain things with certain groups of people isn't important to her? get outta here! on facebook you have ONE circle. you share on your wall, you share to all!
My use of G+ has been more similar to Twitter. My closer friends won't make it here as quickly, but it has been easy to stay in touch with the web community.
I think it's safe to say that most of the people who got in here early aren't easily swayed by the 'new car smell'. Most of the people I've talked to have been kicking around the web working this stuff for many years and are fairly evaluating it.
Facebook is going to be far superior for many crowds, just like Google+ will be superior for others. I know many of my friends are very comfortable with Facebook and won't be going anywhere.

Heck, G+ would confuse the absolute crap out of about 95% of the people on my Facebook list. :)
I don't understand why a number of people here have commented that +Robert Scoble is anti-Google. I'm pretty sure that he made a post just this morning (with respect to his shuttle launch picture) discussing Google+ in a positive light with respect to the high level of engagement that he's seen here relative to that on Facebook.
I like the fact that G+ has a mute button. Perhaps that will keep the experience from getting too noisy.
There's a reason it's called The Google+ PROJECT, and not yet open to the public at large. Also, the first few times one drives a car, & finds it difficult, should they swear off cars?
The more I use G+, the more I feel its a combination of FB and Twitter. I like that not many friends and family are on G+ right now so I can discover other ppl that share my interests and interact w/ them. +Robert Scoble, my guess is your wife doesn't share the same interest (well, not the same intensity anyway) so she's getting too many inbound requests from your followers, which she probably can care less for.

My suggestion is she create an account that is not linked to yours, so she can find the people that share her interests.
Wait .. she has 483 Friends on Facebook? And there's too much noise here?

Robert, you let us down. You should have explained the ways she could lessen the noise. This is way better than Facebook. IMHO.
We have to send invitations by now to people who can really engage with this new beast, and who can understand what this is all about.
How does the number of people following you have anything to do with your noise level? Mrs. Scoble could post here and have 1 million followers and have no noise if she posted to her circles.

I am not buying this since I am sure at least Robert knows that the noise can be be completely controlled here.
I'm digging this a lot more than Facebook. :)
+John Cachero You can already turn notifications on/off in G+ - just click the gear up in the top right - no need to set gmail filters unless you want them archived for search later.
Realtime comments would have been interesting when Facebook first launched.
Couldn't she just easily ignore the requests? As long as she doesn't post anything publicly she won't have to deal with chatter, and if she doesn't add them then she won't be inundated with their content. Am I wrong? Seems like it's very easy for here to filter out.
Let's not forget G+ is still in test mode and still only open to a limited group. Once G+ matures and more users are allowed in the user experience will improve.
Also, I would encourage everybody to at least get a Google profile, for identity management. It's important in the Digital age.
g+ will kill twitter, g+ circles will kill twitter lists
Well, it IS still a baby. It's going to grow and change, and it's way too early to dedicate yourself to it. Why not stick with it and muck around in it a while?
para mim o google+ é muito melhor e mais divertido que o facebook
Why are people apaying so much attention to the incoming feed? I've touched it like once. If it is someone I want to talk to they are in my circles.

This is a nicer design, but I think they are missing a "fun factor." Plus everyone is entrenched on FB, and that took work. Most people aren't going to want to re-do that.
DUDE! You linked to her FB page too !?!?! Jesus Christ man!
Why did she follow so many people back?
This comment thread is making me rethink my stance on nesting. We really need to be able to reply with more precision in these massive threads.
different strokes for different folks. i found myself unfriending people on facebook every few weeks, and i'm glad for not having those folks over here. i hope they stay at fb. g+ is a different animal for a different purpose.
well, I don't like the influx of people putting me in circles who I have no idea who they are, and the popular post going to the top of the feed, I've read it once, 5 hours ago, don't need to keep seeing it. Those are my two sucky +1's
Problem is people come in here with the Facebook incubated mindset that they are obligated to reciprocate when somebody adds them to a circle. That's a habit that you need to break if you hope to tame your G+ stream.
I think most people don't get much traffic from strangers. I've only been added by one person I don't know and it's probably similar for most non-celebrities. But to each his (or her) own! :-)
"Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. " Is this something new?
I agree that G+ is different than FB. It is way too early to tell if it will really be a FB killer though. With all that is wrong with FB (security, convoluted settings, closed system- not Google searchable) I find it interesting that you would be so quick to write off G+ because of its "problems". I, for one, hate FB, and feel forced to use it simply because thats where you have to be if you want to participate in social. Competition is healthy. Bottom line. 
If nothing else be said, at least now we can have an "alternative", Facebook's monopoly wasn't good for innovation as a whole.
Very interesting; and will be s study in the coming weeks and months to see how many have similar experiences. It amazes me that each time a new platform starts up, and the popularity grows; it is suddenly a Facebook killer, or the next Twitter, etc.
I've always said Facebook is for girls.
I think my wife will feel the same way. I think we have to remember how long it took people (other than early-adopters) to "get" twitter or facebook.
Why is this a surprise? Didn't +Robert Scoble post an audio recording a week ago where she kept saying she didn't want to join because she didn't have time for it?
I agree that if you aren't looking for loose connections and are used to facebook's courtship then friendship culture, you are going to find the "all aboard nature" of G+ just too much. 
hey +Robert Scoble maybe you are responsible for that, you drew attention to her, she wouldn't have had so many inbound requests, if you hadn't introduced her in your post. With power comes responsibility. You are THE webceleb out here. Whatever you recommend gets a lot of traffic
+Robert Scoble My partner's friends aren't on here either...she's effectively the pioneer out of her friends here. But they'll come. It just takes someone to get in there and show it works.
I don't think that G+ needs to "beat" Facebook, and not everyone will like the service. Myspace still has people in it's rolls, for whatever reason. I think that G+ will eventually compete with and force Facebook into an interoperability compromise. I decided I was leaving Facebook as soon as I understood G+, many of my friends are complaining about how much the same it is. G+ will just talk to some people and not to others. C'est la vie.
@Adm Chrysler - pertinent observation, be nice if FB had an option to share s post publicly outside he walled garden like G+ (and Twitter etc) can.
I'm sure MySpace people were saying similar things not that long's doesn't take 100% of the people to cause a seismic shift...
+Robert Scoble re her complaint being her friends aren't here, I'm bringing mine over. I don't get it. We're having a lot of fun coming over via FB status notices. Lots of energy on my (private) FB page right now, trading invites, etc. I'm not criticizing her decision, just sayin', there are options to make things happen here. 'sall.
This is expected with "Circles". Its just very hard to capture real world interactions online. G+ has done an amazing job with Circles but its still more "work" than Facebook.

Am sure she will try again once her network has a presence here and after Google fine tuned the product.
+Robert Scoble It's becoming increasingly clear to me that the people I'm interested in are far more important to me while I'm online than the people I actually know. Yes, some overlap but most don't. G+ is helping me build that graph, leaving off where I started with Twitter.

G+ isn't about beating Facebook, it's about beating Twitter and just starting to compete with Facebook.
+Robert Scoble my step-son is also on G+ but I'm not about to go draw people to him for simple common-sense security for him. He's first kid in Australia on G+ (at least until some other kid comes up with an earlier time-stamp), he'll be letting his friends know about it and then they'll come. But it'll be his friends, not a sub-set of mine.
+Robert Scoble Maryam shows different aspects of being an Iranian gal. People crave for social network and the tools in Iran because of all the limitations they face. I'm sure after a while she will come back. We need her here.
I have one foot in Facebook, and the other foot in Google+
err that could have been anticipated... ? I introduce newbies to twitter very gently now.
Thanks for this, Robert. I do believe that Google has ignored the importance of being able to filter out Public communications from where they're not wanted. I've posted on this several times already, and I will continue to post about it. If they don't do something about it, people seeking genuine communications, as opposed to self-promoting communications, won't go near it.
so far the friends ive invited think its too complicated... the wife wont even give it a chance... hope this doesnt carry over to the rest of the population.... i personally like it better but i put 2 or 3 days into it before i knew what was going on... maybe if theres some kinda tutorial that comes when you make an account more people might not get so discouraged
Noise v signal is an interesting semantic question. To me, FB has become ALL noise 90% of the time. I've muted game posts, hidden "friends" who annoy me, but there's actually very little intellectually curious or interesting posts.

I'm still there because I do enjoy connecting with college friends and some of the day to day updates from family, but I hardly consider that a strong signal - nothing earth-shattering. Seeing who friended whom regularly is not just NOISE, it's BAD elevator music. "Post this as your status today" is a bad Danielle Steele novel. Rant over.

In my couple of days here, I've seem alot of posts of interest and v little about what someone had for dinner, so to speak.

Turning off email notifications in both places cuts down the management noise.
Google+ is Facebook for people who would rather be on Twitter. If you like Facebook and don't like to use Twitter, then I wouldn't bother with G+.
We do have the capability to "screen" our posts by individual circles.
:) G+ has a twitter like feel when it comes to getting torrents of postings if you add people other than your friends. And not all my friends care for that.

Add the fact that for them they don't have all the friends they care about on here and it's easy to see why it won't be appealing.
Why didnt she just edit her account notifications and visibility? Its damm easy to stop ALL the noise!!!!!
+Robert Scoble "my friends aren't here (today) so I'm gonna delete my acct" um ok makes perfect sense :)
I was saying to one of our Facebook friends the other night that one thing currently making G+ better than Facebook is that I don't have friends giving me Farmville invitations every other minute.
People tend to dislike change, and that is to be expected.

I do not think Google+ will reach the numbers Facebook has for a long time. (5-10 years) But for me, Google+ is a chance to use a social service to share in a private manner, with a product who's designers do not rely on exploiting me and my information to maintain profitability.

In the end I think Google+ will be more widely used once they bring Google Apps customers on board. Think about it. We are talking about giving clients using Google Apps for Business, Education and Government the ability to make private social networks.

One of the single most powerful aspects of Google Apps integration will be that Google+ will become the default social platform for educating children on social responsibility. Children will be raised on Google+ because it will be part of the schools Google Apps suite.
Scoble, you are the one who added everyone.... how about you only add people you know, and then give us a fair opinion...
We're first people in. Most people in our friends and family will hear of G+ first of all through us. We have to remember we're pioneering G+ at the moment and not have such expectations that our friends will all suddenly be turning up here.
+Robert Scoble different strokes. There's plenty of people on Facebook who don't do or get Twitter. As for dumping this site for what's familiar, easily explained, but its far from justification for an argument about what's not working here or there.

My engagement on Facebook was never like it is here, ditched it last year, save for spamming blog posts for some clicks, and never looked back. If my close friends and family would jump ship to G+ I'd delete it in a heartbeat.

Noise is about who you follow, while I believe engagement comes with proper design/speed and function. G+ did it right for what I'd like on a social network. More than Twitter, more than Facebook, more than Flickr/Tumble and so on, perhaps Facebook does that just fine for others.

I say, to heck with Zuckerwhatever
One person's reaction does not a trend make, My family likes it so far. I don't think it will have a problem growing rapidly beyond the current geek crowd, but that is the big question and right now all we all have is speculation. I have watched all of the ups and downs and this feels like it has major legs, but that is just and opinion, like some say, everyone has one (they do say that about other parts too)
Robert, I think some people were saying almost the exact same things about Facebook back when Myspace was king. I distinctly remember almost all of the Myspace friends I invited over to Facebook, felt that it's UI was too clunky and confusing, that it didn't have the customization that Myspace had, and that communication was difficult (remember, waay back, Facebook didn't have chat). But, all that has changed, in part, because Facebook listened to their users, and in part, they created a new way of doing things. I believe this will be the case with Google+. ;-)
You sure she wasn't just tired of her husband filling her stream? ;)
+Robert Scoble Perhaps your wife doesn't like the concentrated uber geek atmosphere of the early adopters here. That can change as the mean demographics of the Google+ user turns mainstream over time. 
Sorry to hear that, Robert. I think emphasis here has to be and has tried to be expressed to Follow who you want, and not who follows you. Of course weeding through these requests can be daunting. Sometimes you have to just let them sit in Notifications and go through them at a glance when you get a chance. I suspect it was not only who she is, but that in any new service in trials or beta, everyone starts following everyone, afraid they are going to miss something. I hope she reconsiders once things settle down.
I like facebook for keeping up with family and friends especially, but for meeting people and "Engaging " with them about topics issues and the like, google + is just better for that type of thing imo. 
Listen to your wife. Life is about quality, not quantity. You're too wrapped up in trying to acquire followers.
I totally agree with her. google+ is too freaking noisy, can't get to the information you care about immediately.
If anyone thinks Google + is going to "beat" Facebook, they're obviously just drinking the Google brand Kool Aide. That train has left the station. Google + seems destined to find a niche of the market, but it will never become the #1 social network. That's Facebook, now and for the foreseeable future.
FB wont die maybe myspace will. Im tired ov people misunderstanding what G+ is really about its about one location for other Google services. Look at Chrome the look at Android. Co-Founder ov Google said one day they will be brought together but Chrome for the PC Market and Android for Mobile department whats the best way to bring them together enhance your own personal network oh wait a centralized area. In turn make a social network too out ov it. G+ is so young anybodu that thinks FB will disappear overnight goodluck wishing it wont FB is here to stay. Look at MySpace its still going its going to feel pressure now with G+. But the world is FB nation so its like Apples iPhone people buy it cause its a Apple product. They dont care about the Ram or processor size they just want a cool experience that everybody is having. Its that old picture i had ov what ur seen as to other phone users. When u mention Android it speaks geek u mention iPhone u think movie star and well RIM u think old. But to shorten this G+ in the next 5 years will be the marker ov what happening. But FB logo is on everything so it aint moving so folks G+ will never replace FB u dont believe me look at Cereal in the morning or that bag of chips ur eating i bet u will find a FB logo u think u find a myspace logo on a bag ov lays potato chips when it was at its best no u didn't.
Google+ is great for sharing with small circles, but terribly noisy if you start following public figures.
Seems a little bit early to delete it. Why not just wait to see if the released product is better at filtering noise?
Influx of G+ "Noise" is based on default notification rules and the onslaught of invites... this will simmer down over time, imho. Good feedback though, Scob (and wife). My dad can barely understand twitter or #FB groups, much less Sparks, Circles, etc. He might just stick with what he doesn't understand in order to avoid understanding the even newer G+ concepts/advantages.
+Kyle Austin , I once had my life mapped out on yahoo messenger, everyone was on yahoo messenger. Never say never lol
This isn't just facebook, part 2. It's twitter, chats with multiple people at once, I can edit my photos and keep different parts of my life separate. It's private and public. It's one stop web site for me that I'm still navigating through.
There is just so much more to do on G+ and you can slice and dice your streams and cut down the noise if you want to. I haven't posted anything on FB for 10 days.
Sadly this is true. My hope is that Google will address these issues. G+ is the closest think that's come as an alternative to FB.
Interesting. But a good point. Hard to imagine more noise here though.
I think deep down inside, most of us are very confident that Google+ either is, or will be, the best social network. It's just going to take time.

Fast forward a year from now, where is Google+ then... A lot more users with a ton of applied improvements (and it's not that bad as is).

Even if it doesn't have the most users, it will still be the social network to beat.

I go to Facebook, not so much because I love Facebook, but because all my friends are there. Let my friends find out about a place like Google+ and they will likely want to go here as badly as I want to be here (without having any of my friends signed up yet). It's fun when there not here, how much more fun will it be when they join?.....
Really the "noise" component is like Twitter where you have access to the entire universe of users while a defined circle would be more Facebook like. I think there will be a learning curve, but with acclimation and more tools, this hybrid model may be very useful once it reaches a critical mass of users. You can then choose the "noise" channel, the private channel or both. Best of both worlds in one package perhaps?
There are all kinds of people in this boat. Speaking for myself I like Google+ quite a bit.
My wife was having a hard time with G+ as well... thought the idea of multiple Circles was too complicated. I have a feeling a lot of people forgot how long it took them to establish their networks on Facebook and are harshly reminded when starting over with G+.
i'm rooting for google nonetheless~
as early adopters, we're figuring it out for the rest of them. it'll shake out quickly and folks will become more adept at using their circles to lower the noise to their liking. for ADD kings and queens, the more the better, but I understand some need it more subdued and that's not a bad thing at all. we'll see G+ go mainstream when most of the posts are not about G+.
Everything is not for everybody. I know people who refuse to use a cell phone. I gave Facebook several months before cancelling. Sites that required me to sign on with Facebook to read or comment won't get my business. I doubt Google will ever participate in closed systems such as that and publishers who do will end up the victim of their own lack of foresight.
facebook is the new microsoft, they think they have won, because most of the world is on facebook. Just like how microsoft thought iphone, Ipad will never succeed because it was not windows and had no office on it. Empires fall and they fall quickly
As you can see the number of comments this post received so far speak volume about the interest in Google+. +Robert Scoble is very well known in Google circle and I am sure our friends +Google Plus reading this post and they will make it better in coming weeks/months.
The biggest risk to G+ is that early adopters will try to bring their wives in too early, while it's still in beta.
It is an embryo not a baby. Just saying.
I know they haven't spent a lot on the mobile UI, but not being able to share seems fundamental 
+Marc VanHeyningen if they do bring their wives in this early, it's a good thing to have them understand their friends won't be on G+ this early and to at least try not to deluge them with a whole group of total strangers.
bish s
This is just the world of instant gratification... I'll give you two days, if I'm not happy by then I'll leave!
Unless the G+ team implements critically needed comment management very quickly, this will be the reaction of the average user joining G+. And it's about to get much, much worse. Imagine the userbase growing by 100x or 1000x and then imagine what would happen to the comments without better control. Yikes.

Here's a scenario for better comment management:

Say Scoble posts something. Do I want always want to read the > 500 comments he is almost always going to get? Not so much. Do I want to read what those in my circles such have commented? Absolutely.The ability to toggle off the 450 out the 500 so I can focus on the comments that matter to me is really a requirement for G+ to continue to grow. Toggling the comments on/off is fine, but when I do want to look at comments, I'd like to look at those that will likely matter more to me first, and then, perhaps, all of them in total.
Wow a lot of unhappy people already? A product in development isnt perfect. It took YEARS for FB to "perfect" its product and they are still making changes. Come on. give + a chance
How is a sample size of 1 representative of "reality"?
Which is why I have been ranting that there is room for both. I use mine differently from Twitter and Facebook on purpose.
Google Plus is in the early stages, as much as Google would love Google Plus to beat Facebook it won't. Just like twitter Google Plus will have it's place.
Agreed with +Del Williams it's a good idea to actually figure a way to use Google+ differently. It'd be a boring world if all social media services were all alike or indistinguishable.
Ron M
look at google+ this way you have more control in Google than facebook has. People don't want to mess around (I call it lazy) with setting. like my mom she tired google + and found it too hard and said too much work to set up.
Give it time +Robert Scoble, give it time. FB is starting to sizzle out, as did Myspace. It's only natural another replaces them, this could be G+, may not be, but it's possible. It's the endless cycle of the evolution of the web. Things change. FB will not remain king forever.
I love how Robert ruins his wife's experience with Google+ and immediately posts her facebook link to the masses... come on man.
By default google plus runs in https! bet no one noticed that... Already has one up on Facebook!
Did you tell her that she could post only to people she knew, and wouldn't get public comments if she did that?

I agree that incoming can be a lot of noise though. Even for me, who's not famous.
I don't know if G+ will ever replace FB...none of us do. But for those saying it can't, please remember that FB was once a very tiny blip on the radar that was owned by MySpace.
Agreed. Need to let it sort itself out first. So far 95% of my adds were from people I don't know. Albeit, good peeps that get it. 
Seriously +Robert Scoble you pick who you want to read here. That's the whole point of Circles. Yes, you may end up having people put you in their circles, similar to being followed by total strangers on Twitter. It's your choice as to whether you follow them or not. It sounds like the problem is really not using Google+ as it's meant to be used. And I'm disappointed because you've been in social media/networks long enough to already know this.
Two things on this (besides the fact I can't read the wall): first, patience, it's only been out for a couple of weeks; and second, Google has quite a bankroll to support this major foray into social media. A year from now, let's see who owns what market share.
Facebook isn't going anywhere. Google+ is something additional that works with all the Google stuff we're obsessed with.
I could see my parents struggling with Google+ over their Facebook. But I like what Kevin Rose said. It's a great hybrid of Facebook.
A good part of the problem is that there's not a lot of here here yet. We're talking to ourselves about the usual stuff we geeks talk about.
And, we haven't figured out quite how to talk yet. We've got more than those 140 characters, and haven't decided whether this is short form, long form, or something else. We also don't have the tools (either from Google or from our own sense of best practice) to manage the interaction. Lastly, we don't have good discovery here yet. Finding people, yes. Finding topics, no. Sparks isn't it, and finding a conversation about a topic (like via a twitter hashtag) doesn't seem possible yet.
Most people aren't married to the attention hound known as +Robert Scoble.
Sparks is still a heck of an improvement over Facebook's offering. That at least enables us to have some internal G+ way of finding interesting news.
Okay...what if we did not think of Google vs. Facebook. Google+ might be its own thing.
not so surprising to me. How can G+ be "better" than FB right away. I like G+ a lot but I do not expect most of my friends to move over here in the next 12 months. I also remember quite a long time until everybody started adapting FB when it was still new. As you said, FB is a good product and for many there is absolutely no reason to add another social network hat is still pretty empty on top of FB, Twitter and whatever else they are using.
Well I understand why people may not feel like home here. I certainly LOVE this, after a week using + i have engaged in more conversations than i ever did before in social media. I actually never cared so much about Twitter or Facebook.
I totally understand your wife though, in the end I think both networks will coexist with a decent user base share.
The reason she deleted the G+ because she has too many followers. She can simply share stuff to her circles only which is the same use of Facebook.

I can foresee a problem that her notification box currently got "bombed" and keeps showing notification message because of strangers' "following" action. But isn't it the same even you are in Twitter or Weibo?
Hi Robert--I just added Maryam as a Google+ friend today, so they were still showing her as being here a few hrs. ago. Well, I can understand how she feels. It's mainly where your community is, and ease of use for the majority of people.
In the beginning Google only appealed to a certain crowd and over time more have come. I would like to see Google+ kinda be that way. I don't know why we're in such a hurry to kill Facebook anyways.
I prefer Google + I do not like facebook. i get way to many invites an d game junk, I just want to keep up with my friends. not play farmville
Robert, why don't you just tell your circles to unfollow your wife and let her build her circles herself?
My non techie friends are having a bit of a hard time getting into Google+. But my techie friends LOVE it. I think Google needs to find a way to welcome the novice computer user and facebook gossip fan. There are a few basic things that keep the low level computer user from "getting it." If google can address these things I think + will absolutely shine!
I've discovered you can delete a whole damn circle by accident with ease when you're just trying to delete one person from the circle after moving them to another one. Le sigh
for a lot of people G+ won't be useful until it has all their old friends on it. That's what gets people into facebook now, since everyone is there already you have an automatic network. It will take time for G+ to build that up, there's no other way. the 750million people on FB are not early adopters.
It really depends on where the people you most want to socialize with are. 
I have many family members that refused to make a Facebook because of Privacy Concerns. If Facebook can not convince them to to join How would Google+ going to gain their trust.
+Robert Scoble "Those who say that Google+ is going to beat Facebook are just not facing this reality."

well, maybe hard to draw general conclusions from extreme examples. You did add thousands of people to your circles at a time when the system is in its infancy and still undergoing a lot of revision.
first, AWESOME job on the Shuttle coverage +Robert Scoble !! That said, I told myself yesterday I was going to stop having discussions with anybody about fb v. G+. That didn't last too long. You and wifey do bring up some interesting fodder for thought and discussion though.

1. Somebody already said this, but I don't think you and wife represent "typical social networking use case", that is stating the obvious. She is "guilty of attraction" by association. If she would have been listed here by her maiden name and not mentioned on your profile what do you think her signal/noise ratio would have been then?

2. This has been brought home again a few times this week between both Eric's and Mark's talks this week, "Google+ plus was not designed or developed to "be the next Facebook", it was designed and developed to make all of Google's existing family of products and services better..and fb's focus is to be a great contact manager for as Mark iterates passionately "people you really care about" (to a typical human with Internet access that is roughly 100 people using Mark's definition, school, work friends, family, etc.).

In that regards they are like comparing tangerines to avocados. To say one is going to beat the other just doesn't make sense to me. You are in touch with 10's of thousands of people, Twitter here, etc, right? ...How many of those do you "really care about"? Not many right? If so you'd be complaining to Mark you can only have 5,000 friends in your primary fb account. So, that said, I would say to people who are and have been heavy Google products users over the past 10 years or so, sure it will be easy for us to pick up on the benefits of G+. Is it for "everybody"?, no of course not. Will it be useful enough for a lot of people as time goes on that it will make the world of Google bigger and better and more feature rich for even those that don't use G+? Yeah, I think so.

I think Twitter is the stupidest thing on the face of the planet, but that doesn't mean I think it is going to fall apart at the seams any time soon. I don't drink coffee yet I get the attraction to Starbucks. Any experienced marketer and/or product development guru knows you can't make objective decisions on success or failure based on personal use cases. It is anecdotal at best. Out of wifey's existing friends in facebook, how many had G+ as of today, and how had she organized her circles?

I have used this analogy before, social networking is the size of a Round Table Personal Pizza today, its on its way to becoming Jumbo Family Size Papa Murphy's Pizza over next ten that big a pizza there will be plenty of room to squeeze on lots of different varieties of toppings. I can almost guarantee for the next few years of course one of my dozens of Chrome tabs will have and "f" on it yet the majority of my social networking will take place via matter how strong G+ becomes or doesn't become, you are right fb isn't "going away".
Yes, and for many college students the social site I'm starting will be good.
I disagree - if you take the time to setup your circles and filter appropriately, the information flow is managable - far more so than Farcebook.
Google should privilege us a Dislike/unfortunate button for this post.........
"She also says that the engagement I drew to her was too much, too quickly." says +Robert Scoble while linking to her facebook account. Stop slamming G+ before it's even out yet, and start using your feedback button to actually help out here.
After my first 30 minutes of using G+ I realize this is another thing. People, please stop comparing it to other social platforms.
This is not Facebook, this is not twitter, This is not Linkedin, this is a new product, "similar" but no the same of those. We have to get use to that idea.

In my first day I said, "This is going to affect Linkedin and Twitter first than Facebook and after that, Facebook too" But not because is the same is because for some of Us it fulfills those roles and more.
I'm perfectly happy with having two types of networks, one for family (facebook, even my grandma has it), and one for everything and everyone else.
It seems a bit premature to leave so soon without a full test drive. These are early days. The primary users here are techies and early adopters - that could scare any "normal" person away! I think this is a grown up version of Facebook - on the rocks - with a nice splash of Twitter feed on the side. :-> The only thing missing for me for business is the promotional aspect (Page) .
Why would you link to a private FB page for a reason? Her friends would have seen it, and the rest of us can't.
As Austin has pointed out, it really comes back to you, Robert. You drew too much attention to her too soon. So the crux of it is the fact you should have thought a bit more. That's not Google's fault.
I like Google+ so far. The one thing about Facebook that is currently irking me is that they are trying to force me into clicking on "Try It Now" - a faster way to message - and since I do not want to use this (give me normal chat back) - I have to tolerate a long list of chat friends that I can't chat with now (grayed out sidebar.) Need a screenshot? It is quite annoying.
My wife is also from Tehran, and she isn't interested in Google+ either. I guess you and I have something in common +Robert Scoble!
If I were to put up my partner's name into this particular discussion, she'd end up having the same thing happen as did with Maryam and would feel the same way, a bit freaked out suddenly having a whole heap of new G+ followers she hadn't even gotten the chance to really get to know first. She wouldn't mind if at least one or two were ones she already knew, or one or two from Facebook...

(that reminds me there ARE a few from my circles she does know)

...but generally I think first and don't deluge her.

Likewise, my step-son gets the hang of G+ and starts working out enough to show his school friends, but as he's a kid, I don't suddenly provide him a security nightmare.

One thinks these things out first, Robert, especially when one's family are among the first on a new service like this.
It's amusing that a Scoble suffered from the Scoble effect...and it's telling that most of us cannot see your wife's Facebook comments (which is actually a GOOD thing in my book; perhaps she wants some privacy). I've never had occasion to interact with her, so I won't address her directly (I have occasionally interacted with Kristine Gray on the Gray Effect blog; frankly, I don't even know if your wife blogs at all).
Requests? If you don't want to read something you can mute it, if you don't want to add someone to you circles don't add them.

G+ gives all the tools and options to maintain your social networking structure the way you want it to be.
Even if someone doesn't want to use Facebook/Google+, I think it's still a good idea to keep an account for the purpose of maintaining an online identity/presence in the common "phonebook".
I can completely see this. Google+ has a lot more richness/complexity, which for many users, is not a good thing. We have been having a lot of discussions at work how the different circles work, can info leak from one circle to another, is it an issue if you don't know what circle you are in, etc.
google+ according to me is the evolved twitter and tumblr combined into one, no more tyranny of 140 character limit. Yes you can use google+ for facebook style networking too, but I agree with you, many people won't use it for that, but it is going to kill twitter, I can sense it. And it will present an asymmetrical threat to facebook because many content creators will come to be on google+ in hopes of driving traffic, normal people will stick to showing off cat photos on facebook, but traffic generation will slowly shift to google+, I guess that is one of major goals of google+ eh
Hmmm +Robert Scoble First you say your Momma won't use Google+ then your Dad and then your wife. I am surely intrigued at this point why? It is a week old service. And even if you get too many requests, it does not mean that you will eventually end up fulfilling them. Forward thinking is great, but then you think too much too ahead which is actually not good because:

1. You flood any new service with your own updates and take over it.
2. You think that your analysis is what every person thinks about a service
3. You think the service is all about you and not anyone else.

Take Twitter into consideration. When it started out you panned it (yes I joined back in May 2007) and said it would not work. When lists came out you panned it, but now you use it like anything.

There are certain things which will work or not work based on time it is given. You cannot expect a product to kick-off in 2 weeks or 3 weeks, Google is not a startup and sadly your family isn't the authority.

Also this is a Field Test
I am going to continue this conversation and say that doesn't facebook throttle what you see? I know I was not seeing everybody's postings until I changed a setting.
Don't take this the wrong way, but this sounds to me like a situation of someone trying to prove their point. I mean, many many of your posts keep bringing up the noise control issue. I think everyone gets it. Google either will or will not address it, I don't see what flogging the horse does. Rather, it seems that you don't like that people disagreed with you on the issue (perhaps because they have different social network topologies than you do and different needs).

The reason I say it sounds like trying to prove a point is because you said she deleted her account. I know many people who have tried out web services and decided not to use them after all, but most people just stop visiting the site, they usually don't go the extra step of deleting their account. So why did she delete her account, rather than just leave it inactive? After all, leaving it means if Google fixes the issues you've been talking about, then you can revisit it and not have to go through the signup process again.
Surely that is exactly the advantage G+ has over Facebook - that you CAN actually control what posts are running through the use of circles - Facebook as far as I am aware does not have such control.

I am not amazed by G+ yet, but this seems to be a key advantage to me. Unless I am missing something!
google+ is hyper social, I mean content creators egos are going to get massively boosted if they see 100s of comment, feedback is very important to content creators
+Robert Scoble now you just blew her up on Facebook too :) she's gonna have to join MySpace at this point - no one will bother her except Justin Timberlake !
I think here I get more control on who I see and how. I guess it's horses for courses but I think it is way to early to write it off. With any new service it takes a bit of time to tweak it it so it suites how you want to interact and collaborate.
In the 3 hours I have been on Google + I like it. (I would never be talking to Robert Scoble on FB :-). ) But Google + is still going to have to get enough excitement to get main stream users off FB and on to Google +. Can Google + do that? I don't know. I would say so far only the geeky early adopters are on Google + . You can declare a victory when the 700 million FB users have switched to Google +.

Not everyone is the wife of a pop star with thousands of active followers. Scoble's wife is not a good indication of the average :p
This is going to seem as friggin elitism but I am going to write it:

Give us the smart ones of those 700 million users and leave the rest in Facebook.
I feel like Google+ has great potential, and we have to keep in mind that it's still in a Closed Beta, as +Brian Brushwood pointed out on TWiT.

It's important to note that as more mainstream users start using G+, we will see the same inhabitation that occurred with Friendster, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, so on and so forth.

I think it's also key that would look at Google's Buzz service which is denounced as an utter failure in most respects, Google understands this, and I believe that they will learn from their past experience in the social space to perfect G+.
The more friends that I convince to join me here at google+ the better it gets :-), it is only a matter of buildup to the tipping point...
I think like any new product it takes a sizable amount of time to refine the product. especially social products. Look at facebook, its hardly even recognizable compared to the product it was in the early days. Google+ has a lot of evolution left before its ready for mass adoption.
What I think will attract the "average" internet user to google+ is when they release the company profiles. I think out of my friends only 2-3 use twitter. Others have tried but they don't get it. Heck I am a geek and while I understand twitter, I don't like it, so I seldom ever look at it. But when those companies start a presence on g+ average users will probably enjoy that increased engagement with those companies over using twitter.

I know geeks and tech bloggers, etc love twitter, but average people dont. Our local news used to try to use it to get viewer interaction, but it's so obvious that most of the pictures, and other interaction they get from the local people is via facebook that you seldom even hear them mention twitter anymore..

I think Google plus is MUCH more of a threat to twitter than facebok at the moment.
Uhhh since when are there requests in g+? There are only notifications. You dont see anyone unless you add them too.

Your wife clearly panicked or you just used her to write a story to generate a controversy. 
I call shananigans on this story because on g+ just like on fb, your feed only gets populated with people you add.

Posting this without reading the ~300 comments prior (eh, if it's redundant, sue me):

Robert, I love you, but you're a ridiculous social media outlier - the nerd realm pounces upon your every syllable. Anyone even remotely associated with you receives a panic-attack inducing, Eye-of-Sauron amount of attention. How can one engineer a product that empowers an individual unaccustomed to coping with this volume of engagement to instinctively filter this out on Day 1?

For the rest of the bell curve, I think it's still too early to tell, but I personally don't see anything in G+ that precludes the mainstream, other than the content that early adopters have populated it with.

(Which has been mighty entertaining thus far)
we cannot see the message, her facebook profile isn't public.
in which robert scoble makes another tech-guy centric snap judgment about something.
Personally, I dont' WANT Google+ to be facebook. Frankly, its just enough social network for me. I don't need mafia wars invites every day, I just want to be able to talk to my friends.

Facebook: good riddance. I like the laid back G+ better.
I don't think of G+ as a way to chat with friends. It's a way to discover new people with similar interests.
it means she doesn't have her friends also on google plus she's lonely. she should have brought her friends along inside google plus
I seem to be in the minority here but this post makes perfect sense to me. G+ is not a hot swap for FB. I too shared this with my S/O and while she did not opt out she does not share my enthusiasm. She is happy with FB so why move? I on the other hand was not happy with FB and decided it was not for me long ago...G+ provides a much better option to be relevant to a particular group...circles.
+Rob Robertson Same here. I have no problems using both. I use FB to stay connected with family and old friends maybe once or twice a week. G+ is where I party with may people I don't know to engage in similar interests.
G+ is fantastic but not for noise. Noise is belong to 140 char ecosystem...
Otherwise +Robert Scoble , I will probably recommend to post one article a day only. Have a great weekend, btw, and hope to cu for a good Palo Alto coffee soon!
I think it's still early days to be making the comparison. Google+ provides more granular controls in terms of circles, but could use improvements on the front of sharing/transparency of certain settings. There are a lot of things G+ doesn't do that FB can (apps/games for one). I find this refreshing. But, G+ will still be undergoing a lot of improvement/tweaking if I know Google at all. FB is now in reactive mode...they may improve their service, but they are no longer ahead on the innovation curve.
I've used all my mobile bat to scroll down all these nice comments and say that my wife refused my invitation to G+. She's feeling more and more anti-social. 
I think it's a question of reality TV. FB is like an RTV show with everything under the sun. Suddenly with G+ we are required to create our own channels and choose the content we wish to be exposed to by way of circles. Suddenly if I'm feeling geeky I can click on the Hacker circle... if I want to see the 'channel' with a bit more Foodie content I have to switch. Random left or right leaning political opinion and devout and apathetic religious views are suddenly not all mixed in randomly. Critical Mass is also a valid argument. GMail took a while. so did FB.
Actually i think GOOGLE+ s more like the facebook version of twitter...!
I don't think Google+ has to beat Facebook, per se. It just staunches Facebook becoming the conduit of all things to all people (which is very similar to the Android/iOS battle). Facebook is undoubtedly better for a lot of users, just as for some, like myself, Google+ is preferred. A competitive market serves everyone, and may they battle fiercely to provide the best platform.
+Robert Scoble It's maybe because we dont really have hashtags/interest groups around here yet. Besides, beta is beta.
Surely by posting her Facebook link is not going to help as it will send the engagement to her in another form!
For me (not a nerd, not a coder) G+ seems to be a way better tool to maintain my newsstreams. Actually, the only purpose of my fb wall is to publish my tweets. And 90% + of my tweets are business oriented. Since I don't like mashing up my private and my business related news (I rarely exchange really private topics on business meetings - so why should I do it here) - there is no chance to share private stuff on fb. So I could imagine to use G+ as my Source Center for all kind of media I'd like to share and - given an twitter-like integration with fb and other platforms is possible - publish from here based on circles (e.g. have a fb circle for all messages I'd like to see on fb, too). Anyway, it's great to see something new that let us think/discuss about what we had so far.
this is just a +1 on previous comments, her wall is private, we can't read her explanation Robert... proves the point?
+Errol Nardan - In Europe only geeks have social media account ? You are wrong. I live in Romania, here averyone have a social media account!
Hangouts is the only feature my wife and family will be using g+ for. Doesn't seem like other features will be used much. People are creatures of habits and as such they're only comfortable in their little cocoon.
Your wife might make decisions too quickly. Facebook is filled with app spam that has to be blocked, and plenty of noise - even if you have smart, serious, clever "friends" with many accomplishments. It also has major UI issues for the average person.
I have left Facebook last year in december and have not missed it for a second. I am trying google+ now for a few days and it's definitely closer to what I expect to get. Facebook is a cluttered mess of broken systems, naughty, privacy-invading apps and noise only. That's why I left facebook ;-) And seeing that facebook will now not even allow you to take your friends to googleplus shows me even more why it was the right decision to leave facebook.
Here in Italy Twitter is slow to catch on while Facebook is huge here...wasnt till they rolled out the Italian version...
What was the norms said about twitter back then? "twitter is facebook for those who don't listen?" And here we are, where nobody give a shit about what your facebook profile said.
oh, and it's like 10 checkboxes to kill all email notification. on facebook? i actually wrote a javascript hack to automate the uncheck all of the email notifications...
People are different, act in a different way and have different preferences. Each has to chose for the for him/her right way and place to be... I know people, who never would join facebook, because they just don't like it and who use only Twitter because Twitter is the BEST and I met some, who started to use Empire Avenue almost exclusively and nothing else is better ... It's okay this way! What social media finally will be not "better" but stronger, the time will show...
The good thing about Google+ is that you DO NOT GET REQUESTS. You can follow who you want and whoever wants can follow your public posts. If you can find an 'accept'-button somewhere on Google+ please let me know.

I guess the problem is not what you call 'inbound requests'. The problem is people not understanding that the Google+ way is more natural than the facebook way.

Kindergarden is over: you dont ask someone if he/she wants to be friends with you
Grown up live is here: relationships grow and pass in a slow way
It will take some time for people to get used to g+. What i love about it is the fact that I can interact with others without having to send request and that I can follow who I choose. Its the best of both worlds(twitter and facebook). But by far what I love most about it, is that in some way I will be adding a social element to an exsisting way in which people are using the internet. On facebook its all about a closed social network. Discovering how the internet is viewed by others on google plus is by far better than facebook. I will remain a user and send feedback on what they could to improve but even for now, I'm happy with how it is thus far. 
+Robert Scoble "it does have some major problems which will get pointed out more and more as the rest of you get over the new car smell here." - Wow, new levels of patronising there, well done you.
Barely a week in? That sounds rather hasty.

Something has to be said for spending time on a new service, getting used to it and more importantly, tweaking the settings to your own needs.

I can't see that a week will tell you all you need to know about anything.
Posting from one walled garden to the other, excluding those that are not in both of them (I am not on facebook, so cannot read the explanation your wife gave) - is that the future we aimed at when creating the internet? It feels like back to AOL and Compuserve. What a shame.
I just had a look at your Friendfeed page +Robert Scoble where I could get a better idea from some of your posts and Twitter updates on this issue. Maryam only really needed to de-check the email notifications that she was getting in Gmail. I did that within the first day or two and just check notifications from inside Google+.
+Jan Wildeboer You can walk though the gates in those walls any time you like, just join both. Personally, I have never seen the appeal of Facebook (Circles are making all the difference for me), and I think that they are going to end up with different, well, "cultures". You know, like vi and emacs. Which is fine with me, to be honest.

I'm not sure your AOL-example is valid here. Didn't you have to pay for that? AFAIK, there are no fees planed here, though Google wouldn't be Google if they don't include ads at some point. I mean, look at all that white space on the edges.
+Deric Mongeon I think that's the dilemma here : I'd use G+ if all my FB friends were here, but there are not and some won't come any soon.
+Mickael Faivre-Maçon Consider yourself a pioneer here on G+ and a thought-leader for your friends...and give them solid reasons to come here to G+. All you need is one or two friends first to start the ball rolling and it'll snowball.
Meh either way: start putting your holiday's pictures on Picassa and she'll come back running ;)
Seriously, people, it's a private beta, you're the beta testers and at the bleeding edge here. You're first in. Of course your old FB friends are still a bit reluctant to have a look. So just go counter the F.U.D. and give them all the positive reasons to join you in here.
I heard a lot of people saying that they wouldn't join Facebook 5 years ago because they were already on MySpace and everyone they needed was there...
...what would be nice is for Facebook and Google + to create an alliance (which will never happen, I know) so that both networks speak to each other and each person can use the platform they prefer but connect to their networks on the other at the same time...
Not sure why everyone is so worried about whether G+ is going to be a FB killer. Just relax and be content where you are. Breath in.

I am going to use G+ and enjoy it. If my friends want to find me and know what is going on this is where I'll be sharing.

I posted on my FB wall that I am no longer reading messages on FB. People have started contacting me through email (which I prefer over FB messages). That alone makes me happy.

Btw, Google is going to kill FB. ;) EDIT: And if it does it will take a year or more. FB didn't dominate myspace immediately.
+Doug Moore I agree with you, I'm not much of a FB user anyway, but I have been really enjoying Google+ I have met quite a few really interesting people already that I can follow . Google+ in a natural evolution of Google wave and Buzz but it has a sprinkle of twitter and FB rolled in. I prefer to have all my communications in the one place without having to log into FB and Twitter - but that's just me :)
You can set it so it no longer notifies you via email when folks add you to their circles. And of course there is no requirement to respond to adds.
Though Google+ is a little buggy, eventually it'll get better. And even in it's beta stage, Google+ has managed to impress me. Let's all just forget the whole FB vs G+ thing, and enjoy Google + as beta users!!
Ok how am I expected to read the previous 345 comments?!
i guess not all of these were sharing your wife's opinion. G+ is one more social media, we only need one or maybe 2 for the more techy ones. For non techies, it's just too much, they don't and have no the time to come and xheck what it is. They prefer to stay xomfortaly where they are. When you take the time to wounder arounder, G+ have both Twitter mixage, and Facebook space od developpung ideas opportunities. I really like it so far.
G+ is the word. Circle is the way! ;)
That's the point exactly. Done properly, Google+ acts like a walled garden for various people you may want to follow. I'm surprised that this whole issue is about Maryam not dealing with doing that and getting overwhelmed by too much Gmail inbox notifications. Wouldn't it have been better to explain to her the best way of cutting through the chaff and walling off the Scoble-Effect follows?
I hate to say this, but I'm gonna call you out on this one, +Robert Scoble and say this issue is a beat-up. (Sudden gasps and looks of shock around the thread).
geeks always say the new one is better than the previous one
That's what the circles are for, right?
My girlfriend joined g+ yesterday, she just loves it and told me this morning that she wants to close her facebook account. She never liked it anyway.
Your wife problem with G+ is probably that you are her husband and you're flooding her with noise she doesn't care about. Which probably means that you don't use your circles the right way.
My family circle sees family photos, and things that they all can relate to, nothing else. If one member of my family happens to like tech, he might be in the tech circle. Maybe even a tech-for-family circle.
This seems to be the common complaint among non-geek users: Because of similarities with Facebook they are expecting G+ to behave in a similar way, that is they are expecting G+ to ask them for confirmation before someone adds them to their circle.

Instead, G+'s model is more like that of twitter but with additional control over who sees what. This is something that the G+ interface needs to emphasize more to users, as average users are attuned to Facebook and Twitter updates where they do not have to give much thought about the target audience of their status update.

Perhaps, to attract such users, a twitter like protected account is required in G+ too.
+Peter Smith I disagree, i know a lot of people who hate facebook because of those silly games and apps. It's overwhelming, and very invasive.
There is certainly a public for those things, and that's okay, but "the masses" don't all crave for the facebook experience, far from it.

I think lots of people use it because it was until recently the only general public social network.
But add only your friends to g+, and you have a sort of facebook with just the type of interactions people want, and without the sillyness.

Most non geek people are not going to follow people they don't know.
I guess there's another point to make on non-geek people. Most non-geek people don't know Robert Scoble from a bar of soap. I know that might be hard for Robert's ego...but it's a reality. But they might like the controversies he starts in a thread for the sheer entertainment value. Like WWE wrestling.
Perhaps Zynga should make a Scobleville game...
i dont think its about the games and apps, but the experience provided, g+ and facebook, while similar, function on different values. facebook is more about youre profile, your wall, and whats written there, whereas g+ is more focused on posts and the stream. its like facebook's newsfeed on steroids.
I think g+ is it's own animal all together. It will satisfy some FB haters as a good replacement and it may give twitter a run for it's money. Mostly, it adds awesome sauce to the Google brand and makes me feel like Google gets it. Long live +
I don't think Google + will be for everyone (and neither does Facebook) and that is ok, I do think the deluge of followers will slow down after awhile. 
There's a lot of preaching to the choir going on here. At the end of the day, it's about what is interesting or comfortable. Not everyone is interested in trying something new or different, and that's ok. I don't see the need to pose the choice as an either/or ... good/bad scenario. There's enough of that in the tech circles, let alone everyday life, as it is. I'm passionate about technology, but never understood why people make it personal. To me, that displays more immaturity than technological savvy.

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see a number of people that asked me about G+ invites to look around and exit after a [short] while in favor of Facebook. I am not going to plead with them to stay. No judgement. Someone preferring to use Facebook to socialized online doesn't make them a luddite. I was not able to get my parents to sign up for Facebook. They are old school. If they want to talk to a friend, they pick up the phone or go visit. If they want to share pictures, they use email or head to the Post Office. I actually think there's some merit in the way they approach their social interaction.

Even after a couple of days, it's clear to me that I cannot, or won't, actively maintain a G+ and Facebook profile. I will choose one to be my online social hub, and the other will only get dusted occasionally. Twitter may even get thrown in that equation.

From where I sit, the moral of the story is: Whether it's Facebook, Google+, Twitter, iOS, Android, or none of the above..."Do you!" If you care so much about being able to stay in touch with someone, and they are not on G+, I'm sure you'll find a way to make it happen.
Perhaps there's another moral to this story. Robert, you shouldn't unleash the Scoble Effect on your own missus. That was bound to have backfired. It's a wonder Maryam hasn't got you sleeping in the dog house tonight for that.
She definitely has a point. Many would be overwhelmed here. If you only want a few friends where you feel 'safe' than you'll be on Facebook. If you really want a social network of friends and to meet more friends you'll be on G+ and Twitter.
Too much noise and not enough signal?!?! That is down to how you use it. If you add every person you come across to a circle that is what you will get. I'm sorry, but anyone claiming Facebook is better is deluded and/or obsessed with the silly games you get on FB. That is NOT a reason to say FB is better. I also think it is somewhat "fashionable" to bash Google, and claiming "I have deleted my Google+ account before most people were able to get on" is just a way of really saying "look how cool I am". Why would you delete an account for something that is still evolving?!?!? I don't think I would take much notice of any further opinions expressed by Robert's wife on technology after reading this.
Seriously +Robert Scoble what did you expect? G+ is very cool anybody that's sells it to our non tech friends as a replacement for facebook is setting them up for a big disapointment. I think being able to include people in our circles regardless of if they have G+ is this services Trojan Horse. Publish to them and let them join when they are ready. 
I believe that google+ will be the winner
Cautionary tail -- I just invited my wife with high hopes.

Maybe G+ will be relegated to a alternate geek universe to Facebook. That would be a drag since part of what makes it so excellent is the consolidation of LinekdIn business, Facebook friends, and other audiences that don't fit in either (e.g., internal company collaboration)
I love the idea of Google+ because it allows me to keep my work circle and personal circle totally separate. I work online as a freelance writer and I'm uncomfortable with posting work items on Facebook where my friends are probably not interested. I'm also uncomfortable with friending a load of people that I would rather didn't see my comments that are aimed at my friends and family.

However, I barely have anybody on Google+ yet that fall into the categories of Friends of Family. Most of my family and many of my friends tend to use the internet just for Facebook, emails and (if they're daring) a bit of eBay. I still get regular phonecalls from my Mum thinking that something has gone radically wrong with her email account because she replies to emails notifying her that she has a message on Facebook! She then gets a message to say that her email wasn't delivered and panics and picks up the phone to let me know what's going on. I've talked her through the process and explained it to her numerous times, but it still happens on a regular basis.

Until the non-geeky people get onto Google+ (and at present there doesn't seem to be an incentive for them to do this), I can't see it being as useful as I'd first envisioned.

At the moment I will be using Google+ for work related stuff and will still have to use FB for personal communication. Maybe it will be up to all of us as a community to try to get the non-geeks here on Google+ but I think it will be a bit of an uphill struggle.
+Michael Robinson Haha, Michael, thanks for that! If anything proves my point, that blog just did it. The permanency of the Internet can be so enlightening at times! That proved my point more then anything. Scrobel and Mark are at complete odds at that discussion. QUOTE FROM SCROBEL "First, a “friend” in Facebook is NOT a “real friend.” (Let’s define “real friend” for now as someone who you’d invite over to your house for dinner)." And lo and behold look who won!!! Mark did of course. And probably rightly so, or it might not have the 750 million users as it does now because it would have morphed into something more like MySpace at the time. Scrobel is ARGUING for technology like G+ over four years he got what he wanted in G+ and his wife doesn't like it, well big deal. She wants something that let's her keep track of her dinner party friends...that is facebook. Let her stick with's a free country, and hopefully some day for all 6.7 billion people, thanks to the Internet a free world for everybody. Re-read what he said in that blog and re-read what I posted and perhaps you'll understand the points I am trying to make more clearly, and see he wasn't pleading to Mark for room for more people he "cares about"...he was just pleading for more space in his account for people he doesn't really care about so he could self-promote himself and his product and services, and his dream came true when Twitter came along. :) And now G+ is converging the best of what he hated in fb, and loves about Twitter...Again there are no real "winners" and "loosers" in this between fb and G+, it's as pointless as trying to say that a Ferrari 308 could beat a Dodge Ram Truck. But it makes for good headlines to say there is so he keeps milking it. Good for him. :) Thanks so much for passing that along...that is like MasterCard says, "Priceless".
Right now, I'm finding G+ to be the best place to group and follow people in the tech industry. I don't hesitate adding people and add those who add me since the I can group them to the correct circle.

Fb on the other hand will become my family and close friends area.

Right now, I don't think that non-technical folks have the need to maintain another Fb-like site and double post every time. But as technical folks keep talking about how good G+ is, maybe others will get curious and start to see how it can be important to their daily 'webflow' ( I should coin that term ;) ).
I think when the dust settles, people will begin to see how different +1 and FB really are... and some may choose to use both... I for one, believe +1 has value above and beyond the "social networking"....
My misses also is a but skeptical because she couldn't find any of here family or friends...patience is needed here. When more of her relatives and friends are on here she'll like it :d
+Robert Scoble I'm still agree with your first comment on G+: not for my mother, but GREAT for all my other lifestream! :)
I think it is hard for people to digest the fact that G+ is a different beast altogether. This begs to ask the question:

Why are you online? People who used to check their email and get off the Internet are disappearing fast. You're here because you want to share things. With people. I would ask her how different Twitter is. Strangers follow you and you're least worried about it anyway. Why should it matter so much with Google+ then?

To think about it, we're really anonymous on the Internet after all, aren't we? Some people will survive change, some won't. The ones who have survived change have always simply been better equipped to accept it sooner than the ones who didn't.
And Kevin Rose deleted (in a manner of speaking) his blog and switched everything over to G+ (see his post at Any way you slice it, G+ is having a shape-shifting effect on the social web. Social will be fundamentally reconfigured when the smoke clears.
That in China .We cant use Facebook...
I agree with +George Hall and +Mickael Faivre-Maçon My tech freinds are starting to come over and I am sure other non tech friends will start soon also but I fear that some will take much longer the ones that are afraid of change
Scoble, is that really your wife or just you again? You have been going on about Noise and Signals from day one.
Yup, we all have those friends that when Facebook would change one little thing they would freak out those ones wont becoming over anytime soon
My wife doesn't use Facebook.. Does that mean it sucks? 
I think it's too early to decide now... we should give it some more time
Google+ has a strong chance of making it with the ordinary crowd in a way perhaps Friendfeed didn't. Nothing in Google+ is overly-tech-heavy and it's clearly intuitive. Some things in Friendfeed needed a bit more tech-savviness as I remember from when I first used that service.
Surely, when business G+ accounts are possible it will be very easy to split personal and professional lifes
I still love Facebook.....because its more like real-life than google plus...
It takes time to settle and there are still issues with Google+ yet. I do wonder if that was a bit premature to delete her account, especially when so many people are clamoring for one.
A year from now, G+ will saturate everything Google does, which will make G+ a very compelling product. Only then will we see which network people prefer to use. 
I feel I need to speak up. On the gender split front, my theory is that the split wasn't 50/50 when the very first invites went out. Asking around, I've discovered that men tend to invite men initially, whereas women invite both women and men. This isn't scientific research, but then neither is some of yours. What it means, though, is that stats that were out of whack at the start get exponentially more out of whack.

It's not that most women don't 'get' Google+, it's that most women don't get invited. The only people who can change this are men, because you have most of the invites.

I'll explain. Picture a patriarchal country in which only a small number of people have the majority of the votes. Let's say 90% of men have the vote, and only 10% of women do. Maybe it's a hierarchy based on monarchy and titles. Heck, let's pretend it's my country, Britain. When women want the vote, they need men to want them to have the vote, or it can't be accomplished - because men hold the majority of the power, so they'd have to vote it in. Women gained the vote in my country not only through our own efforts. We gained the vote because men agreed with us. The same happened with race equality and white people in positions of power. The people with the power have to get on board with an idea, at some point, to change it. In this case, of course, we're talking invites rather than votes, but it amounts to the same thing. The balance of power is being decided for the future of the network now. Just pointing fingers and saying a group of people lack power because they don't 'get' something is missing the point, and could lead to further problems in future. (and I know I'm simplifying here, so don't take offence. I'm certainly not accusing you of any 'isms', I'm just laying out a theory).

The point is that social networks aren't just about tech any more. They're society. This is culture we're creating here. Just as much as the early settlers in America did. The same rules apply. What do we want the future to look like, and how can we implement foundations as the 'founding mothers and fathers' of a new digital nation, so that it doesn't all bite us on our collective arses a little way down the line? Problem is that when someone with the kind of visibility and authority you have extrapolates cultural results into the future, before somewhere's even open to the public, it taints news coverage of it before people are even here. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You know I think you're wonderful, and I respect your opinion, Good Sir Scoble, but ... there was a moment when you were wrong about Twitter. Not saying you're wrong about this place but, maybe you're not 100% right.
I agree with her, there is much noise here that G+ needs to fix. But other than that, I am liking it...
I truly hope your wife gives it another shot once Google fine tunes Google+. This is still beta so things are going to change. Just have her keep an open mind. Maybe see if she will try it out in 6 months again.
Not sure if this was commented, just not going to read all the 300+ comments.
Incoming should have some security in a few days....I, too, don't like unknown people and their posts anywhere in my account!
My goodness. So much flapdoodle over Google+ and Facebook: 419+ comments and we can't even read Robert's wife's post on Facebook.
I think it will be a bigger draw from Twitter. Then we will see another war between Facebook and Google+ for years to come.
since I installed the google+facebook tool, i no longer have to make a choice
After inviting my family I reached out to women online friends and invited only ones who are interested in being here. The power to change the balance is in everyone's hands AFAIK.
Absolutely agree ( as I wrote on my profile; "FB stream is much more designed for people who check in to see what's up. Google+ somewhat like twitter is a far more interactive fluid engaging stream. Though not as 'vaporizing' as twitter.. I kind of like the mix of the two, so much that it eats away time from my FB encouters and even a bit from twitter.."

The interaction here is different and as a different degree of engagement. I love it because of the discussions and its so much faster than facebook and less volatile than twitter.
Well, it's single case, and you Scobleized her account.
I really hope Google+ doesn't kill Facebook. We need Facebook to keep all the stupid and annoying people away.
I can see G+ being as popular as Buzz, now what happened to Buzz or is this Buzz 2.0?

I can see alot of new comers giving up very quickly, too much effort is needed to build usable Circles, so far in my circles everyone is doing there own thing, finding their way, to me it seems you need a hell of alot of people in a circle before it becomes usable and people communicate within it.

What's need are Public Circles that people can hook into rather than everyone having to spend ages doing the own circle for the same thing
Not everyone has Robert Scoble as husband. I don't think that's a problem for everyone.
G+ following looks like Twitter
G+ Circles looks like a new version of Groups in a Jabber Chat
G+ Huddle looks like an open social extension of a Group XMPP video conference
Did your wife have a yard sale in the last year or so? I stopped at a few in half moon bay and she looks familiar.
del d
How many new Goo+ uses are married to a tech evangalist as yourself? I dont think the large majority of new users to Goo+ will experience what your wife experienced.
I don't like Facebook because if they try anything new it defaults to everyone. It's opt-out, not opt-in. I'm willing to give Google+ a shot.
Wow Robert! Your wife is Persian. Now, I like you double :-)
It's completely premature to make these types of assessments about Google+. I'm not even sure if it's open to the public, of course it's going to have kinks. How did Facebook look 2 weeks after being launched?
G+ doesn't come close to Facebook yet in providing relevant and interesting content, but it needs time to learn.
Well despite being sad about her leaving she does raise a valid point. We need some sort away to filter what's coming in.

For the most part the circles work ok. If you have people in multiple circles tho, this becomes a bit of a nightmare.
+Robert Scoble you should advice her to stay and hit the Feedback button instead. That's the entire point of a Beta testing. You're supposed to stick around and help them improve.
Wait, she posted her reason on her facebook wall, but her wall is private, which means the only way any of us can read it is by clicking the "Add Friend" button on her facebook page. Which, if we all did that, would bring all the extra G+ attention she hates onto her Facebook account as well... ironic. Fortunately we're not jerks here, so we won't actually do that. [seriously, please don't], I'm just saying it's ironic to follow this particular arrow of causality to its logical conclusion, and find out that once again it still leads to a famous husband causing unwanted emails from strangers.
Regarding the "small" fact +Adm Chrysler points out, that is precisely the reason why Google desperately needed Google+.
Your mom/dad won't join. Your wife quit from G+. Isn't this an ideal hangout place? ;)
+Kyraïs Katsounakis You said we need better filter capabilities here: While I agree that we need to be able to be more granular with searches and creating filtered streams (like Twitters hash-tags), I do not understand how that would have any impact on this particular case: Here you will only see in your stream posts from people you have in your circles - you will not see posts from other people (unless you look in Incoming). I cannot see how this is different from FB, i.e: if this had been FB - the noise would have been the same (if your friends had posted with the same frequency). What am I not seeing here????
+Niels Berglund The problem is I can filter what goes out but not what comes in. An example: I got a Friends circle and one for co-workers. I made a hypothesis where my friend Sarah belongs to both. Unfortunately if Sarah doesn't have me filtered properly I'll get all the work related stuff in my Friends area as well or vice verse.

I don't mind having the general stream area be a bit cluttered but once I click on the filters on the list to the left, I expect things to be organized.

Hash-tags would work but only if Sarah uses it. So basically I'm depending on other people to keep my streams organized. I'd like to have a little bit of control. I'm not exactly sure how though.
+Kyraïs Katsounakis Yes, I completely agree with what you are saying. My comments was more regarding Google+ vs. FB, where - from reading the post and comments - it is said that there are more noise here on Google+ than on FB. My point is that if you have the same friends here as well as on FB and the posting frequency (and quantity) is the same, there would not be a difference.

But once again, I agree we need better search and filtering capabilities - but that is more to make this platform even better, than competition with FB.
+Niels Berglund Well I'm not sure who Scoble's wife had in her circle but I have a great amount of random strangers in my circles just for the purpose of testing G+. I don't expect things to be this active once it's open for public and I'm back to my original contact set up. So I do keep that in mind when I give feedback on the matter and make suggestions.
About Google+ (talking about regular people which are still the backbone of their possible success..not S Valley geeks)
If in 2011 Google hasn't figured out the way of how to automatically bring over my trusted people over from e.g. my FB, LinkedIn accounts without doing manual work..I don't see how it could survive...'PC people' might quietly accept it but those who understand something about user experience will not. The bottom verdict obviously comes from regular 'blonde' girls..who just try to service and if it doesn't bring any value to their life within first 40seconds or if its not obvious how to use it without watching badly produced videos (which they never will)...I think they'll ditch the service..and I don't blame 'em
Too early to tell. G+ plus has tremendous upside, besides the facebook we know today didn't get this way overnight. It is bound to be supplanted by something else. Again, still too early to tell if G+ is it.
G+ should do something different, something that Facebook hasn't done, otherwise G+ will be another failure for Google (like Wave)
True. GooglePlus' speed and hyperactive stream flow is not for everybody
Clearly more noise NOW because everyone is just starting to figure this out. So lots of inbound requests -- and perhaps little else. And while I think the Facebook fans will never move -- I do think the jury's out on whether any, some, or all of Google Plus will have staying power.
you have to have the circles. the equation might not be all figured out but its the way to go. without it you are doomed. period.
google+ is no near to facebook, it's just a modified form of orkut,!! I remain unimpressed !!!!!!
"For many Facebook is better than Google+." -- I hope they stay out of here, then. I don't miss them. Do you?
I agree - how did she delete the account?
I don't use FB - and one big reason for it is that I don't give a crap about what people (aka friends but they arent) had for lunch, did just now or then, likes or dislikes or even listens to on Spotify. I do not approve of the demand for "FB social this and that" on soon every webpage. To much clutter and are we really so desperate to know/tell what we/they just did or did not do? I'm certainly not. (Facebook translation: Gunnar wrote a comment on Robert Scobles wall)
I think we are discussing this way too much, relax and just use the one you like or use both.
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