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The new Path kicks ass, here's 50 minutes with the founders

Wired, among others, are praising it:

Here's +Liz Gannes in AllThingsD talking about the new moves:

I've been using it for the past week and it kicks ass as a personal journal. I hated Path when it first came out but it is growing on me and this new version is just a work of art.

Here's 50 minutes with the founders. I underestimated these guys and I was wrong. More in a bit.

UPDATE: in this video we cover a LOT of territory. +Dave Morin used to run platform at Facebook. He shows off his Jawbone Up, and gives an insight into what it takes to build great design and also where they are going in the future.

Looks like the press agrees that this is a major hit:



New York Times:


+MG Siegler praises it:

Wall Street Journal:

iOS users you can get it here:
Android users: visit

Learn more about Path on CrunchBase at

The official Path blog discussing this new version is here:
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I wish you would not use words like hate :) You can sound a lot more geeky by telling us "I found no affinity for it…" - Ha - kidding! Miss you, my friend. See you soon though in SAT!
I now see that Facebook timelines copied Path and now Path 2.0 is stealing some features from Facebook (eg. Cover photo for profiles)
Really lovely IxD. Love the Jawbone angle you were gunning for! It's on my Christmas list. seems this app is focused on a feature list that is pretty much 99% subsumed by this social network and the other social network. Both with mobile apps. that are rapidly iterating (and rumors are the Facebook Timeline on a phone is supposedly amazing)...the app. looks good that's for sure but what is the finish line??? At this point they are firmly in the shadow of those big networks and victim to how those networks can just turn on a few new features and make path obsolete. The "good enough" problem is what I'm think of here.


I think the name recognition will probably be enough to get Path the great exit the investors are looking for but I don't think it will be alive and distinct in the next 5 years least not doing what it's doing now.
Isn't Gowalla doing this too now that they've given up on location.
+Robert, so I guess you haven't gotten eyes on that new FB Timeline app. yet? I read an article about it being gorgeous in BI the other week. The thing pretty as the Path implementation is, they have no barrier to that prettiness being copied and their offering (lacking all that extra fluff we love about the big networks) would then be irrelevant. Many a search start up (like the "Twerk" mentioned in the blog post above) learned that lesson, trying to do all this new (and sometimes cool) stuff that people just don't care about when they search and are adequately addressed by another popular option....Googles white page with fast returns is "good enough" to swallow the majority of users as well as any money the market might make available for providers of the service.

"for two (I'm seeing TONS of stuff being shared on Path that never makes it to the other places)."

Curious, like what??? I would think it is heavily skewed toward the minutia of individual daily activites that people don't feel confident about sharing beyond a close group of friends but that can be simulated by those who keep tight circles (on g+) or those that figure out how to do the similar thing using Facebook's confusing tools. Still I see nothing that by observation G+ or FB can't put two junior devs. on and in a couple of months be at parity and then have all the pluses. I see a quick rise and a fast exit in the future...hard to see it going on for the long haul as it is now.
Haven't used Path since its launch. Thanks to all of you here, Path is back on my iPhone and I love the new version! :)
As a side note, most people like trying new stuff and I think Path is really cool. So, it doesn't matter to me if Path is not the next Facebook or has similar features. 
i Cjay
+Robert Scoble Could Google plus build a client like Path? Should Google plus build a client like Path? Does Google plus need a client like Path? and last, Why do I need Path?
+Robert Scoble But don't you need to convince friends and family to move to PATH too............ and people are so over signing on to new social networks.............out of 110 Close friends and Family, i have had 5 move over here to G+ and only 1 is active regularly ........... I took a poll of my extended family and the NO.1 reason why they haven't moved ................ they just can't be bothered moving all there stuff over and then try to convince there friends to move over to G+ too ...............Everybody is comfortable on FB, they have their friends and networks estaablished and they are too lazy to move !!!

So why would PATH be any different
+Robert Scoble thanks for post. Just finished watching the entire video. +Dave Morin along with Jack are two of my favorite CEOs. Two visionaries. I think we'll see an entire mobile UI shift in 2012 and a few other niche "journal" your content winners and losers along the way. I think Path 2.0 will be a clear winner. At least I'm pulling for them.
thnx Scoble, been fiddling with it. is easy to use and might turn out to be a new addiction. good move on the little in app purchase poss... 
+Darren Moore , that's a point I've been making as well. However my worry is weather or not the number of pick ups and the growth of the service (however it is monetized) is going to be enough for it to make it's investors happy while staving off what ever competition (or perception of competition) that is presented by the big dogs.
As beautiful as it is and useful as it is to some people like Robert, ultimately the bottom line is what will determine if it is still going to be around as an independent service in 2 years let alone 5.
"In the PC era we were online or offline, in the mobile era we are either awake or asleep" That's a classic statement which reflects our times. Classic.
+Robert Scoble Yes, our friends will move/try good stuff, why not, they all want to click on a botton that will have the potential to refresh their life...
Great, great interview and a cool app! Smart, creative designers for sure!
can anybody get the .apk file? my phone says it isnt compatible, but it lies.
It's a really pretty app, though they have some kinks to work out in the Android version. It looks like lazy port over from iOS with no though for Android's different menu system. I'm guessing people will love being able to change their profile pictures and their covers. Also, I think it's fairly intuitive once you explore. I wonder what a share to Facebook does, is it for my Path friends only? Or Public? What does it matter? I don't have any Path friends. :P

Path will probably have the same problems that G+ had. What's the use if no one you know is on it? Worse, what's the use if no one you're that close to is on it? Exactly zero of my 600+ Facebook "friends" are on it. And it has no web interface, so that rules out everyone who's not Android/iOS. What do you think, +Robert Scoble ?
Nice.. removes commercial, marketing spam factor prevalent in so many of the other social media apps a it's essentially a private, closed network with no contact with Twitter or FB.
If I were to install Path, I think you, +Robert Scoble would be the only one in my list - not sure if that is sad or what... I guess you have more tech savvy friends that are not actually in the same zip-code as you...
Well thought out UI - definitely some subtle, but really interesting features to it. It is nice to see companies like this really putting a lot of time and thought into the user experience. The bar has been raised.
The experience on Android is awful.. very slow UI, buggy and crashy. It doesn't even upload pictures for me at the moment.
+Denver Lobo One of the primary reasons that Path is changing their focus a little bit in this version to "journaling" is so you can still make use of it before your friends join. They're trying to help solve the chicken and egg problem by making it useful to document your life even if your friends aren't on the platform yet.
I wish the Android app was better. It's pretty janky when scrolling through photos and they didn't add the swiping side to side like the iOS app has (and Google+). It also just force closed on me while taking a picture. It's unfortunate that they didn't put as much "love" into the Android version.
Yeah, they put no love into it. I get your point, +David Shellabarger and I've actually been using it that way today. It works well as a personal journal. The app is not very good on Android. Menu>>Menu?? and I can't get in to Foursquare for some reason. Whole thing seems like Android was just an after thought.
The biggest assumption for Path to be successful is that 3 years down the line, iOS and Android are still going to be THE mobile OS.
I am lovign the iphone version.. Working on my journal seamlessly.. Is there a way to view my path account on desktop.. How to share with people not using the mobile app..
Anyone and everyone, feel free to "Path" me up ...
I like the animations and UI in Path 2. They are definitely raising the bar in design, but I wonder if this path experiment will give us all insight into how much can be done on a screen that small. The downside I had with it was it not having much of a 1-player mode.
+Robert Scoble, on the subject of company culture and what goes on in great companies, have you heard of Marcus Buckingham?

Marcus used to work for the Gallup Organisation, essentially looking at what effective managers do differently, eventually moving in the direction of helping people (not just managers) discover and express their uniqueness. And that's what's interesting about Marcus--he studies uniqueness, and has an approach that acknowledges how people feel.

Here's a great 13-minute video (featuring Marcus) that sums up his work:

While Marcus is no longer at Gallup, he now has his own company (, and he also wrote some books that share what he discovered while working at Gallup:

- First, Break All The Rules [more suited to managers]
- Now, Discover Your Strengths [more relevant to a larger audience]

Now, Discover Your Strengths is a great book for anyone who wants more awareness of what's good about them (most people can't put that into words, or tend to see some of their best attributes in a non-positive light).

N,DYS also comes with a code that lets you take the (awesome, self-awareness-enhancing) "StrengthsFinder" test. A great follow-up book to N,DYS is StrengthsFinder 2.0, which was written by someone else at Gallup (not by Marcus) and gives you a pass to take the updated "StrengthsFinder 2.0" test (though the SF2.0 book doesn't include all the nice research and stories that Now, Discover Your Strengths has).

Essentially, Marcus (along with the people who worked with him) created a language to describe strengths--to describe uniqueness--and Now, Discover Your Strengths (the book) started a conversation about that topic, giving people a language they could use to talk about it.

Marcus also created a nice short film-series called "Trombone Player Wanted." You can watch chapter one of the series here: (goes for about 10 minutes, I think)

I feel the real value in Marcus's "strengths-based" approach is that it acknowledges people as who they are, helping them get in touch with themselves and how they feel (and the value in their feelings) and acknowledge their uniqueness.

I enjoyed this interview, by the way. :) Similar to Dave Morin, I'm all about people feeling good and self-empowerment. Both lead to nice results, but it's not about results--it's about your experience of life.
+Robert Scoble Robert, am I the only one seeing Path more as a feature rather than an app or social network itself?

I think +Path is material for acquisitions, and since Facebook probably wants to do it its way with Timeline, I see +Google+ at least considering acuiring and integrating it...

Am I off the Path? :P

Btw, bienvenue à Paris!!!!
+Raffaele Terracciano Yes. What is the "feature" of Path? The limited number of followers? The good design?
I don't see a feature that is acquisition worthy. I would say the talent is worth acquiring but I don't see what you mean by feature. Can you elaborate?
+David Shellabarger First of all, their design rocks. Then there a couple of things that very nice, intuitive and well done, like the Asleep/Awake feature and the automated position sharing. A better way to share photos and videos. A very cool timeline view of the profile.

Those guys definitely have talent, and have made quiet a bit of noise, even being only 1/1000th as big as Google...
Great interview, Scoble! This is one of THE best mobile apps i've ever used--if not the best. Even compare this to the Facebook mobile app--and the FB app seems "broken", it's not intuitive enough, no sense of "design". Yes, we are know all our friends are not going to leave FB for this--they don't have to! Path 2.0 is like Dave said: a journal. You don't want all your "friends" on FB reading your journal, do you? Path can have only your wife and kids and it'll still be awesome--because those are the people you really care about. I am advocating this app to friends in hope that they will try it and get hooked. We'll see how that goes.
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