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May Santa bring you more monitors

I hope you all get tons of monitors. This is how I keep on top of everything going on on social networks.

The Windows on my iMac are, from the left:

1. Quora.
2. Hacker News.
3. Google+.
4. Gmail.
5. Techmeme.
5b (hidden): Spotify.
5c (hidden): Skype.
6. Facebook.
7. Salesforce Chatter.
8. Twitter.

On the iPad: StreamBoard.
On the iPhone: Teleportd.
On the MacBook Air: AngelList.
On the Vizio 65-inch TV: Apple TV or Comcast or Xbox.

All of these windows stream and change in real time.

The microphones are Blue Microphones (my favorite is the Baby Bottle on the left).

This system absolutely rocks and I feel so fortunate to be able to afford it. I remember seeing multiple monitor systems when I worked at Microsoft and feeling so jealous that I couldn't afford them.

By the way, I blame +MG Siegler for this. He wrote in Techcrunch that the new iMac could support two Thunderbolt monitors and I knew then that I had to have this system.

This has made me a lot more productive although I'm still horrible at answering email. I do read every single email, though.

Anyway, hope Santa brings you all more monitors. I've decided you can't have enough.

Oh, off screen I have a Google Chromebook and a Toshiba Tablet, along with a few other phones, but I figure I'd only include those screens I regularly use.
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Nice. One important item missing, though: What kind of chair? Tacky Aeron? Steelcase? Humanscale? $99 Staples crap? :)
i'm scared....
are you a modern slave....?
hum....take care
and merry christmas ; )
Dude and I thought I was bad... folks come in to my office and see 2 monitors and 2 laptops.. attached and they think I'm crazy.. :) you rock
Impressive. Buck Rogers meet Robert Scoble. With all those monitors I'd be afraid of getting a computer tan. You are one step away from being in something like that chamber Darth Vader used to communicate with the Emperor in Star Wars. Do you have a holodeck off to the right?
now that is what a serious workstation should look like. nicely done.
J Agnew
I have screenis envy.
I would like Santa to bring me back my crashing family, instead of a multimonitor system... anyway nice system...
Ok so I only have two 20" ViewSonics on my PC, I need a few more video cards... GRIN
Raj RB
but dont like the wire mess :)
Wow. Impressive. How do you focus with all the exciting things happening at once?
That's just way cool. I think you may have to get a sturdier platform for all that tech soon.
Sweet, I am jealous....but I bet the electric company sends you a xmas card too :)
all on a folding table, shame, shame
and of course, the perfect lighting so you always look good in hangouts!
I used to do (3) 30" monitors but the heat was too much for my upstairs office and the so call weather :) Down to 2 now.
All that top-notch gear, and then a Behringer mixer!? tsk tsk. :) Also, I would be too scared of using that Kinect and knocking something over....or is it a hack to let you use your hands to move things?
All the best. I give you credit as the lone person who actually seems to use Google+ who isn't an employee of Google. The rest of us just come to post linkbait.
Yeah, the table is a downer....
Cool! Thxs for sharing! I want one of those!! Happy Holidays!
Geez, someone's certainly made a big contribution to Apple's bank account! That Google mug seems a bit out of place :-)
I feel like you need to be standing in the front middle here, with your back to the camera, arms out, palms up, head back. In silhouette. Yeah. (Holy shit look at that setup!)
As a developer, I've been using three monitors for about a year now, and my efficiency has improved dramatically. I recommend that anyone who processes information for a living, be it media, development, trading, creating, that you take the plunge and work with two or three monitors. In the PC world monitors can cost as little as $150 and you can add them incrementally. Sometimes an extra video card is required for about $50. Remember: the most important parts of a computer are the parts that interact with the human user.
I only have 2 monitors and have a hard time keeping up... with only a few networks and small amount of follows/friends/circles. How you do it.. is quite beyond me. But I am most definitely impressed.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.
I liked that setup. I don't even know what to say to this. Do you ever trip over things?
+Robert Scoble Are all 3 (4?) desktop monitors connected to your Mac ? If the Mac is a MacBook Air, did you hang 2 on Thunderbolt and 2 on the miniDisplay adapter port ? And, if so -- how does the display chip on the Mac Air have enough memory to drive them all ?
ok, this is officially now what I want from the Santa Claus.
Monitors help my room keep warm on those cold winter nights.
The one-man social media command center - I like it!
What cracks me up is the "flimsy" desk holding the whole operation together. Back in my IT Management days...I had this desk...all steel...and is strong as a tank. Your setup is a coffee mug away from disaster.
Robert, did Google pay for product placement? :)
Looking outside from time to time is good for your eyes and gaining reality on the world.
And the softboxes are for when you need a flash? x)

I loved the first time I worked with dual screens. Can't imagine working without it anymore. I'd like to get a third and fourth, but I lack the room on my desk :).
My dim 24" Dell IPS finally died last month after almost 6 years of use. Back on an old 16x10 22" until I can justify an upgrade to a 27" at 19x12 or higher.
I think you've reached maximum carrying capacity of that folding table :)
looks very much like a nerd's interrogation room, or my office, can't tell what one
Robert, I would recommend some cable management. It took me three hours one day to route and hide all the cables in my office. My excuse was always that I change things too often and so it hinders geekery. Now that I took the plunge, I can not believe I waited so long to do it. The atmosphere and orderliness that it brings to the office not to see any cables is comforting and satisfying... similar to excellent craftsmanship.
Wow... my wife would castrate me if I had a room like that... oh wait... she already did and hence I don't have a room like that...
I hope you have a good doctor because that is overkill and your gonna hurt your neck :-p
+Robert Scoble the only weak link in your entire info consumption set-up might be your eyes. Will you wear them out...?! ;)
I thought my desk was loaded. LOVE this! Been using 3 monitors for many years and now want 2 more verticals. Hello, Santa. =) #soproductive (p.s. mine also includes a mirror, a bit of make-up inventory, and curling iron. I really need more outlets. #overload I even have a nice cushy stool my Dad upholstered to put my feet on...but my husband had to cut a hole in the desk to make it fit.) LOL
I hope you start your day with a good Meditation session before you switch those monitors...ON ;-)
+Robert Scoble Do you glow in the dark after a long day at the helm??? Great set up. Jealousy abounds. Merry Xmas. 
When I'm at work, as in, in the office I use two monitors. I'm totally lost without them when I'm offsite. I sometimes use mine and my husband's computer at the same time, they're side by side. But nothing compares to your set up that's just sweet.
Is that what happens eventually? Never thought of my monitor as 'gateway' paraphernalia.
OK +Robert Scoble... I'm now officially speechless. Rare, I know, but your attention to detail takes the biscuit. Enjoy! (As you 'Mercans would say).
How many computers feeding all those monitors? Do you have one keyboard/mouse to control them all? If so, using what software?
All that for Google plus updates. j/k
Yeah but can you play Crysis on it?
Its too bad with all the advancements in technology that we have yet to rid ourselves of the cables we plug in the devices and walls.
I am so so close -- 4 monitors, an iPad, but no large TV. Maybe in 2012!
(I have a sample pic of my 3 monitors on my profile, and then another pic of my iPad and my dual monitors)
I think I'd call you a monitor hog!! I hope if you get any more for xmas, you give them to one of us!
You can't live without electricity :) Just curious, do you have installed emergency power genset?
What lights are you using there? I need some of those for podcasts, etc.
+Robert Scoble Pleased you have a great view outside your office too. I enjoy looking out when I work at my home office. I was watching the cumulus clouds in the dusk here in north-west England in the late afternoon.
That might be a good way to warm up my office too - being in the basement, it gets cold down there in the freezing winters up here.
Sweet setup Robert, may you get even more
What's the video card? Boy, do those things have a hairy wiring harness! Okey Doked a six monitor setup once with a multi card for a friend who bought a used Dell server....
Do you use the Kinect as your webcam, or do you have another webcam as well?
I love it with the exclusion of a number pad on your keyboard. I never get how to let go of that.
Have you considered switching to portait mode? I use 3x30" at work; landscape was a bit wider than I really used but after a day or three of adjusting to the extra vertical I've come to really like portrait mode. The biggest downside is that remote desktop is limited to 2k vertically.
its the table that made me smile...simple, kick-ass, fold-out
what are the 2 bright things on the corners?
[update] ah..lights for it..:)
pfft i can shit way better than you
+Robert Scoble thanks for the tip re: the lights - I've got some stuff for my photography studio, but right now they're all flash-mounted. Those would serve as dual purpose. More stuff for my Amazon wish list :-) I'm waiting until we move to a bigger house this summer and I'll probably deck out my office like this. I did already ask for this at work though - crossing my fingers :-)
you might need an intervention if all this wasn't used for your
Looks like you could start a small war from there!
I have monitor-envy.

BTW; What kind of lights do you have setup? I'm working on something similar for my office (through not with so many monitors) and I can't figure out what to do about my lighting setup.
Man alive Robert! I'm jealous AND amazed!
Now I have something to aspire to myself. I thought I was bad enough with three laptops, an extra monitor, tablet and 50" plasma.
I agree, there's no such thing as too many monitors. I'm quite envious of this set-up, though. My laptop can only handle 2 external screens, but I do love the way Linux will allow all 3 (including the internal) to have different resolutions and be arranged in whatever formation I choose.
What about amps and DAC etc? I see the sound going in, where does it come out?
+Robert Scoble So you have each of them splitting your screens then? Never thought about doing that on my 3 monitors.. I just have everything full screen with shitloads of tabs open!
Oh wow.. clicked on the picture and see you have all of this on a table from 1985 that was likely borrowed from the church fellowship hall! nice..
i like how the picture is called "toomany.jpg"
I see your xbox, printer, cable box and all your screens but were is your pc?
Can't put a finger on the technology setup, BUT what is up with:
1. A poster of yourself
2. The poor desk
Very cool! I use a 27' iMac and can't wait to get a 2nd monitor for it!
looking forward to matching this one day.
Wow, nice setup. I usually have dual but you just made me want to get a third.
These are the voyages of the starship Scoble...
With all this investment, how about investing in a local crafts-person to build you the ultimate workstation-cockpit-throne to bring this vision into perfect clarity and focus?
I do this, with 1 monitor, and lots of spaces. Though, I follow significantly less stuff. Bravo for excellent budget implementation!!
Ha ha ha! This is just too good. I am both envious and fearful that I might stroke out if I had that much treasure at my fingertips.
I am so geeking out over this command center... I want one
Ouch. Thanks for doing all the filtering for us!!!!!
How can you stand Apple's mouse? I tried using it so many times, and every single time I failed to adjust. Otherwise, pretty neat.
Where is the sunscreen? Sunglasses? Looks like it'd be very bright. And here I am, happy with my new desk setup. I think you might have just won #deskwars
If only everything could be wireless...
Those 33,000 Twitterers, 5,000 on Google+, 2,000 on Facebook you are watching needs a setup like this :).
May Santa bring you more followers next year :)!
And more happines to you and your family (I hope this is not incompatible with the followers :) )!
ohhh...ohhhhhh...nerdgasm , sorry
You best get a real table before that one snaps! I have the 2-leaf Bjursta ... Solid ... 299 ... ...
where is the ipod, macbook pro, or the mac pro?
wow! like information bed.
What is the microphone used for?
It is not the spoon that bends it is your mind.
that is some thing.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow that is quite a setup +Robert Scoble, makes my setup look terrible in comparison.
this guy must have MILLIONS of
Chris A
What is this??...A nuclear power plant?
My jaw just hit the floor!!!!
That looks like something from The Questor Tapes (a Gene Roddenberry television series from the early seventies).
SCOBLE'S CONTROL CENTER - Hope Houston doesn't have a problem with that. :)
WHY..just because you can I guess.
Would be much more impressive if the cabling werent a sad mess.
My dream is to someday have a drafting table (curved so I can reach every part of it) that is a touch screen display. Anywhere on it I can put a rubber elastomer keyboard that the touch screen knows about and supports from below with lit keys and appropriate sensitive areas for touch. Anywhere I touch I can do multi-handed gestures, etc. I suspect it would have to be at least 200dpi and maybe 75in in each direction. That's a hell of a lot (225M) of pixels! But that big open area would be heaven to work on doing almost anything conceivable.
I particularly like the Mics' Whats the one on the Right?
I want that for Christmas.
simply put....awesome...I would love to have that set up!!
I think my wife would kill me if I did something like this.. but I love it..

My eyes are on that Google mug though ;)
Now this is a bit special would love a room like this especially as the old eye sight isnt wha it used to be:)
$20,000 worth of electronics resting on a $35 table hardly worth using to display old baby clothes in a garage sale.... Priceless.
Robert I have the exact same setup...that's odd..j/k..but I will steal/borrow the exact setup idea for meself...if you don't mind...good day sir! :J
Oh my god, and I thought I was the only person who did essentially this...
That's a lot of monitor real estate for that poor little folding table +Robert Scoble You sure it's going to hold all that up? :-)
And all that sits on a 10 dollar table put together with tape?
Robert - That's seriously beyond geek. (Hope all is well. Happy Holidays!)
man u r so busy.... is multiwindow browser not helping u?
I just got my Hanukkah gelt and it is going straight into a new monitor. I have two 20 inchers now, but I'm upgrading at least one to the 24-inch Dell U2412M. 1920 x 1200 resolution FTW!
Ya... um... don't think Santa's going to get anywhere close to helping me catch up to you in "screen count" +Robert Scoble ;)
You need a standing desk and a Yeti mic. ;-)
is that a private chat with leo laporte I see?
I so need that set up...only have tiny MBP 15" at home...17 tabs open and can never find anything.
And I thought I had a nice setup, but you win!
Dude... I think you might be overdoing it a tad.
Just make sure you don't have the monitor shipped by Fedex.
Reminds me of 'Eyes Only' from the series "Dark Angel".
Santa's expectations just went way up.
Thanks for this post because I never knew about Quora and now I do.
realy this is wonderfull I would like have this, is like supreme.
Multiple monitors are scary addicting. I have three at my workstation, but there is a spare 23" IPS screen that I want to add.... must..resist..urge.
Robert, tell me. How do you get anything done? 2 monitors made me productive 4 monitors makes me very distracted.
Scoble you need a decent desk for that beautiful system
<summoning Dwight Schrute> "MegaDesk!!!"
Just imagine years ago it was several CRT monitors on my desk.
Nope that is insufficient. you need 3 more 45's in there =D
One day all the surfaces in our homes will be monitors.
the set-up costs more than the GDP of the republic of Nicaragua!!! :)
Wow Robert. I think you are the only person with this sort of setup! You are out of this world. -- I'm gettin' there. ;)
what is streamboard, what does it do and what do you use it for?
too many gadgets to focus on work :)
Wow! this is where I'd love to spend most of my Day :)
Oh my! thats even more than the flight sims screens! I need to build a room like that!
Sweeeet! How many bloody controllers do you have?? I've been thinking about getting a cardbus-based (hopefully dual) monitor controller for my Thinkpad running Fedora.. so I can move up to 3 or maybe 4. I feel both very small and yet strangely motivated upon seeing your awesome setup..
I also have a multiple monitor setup and I use a program called "displayFusion Pro" to add a tashbar to every PC Monitor. It's free for 30 days and work great.

DisplayFusion will make your multi-monitor life much easier. With powerful features like Multi-Monitor Taskbars, TitleBar Buttons and fully customizable HotKeys, DisplayFusion will make managing your multiple monitors easy. Take a look at some of the features to learn how DisplayFusion can help you!

Wow, impressive! Somehow that dinky little keyboard just doesn't look right there, you need something massive with leds, touchpads, hoverboards, whatever...hope Santa brings that to you! On a related note: am I the only one who still uses one of those ergonomic keyboards? Microsoft Natural, that sorta thing. I can barely type with a normal one. Well, except touchscreens...typing on an Android pad now. Look! Squirrel! Ok enough of this rambling - Merry Christmas!
How do I get an invite to Quora? it's been over a year and it is still closed to new users!
He's got me beat ... I only have 4...
Dude, you are doing it wrong. This setup is for GAMES, not social media :)
Now •that• is what I call a setup ;-) - envious!
I'm awarding you the 2011 Reginald Barkley prize for Holodiction. Report to the ships counselor immediately.
Its time to upgrade and consolidate. Move to a few virtual servers and since your a Mac guy make 'em Remote X servers and use a combo of tablets, touchscreen displays, etc... Won't look as badass though :D
Wow! I have that exact same.......table. :( Super awesome set-up. :)
With a set up like that you can take over the world.
Gorgeous studio, geek productivity porn to the max, topped off with a 65" Vizio - WOW! Trumps my 47" which I use as my main and only monitor for a Window workstation. Previously I was using a 20" CRT and spending all day working with my reading glasses on, now with the 47" I am glasses-free except when I am watching 3-D <GRIN>. I hook my MacBook Pro up with a display port to HDMI adapter and simply use the Vizio remote to switch inputs.
The Google mug adds a nice touch :)
No steering wheel?
thats my dream setup... the dream had an nice oak desk and the tv was mounted a bit higher... and was less-apple...
I am beyond jealous... there is no word that can express how jealous i am....
Now that's what you call "Eye Multi-tasking!" :) Love it. :D
I wanna own dis :) OMG How amazing system,,,,really cool
I thought you'd have an even bigger rig Robert. Congrats on an amazing ability to churn through data!
The only thing missing is a white cat and world domination...
I have a similar setup except I'm a PC man. I have an iPad 2 in the box that props up my Xoom tablet. (won it)
May be all you need is a theatre with a great chair. Or may be you can use Kinect to remove all these screens!
Hey Buddy, good post, could you please invite me on Quora, Thanks a lot!
That Google mug looks almost like blasphemy in the Apple setup :-) very cool btw.
By the way, don't you have that fear of getting electrified =| many cables down there
B. Ng
No money left to buy a chair?
irish d
+Robert Scoble i think you should be the santa and give us some of those!! what a collection ! i must say my favorite is the google mug. =)
Lucky you, I wish you were papa noel this year
+Robert Scoble What I meant was you have basically a split screen within each monitor it looks like. So instead of viewing one site full screen you've got 2 sites open to view on one monitor.. I guess I never thought of doing that for some reason..
Captains chair on the enterprise
awesome, you just need a Dr No cat.
@Colins, Cirus.. Cheers to you guys!!! I feel the same!!! " :) I think this gentleman is a "technomaniac"
Chan Li
a google cup ! anyone notice that ?cool ,i wanna one
send me one of those, its look so awesome.
Bruce O
Look at that tangle of wires...
Monitor Mormonism at its finest. Well played, good sir!
dorio x
Sir +Robert Scoble tips for cable management. You can use cable duct to make wiring neat.
oh I am jealous 3 such big monitors are like a dream come true.
I like the fact that there is just one keyboard or mouse despite the fact that there are 3 macs. Keyboard sharing is just great
Wallpaper monitors congregating on a deluxe wallpaper table! Wow. Historical associations of the table may not be as relevant as another salient fact: its former owner got rid of it, Robert, And do you use uv protective glasses and skin-cream! My guess: this is a man who is either NOT married or whose wife leads a really SERIOUSLY independent existence!
leo kun
despite the advancement in technology, engineers still couldn't figure out how to make the wirings disappear neatly. it's always a mess. i mean, the monitors are cool, but the wires are not. that's 2011 for you.
I wonder how much energy your gozzle up. 
I had a quad-monitor setup, and then I moved to Cambodia. My old housemate used my main 24" screens whilst I was gone for an unexpected 2 years but in that time they have died :(

No more quad screen for me. In fact at the moment I'm not even dual-screen.

Sniff. Santa won't be bringing any new monitors either. Need a car first..

(Here's photos of my old "Megadesk":
I Think ... I Think That ... I ... Im ... I just ... My dreamy room only will be there ... Hmm !
Nice rig! What seat do you use to view all this from? With so much info being fed at you, it would have to be pretty comfy/ergonomic.
really very nice setup.........
Riz van
Could do with some cable management
How do u keep track of everything? Not...make that , why do u keep track of everthin'?
have you not heard of ALT-TAB. :)
wow makes me feel very inadequate... like im missing something(s)...
Very Merry Christmas to you :0)~
What is the condenser mic for? Are you also working on a Christmas album? lol
Holy wow ... serious techy guy :)
Freekin Mission Control here! I love a great "display" of overkill!!
How does Santa create all those things? Or he has unlimited cash? :)
Merry Christmas +Robert Scoble!
santa darling where are you?....this is not fair..some of them should also be given to me...
Wow! I've always wanted my very own Mission Control, but maybe that's just a little more than my poor brain can absorb.
I see you have a kinect up top there. This many screens makes me think you could benefit from a hack for some gesture controlled - minority report style organizational goodness :P
$8K of computer tech sitting on a $49.95 collapsible leg table. Make sure those sliding leg locks are in place!!
Awesome computers u gat there
Add me to your circles if you are looking for active users.
Awe this makes me sooo happy!
I am sure you are meant to be in a Bond movie somewhere, right about now?
BTW do you have a hairless cat you stroke or maybe an eye-patch, or you say ... 'I expect you to die Mr Bond' allot ... sorry the whole bond thing got away with me ... Merry Christmas
I am jealous. VERY JEALOUS.
That's impressive. I wonder how you handle multitasking on those monitors? Any tips to share?
i Cjay
+Robert Scoble You really need something better then that flimsy card table, considering you live in California with all those earth quakes, RIGHT?
Holy sh*t! I thought I was doing well with one wide screen!
Freak. And I mean that in a good way :-)
i love the XBOX at the bottom, the Kinect at the top, and the LCD panel at the center. I have them too :D
BTW, this formation is actually rigid :-)
Janet C
looks awesome but wow I hope you don't have adhd! I'd never get anything done!
“The things you own end up owning you.” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club
Deck the halls... we are WAY over capacity in this room.
All you need is a Lazee boy chair to complete your office.
thats what i need, but there's much more cables there :s
Not sure if it's the picture of if the table really is bowing in the middle. Amazing set up.
Dylan M
can you say giant waist of electricity? or get a life? either one?
I want a Yeti mic. They look so so cool.
Nice desktop, I obviously need a richer Santa Claus.
wtf what this person do but siting there and using these camputers
I have to admit I am jealous. Nice!

Oh, and have you bought any extras eyes to watch them with or are you only using 2?
Not sure if someone mentioned the other important workhorse -- a good ol' wooden Sam's table. So handy and somehow you always come back to 'em.

You do have my dream set up, and intend to have this within a year, minus the mic setup. I only have the two smallest right now. :) Although I do use a 42" TV/monitor.
That looks like the same setup I use for my email.
I've always thought that the greatest inventions of our time were created on a buffet table!
Awesome setup! I would probably try to hide the wiring but that's just me, otherwise this is frickin' awesome.
Just a cautionary note about your folding table. IT appears to be the type with plastic corners, which my experience has shown to be less stable and with lower load capacity than the ones where the metal strut actually bends around each corner.

I would recommend looking in to something like an AntrhoCart Elevate, supports a LOT more weight and has electric lift!
If +Maryam Scoble hasn't approved an increase in the tech budget, perhaps +Santa Claus might have something under the tree for you. Perhaps a little something to the uber geeky thing and make an unboxing video. Only kidding. Have a great holiday....
Great set up Robert... you should do a video of them all streaming in real time. +Matthew Lynch you should get this set up for your Photography your doing :)

Keep up the good fight Robert have you had any more time to play with the +Lytro camera yet? Im still waiting for mine to arrive...
Uber Geek setup!! I have 3 huge +Dell monitors and love them. I like your light boxes and microphones (yeti and snow ball - been checking those out too!!)
I'll add my tiny ripple to this big ripple sea.
Do you turn the lights off when not recording a video? Wonder if it made for too much glare on your monitor(s) during normal daily use.
Don't spill the scotch on all the good stuff! Super pic!
Dude, I don't want to startle, but I think the table is bending under the weight.
Awesome, but if i set it up like this my GF will run out and never return!
Looks like you suffer from a kind of "Syndrome of Continuous Partial Attention". Take 1 year off and disconnect: write a book (using paper and pen only), go to a meditation retreat, or something like that ;)
what is it looks hitec fr a camel rider
must remove all the wires and be wireless
I "Scobleized" my office today! Not quite as nice, but does what I need +Robert Scoble
Wow! I bet your brain kicks into high gear!
$10,000 in gear....on a table he found out by the dumpster.
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