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Is Clipboard easy enough curation? Or will Pinterest win over more power?

A new version of +Clipboard shipped this morning to wide press acclaim. Here I spend some time with founder +Gary Flake and get a good look.

Isn't this something that you wish Google+ allowed you to do? 

You gotta see the demo to see exactly how powerful that Clipboard is. By the way, I'm starting one up tonight and will be using it to grab things from the web to put on my various public boards.

How about you? Does this interest you? Will it get you to share stuff in a way that Google+ won't? Finally, does it have a chance against other curation sites like +Storify or +Pinterest?

I wonder how long it will be before +Vic Gundotra (the guy who runs Google+) either buys Clipboard or brings some of its curation ideas into here?
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Google Chrome Screen Capture App works well to, though I like the instant share ability. However, I'd rather pop stuff like that into G+, not into just another new social network. ....Okay, just got to the part of the video that explains how the links still work. That is pretty freaking fantastic... I may have to take a closer look.
this is pretty dang sweet
Very cool, I'll probably start using this.
The one useful clipboard feature I've always wanted was an unformatted paste. Perhaps the quote mode could strip formatting?
I've used a similar chrome extension a year ago, but I can't remember the name of the extension anymore.however, definitely more useful than pinterest in my opinion.
I like it and played with it quite a bit today, but I can't think of committing to something that doesn't do mobile. Oh, and Clipboard is a terrible name if you want to distinguish yourself in Googling.
+Robert Scoble They might be saying they are working on a mobile version, but their jobs page ( suggests that they are not currently looking for any mobile app developers. But maybe they already have hired some developers with iOS and/or Android expertise.
Well, that looks darn cool! I'll have to check it out.I can think of many uses for Clipboard. Thanks for sharing!
As I recall, Clipboard sucked up Amplify, which I was using (on and off) to curate some of the content I found interesting. Frankly, it took long enough to get ported over that I completely forgot about the service though, once I read this post, I recalled I had installed the bookmarklet (or whatever the hell it's called). Now I have to rethink my approach. Thanks . . . I think :0\
Evernote web clipper pretty much does the same thing.
New Basecamp - have you tried it Robert ?  It's FINE.... but it does cost money now.  Worth it !! :D
It looks promising. What caught my eye was Compare products & prices. I use Add to Amazon Wish List [] almost daily, for products I am planning to buy soon or in the distant future.

What I like about the extension is that I can use it on any web page as long as there is an image to refer to. There are a couple of things I would like to see improved. First is organization of my wish list, perhaps drag to arrange? Second is a search feature within all and any of my wish lists.

With +Google Wallet in full effect alongside Google's own Product Search/Shopping, I was hoping an Wish List/+Pinterest/+Clipboard/+Evernote or a mix array of features from all of them baked into Google+ would be coming along.

For the time being -- I've been using Google+ as an ideaboard, I created a circle with just me in it and I share/post every idea there, complete with hashtags for easy searching when needed. After typing in my search query in Google+, I change Everything to From you so only my posts show up. The search feature is rather erratic, sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. But it's a great temporary workaround as I'm sure Google is woking on something.

PS: +Schemer should just become another feature of Google+ a la hangouts and games.
The chrome extension is nice, but the site has some usability issues.  Seems like Pinterest is large enough to acquire +Clipboard now.
looks like something i was searching for.. there is a big difference to pinterest, which is just about sharing and collecting pictures.
this is for more complex content but maybe the scobe here is too big.

for me it really depends on what kind of audience it will attract, if my friends use it. and if the filters are good enough
+Robert Scoble  Whoever it is, you or the founder, your videos almost always excite me, make me believe that the service/product is awesome. So, has been the case with Clipboard as well. However, after signing up, here's what I have felt:

1) There isn't great (public) content shared across the site. Most of the stuff have I liked/read I had already consumed it once on Twitter.

2) Clipping quotes or paragraphs from articles seems to be a nice feature for personal reference. But that's not enough for me to switch from Evernote which works like magic for me.

3) Now, sharing quotes/paragraphs in public could be a great idea. I don't know. But as a consumer of the content, it didn't look very attractive visually. Lot of tiles with text is tiring to read. It could have been more pleasurable. Pinterest may make less sense to many, it could be girly, but a Pinterest board is quite sexy to look at.

Overall I agree that the idea is very powerful. It would be worth using  if few things are done right, like getting influential users so that the content in public is of higher standard. 

Clipping is really easy, easier than what it takes to do in Pinterest and almost as easy as it is on Evernote. What I like the most about this app is that I can use the interactive tools from Clipboard without visiting the actual site (like maps).
This Clipboard system looks really interesting. But I had trouble making it work with my LastPass password manager. After fighting with that for an hour, I didn't have the energy to work with it any more. (2AM & early day tomorrow)
Love Clipboards dynamic UX, makes Pinterest look like buggy whip UX.
The Social spammers are working Pinterest and G+
You must own copyright to any image you post on Pinterest or Clipboard. You cannot "curate" other people's images.
Wow, this sound fantastic. I am going to try it out now.
Started using int last night as a private bookmarking tool. Works great for what I want.
Looks cool, but surely it's closer to Pocket/Readability/Instapaper and the web clipper in Evernote, rather than the social curation thing you get from Pinterest or Storify. I have accounts with all of the above bookmarking services and am confused enough as to which one to stick with so not sure the news of another one is a good thing! Although being able to save part of a page is a good idea. 
Hmm interesting. Seems like a kind of Pinterest / Evernote / G+ / Delicious / StumbleUpon hybrid. From 12 mins he speaks about how you can specify what's being clipped from you own page / site, which is a nice touch!
Looks interesting. But I've been using  Zootool ( for the past few years and it does probably 90% of what Clipboard does (and some in exactly the same way via a bookmarklet). Except without the Pinterest layout (but a much nicer one) :-)
I greatly prefer their page layout to Pinterest's. I might be alone on this, but I do NOT like the Pinterest layout that is sweeping the web. This is the first one of these tools that I think I'm actually going to use because it solves a problem for me :)
I am currently using Readability (and it's Google extension) to grab stuff to read later, and to conveniently send to my Galaxy Nexus to read on the go. As far as curating things I am using SpringPad. I just recently started using it (within the last couple weeks) and I'm enjoying it and its mobile app, I've barely started to dive in to all of their features.
When I went to the Clipboard site, the home page, it was barren. Until the slide show started. Not a big fan of this type of presentation. And all they have on their G+ page is a link.
I don't wish Google+ incorporated a feature such as this Clipboard or Pinterest. I like those networks, but I like them separate.
Early comment: works very smoothly and I am tempted so far. Iam so in deep with Evernote and skimming the surface on to transfer to another, there's the rub. Will play with it. Very clever and usable.
Looks pretty cool, but would it be weird if I clipped his website to Evernote so I could remember to look at it more later?
+Joltrast . I don't think Evernote Clipper is anything like it. Clipboard clips are fully functional, whether flash games, apps or whatever. I'm still an Evernote guy, but yeah...the Clipboard clipping is pretty awesome (and makes it really easy to get the parts you want).
i have been using for many days, it's so easy to use. I prefer clipboard over pinterest
i saw google buy it, this will great integration with google plus,.
1. i bookmark many posts of google plus.
2. it would be great distillation point whilst using Explore.
Got to give this guy credit — he's a passionate salesman and he's convinced me to start using Clipboard immediately. Nice interview, Robert — you have a wonderful way of stimulating individuals to honestly report on their products. Maybe it has something to do with all your subscribers and your Klouty influence! Hahaha. Glad to see he's a Rackspace customer, and that there was no quid pro quo. ;)
Wow. Finally! This application or service solves what I have been doing by hand for 10years.. using the Mac's marquee-select command (comm-shift-4), then selecting just a section of content on a page, saving it. But the amount of time to manage that manual method is astronomical, requires file-naming clips, which takes forever.
This does way more than replace that. The live functionality of links & tools within clips from webpgs saved to one's clipboard -- This looks useful vs cute, decorative
This is what I've been looking for. Perfect for me! I am already using it for my business to help me organize things I want to remember and hang onto.
Hmm, I see nothing here that is not already available in Evernote's web clipping bookmarklet. Now, if Evernote worked with Google+ for sharing -- I'd be all over it. (Have still not forgiven Google for eviscerating Google Reader's sharing/RSS feed functionality.)
+Pat Heffernan , the one thing that doesn't work in Evernote is the dynamic content. I'm not about to leave Evernote for this, but you have to appreciate that apps work inside of Clipboard.
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