Is Clipboard easy enough curation? Or will Pinterest win over more power?

A new version of +Clipboard shipped this morning to wide press acclaim. Here I spend some time with founder +Gary Flake and get a good look.

Isn't this something that you wish Google+ allowed you to do? 

You gotta see the demo to see exactly how powerful that Clipboard is. By the way, I'm starting one up tonight and will be using it to grab things from the web to put on my various public boards.

How about you? Does this interest you? Will it get you to share stuff in a way that Google+ won't? Finally, does it have a chance against other curation sites like +Storify or +Pinterest?

I wonder how long it will be before +Vic Gundotra (the guy who runs Google+) either buys Clipboard or brings some of its curation ideas into here?
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