Why am I talking about a competitor?

Here's a blog from +SoftLayer, a cloud-computing competitor of +Rackspace Hosting. So why am I excited by what a competitor is doing?

Because it is supporting Open Source and reducing developer lockin that we all have on you. See, the cloud computing world is moving to +OpenStack and that's good for all of you. It's not so good for cloud-computing vendors who like lockin.

What's lockin? Well, after you build your company on some cloud computing technology is it very easy to move your systems from one vendor to the next? Not if you don't bet on Open Source. Why? Because those APIs you use might not exist somewhere else.

So, isn't this bad for Rackspace or SoftLayer? Well, if you look at business through the eyes of lockin, yes. For me, I'd rather compete with SoftLayer and other cloud computing providers on something else: who provides the best service, performance, price, etc, not who has the best lockin.

Anyway, you'll hear a TON about OpenStack over the next month. It's great to be able to talk about a competitor who isn't trying to lock companies into proprietary APIs, thanks SoftLayer!
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